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Mike & the Mad Dog Reunite to Bash Mets, Talk Yankees

By Mike Silva ~ February 1st, 2012. Filed under: Sports Media Commentary.

Radio Row in Indianapolis was abuzz with the reunion of Mike Francesa and Chris Russo on WFAN. It was like old times for the duo, which I analyzed over at Sports Media Watchdog.

Like any “Mike & the Mad Dog” show they elected to talk Yankees, bash the Mets, throw in some San Francisco Giants analysis, discuss their families, and do their version of Siskel & Ebert with the Academy Awards.

“You know what I am looking forward too? Driving home in April and listen to you talk about the Mets,” Russo cackled to Francesa. When Russo asked how Mike will “survive,” Francesa predictably said “talk about the Yankees.”

“Good luck with Andres Torres in centerfield,” Russo added.

The Yankees didn’t go unscathed, as Russo told the story about how Joe Girardi snubbed him during this past spring training. General Joe was scheduled to appear on Russo’s Sirius-XM show, but bailed at the last minute saying his agent wouldn’t let him do it unless he was paid. The Daily News’ Bob Raissman got wind of the story and reported it. The Yankees didn’t take kindly to this being made public, which has led to Brian Cashman no longer talking to the Dog.

Russo didn’t forget to remind Francesa about the Yankees Game 5 loss to Detroit in the ALDS. “It was one of those nights perfect for you,” Francesa said. “Game 5 there, no one in the building thinks they can lose.”

Russo admitted to having the post-World Series championship blues with his Giants last season. “I lost a lot of juice last year,” he said. The Dog also thinks Tim Lincecum is going to leave after his 2-year contract extension expires.

The duo discussed the movie Moneyball. Neither liked the book (surprise), but Russo was positive about the film. Francesa has yet to see it.

Surprisingly, they like the addition of the second Wild Card. Odd how they can’t get the implementation of advanced statistics, but have no issue with bucking tradition and adding an additional Wild Card team.

There are lots of other nuggets in the segment, including Francesa’s son Jack predicting Jeter’s 3,000th hit, and the basketball exploits of Russo’s son Timmy.

For what it’s worth, Russo is picking the Patriots on Sunday.

Watch the whole segment here, and stop by Sports Media Watchdog to read my take on the segment, as well as a possible “war” on Radio Row between Francesa and Russo’s colleague, Dino Costa.

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2 Responses to Mike & the Mad Dog Reunite to Bash Mets, Talk Yankees

  1. Russ Cress

    I didn’t hear any “bashing”. They were pretty spot on in their comments and both supported Wilpon even though they think he’s done.

    This exchange….

    Dog “The Mets STINK!, How are you going to survive?”
    Mike “Talking about the Yankees”

    Was the first funny line uttered by Mike Francessa in a long time. It was the perfect comeback, and delivered well.

    More importantly, there was actual energy in that room. It didn’t sound like the radio morgue. Dog brought charisma and a conversational rhythm back to that show that has been MIA for a long time

  2. Mike Silva


    Your comments about the “energy” in the room are spot on.

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