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Bobby V Predicts Patriots Super Bowl Victory

By Mike Silva ~ January 31st, 2012. Filed under: Outside the Apple.

We knew Bobby Valentine was going to find a way to spruce up the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry, but it looks like he’s “all-in” as a Bostonian with his Super Bowl XLVI prediction via Erik Boland of Newsday:

At charity event last night Bobby V told Newsday (& the other outlets happening to be there) he’s picking “this team from Foxboro” to win SBTue Jan 31 14:34:07 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

By picking the Patriots over the Giants, Valentine may have already annoyed both Mets and Yankees fans before pitchers and catchers report. Don’t forget, Valentine told reporters during the Dallas Winter Meetings that he now “hates the Yankees.”

Let’s see what the NYBD readers think. We are a baseball site, but this is a New York story; do you agree with Valentine? Tell us who you believe with win Sunday’s big game.

For what it’s worth, I predict the Giants will beat the Patriots 34-27 on Sunday.

By the way… Valentine is going to make the New York-Boston rivalry a lot of fun this year.

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2 Responses to Bobby V Predicts Patriots Super Bowl Victory

  1. Joeshitheragman

    Ya know, Bobby V. is one of the most overhyped clowns that I’ve ever seen. He took a loaded Mets team to the world series once. big whoop. He’s been in Japan for years where they respect their elders and their superiors and now he’s taking over a team wher the very superior Terry Francona couldn’t command respect. Good luck with that, you overrated blowhard.

  2. Stu B

    Bobby just says things, whether or not he means them, to get a reaction from the media because he can.

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