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Why Are Family Friendly Mets Promoting Boomer & Carton’s Citi Field Babe Event?

By Mike Silva ~ September 14th, 2011. Filed under: New York Mets, Sports Media Commentary.

If you go to Mets.com this morning there is a promotion for buying tickets for the “Boomer and Carton Promotion” against the Nationals tomorrow afternoon.

Sit with Boomer and Carton in the Big Apple Reserved seats at Citi Field Thursday, September 15 for a Mets Matinee vs. the Nationals. Boomer and Carton will be sitting in this section and they want you to join them. Tickets are $20.

What the Mets fail to mention is that Esiason and Carton have been promoting this as a “babes and baseball” event, and inviting “66 hot chicks” to sit in the stands with them. So a dad is suppose to bring Johnny to the Mets game and sit next to 66 wannabe Playboy models and Sports Illustrated swimsuit covers? What If I am a dad in the area with my daughter? What a way to promote the evolution of women in this country by the team and their flagship station.

Remember, these are reserved seats, but they’re not private. Other fans in the stadium can see this. Boomer and Carton have pleaded with SNY to get them time on camera to promote. They have even taken to Twitter and requested SNY sideline reporter Kevin Burkhardt to join them. Now anyone watching the game at home can see this display of stupidity? Is this the message the team wants to send to its fans? I don’t think it is, but I suspect they don’t know the true nature of the event.

I have a lot of respect for the Mets, but they need to pull the plug on the “babes” part of all this, and give these two no publicity at the stadium and on television. They could have their group event quietly and amongst themselves. The rest of us want to watch baseball, not help promote Carton’s failed attempt at a television career.

I am disappointed the Mets are promoting this event. It’s even more despicable how their flagship station is on board. Let me guess, there is advertising dollars involved for WFAN, so it’s ok?


Our good friend and contributor Dr. Mark Filippi pointed out that you don’t get one Craig Carton in the morning, but 12 different versions.

It’s a great read, which you can check out at Sports Media Watchdog.

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10 Responses to Why Are Family Friendly Mets Promoting Boomer & Carton’s Citi Field Babe Event?

  1. Nik

    Good money is on the Wilpons never having heard of these two clowns and them further allowing their promotions department to embarrass them at will. I wouldn’t be surprised if nobody in the entire organization is aware of it….

  2. Mark Mahoney

    Lighten up. They just had a dog promotion last week. Why not hot babes this week? It’s all in good fun. It’s not like the women are going to be doing strip-teases. My teenage daughters know the difference between harmless events like this and the real world. What’s next, boycott the Jets cheerleaders?

  3. Mike Silva

    The dog promotion is family friendly. This B&C one is not, it’s meant to exploit women and further Carton’s failed TV career.

  4. Stu B

    Why are the Mets doing this? You shouldn’t even have to ask the question. It’s obviously about $$ and selling every last ticket they can. Have you noticed how empty the place is these days?

  5. tnt1528

    nobody is forcing the women to do this…besides take little johnny there,if he likes it , you know you have a straight son.

  6. Mark

    What century do you live in, Mike? Have you watched TV lately? Have you been to a movie? Have you picked up a magazine? This is nothing but a few good-looking women sitting in one small section of a very big stadium being promoted by a wacky radio morning team. It’s no more exploiting women than the beer ads that hang all around the stadium or the cute ball girls in their shorts and sexy jerseys. Carton is a boob (no offense to women), but this is hardly worth your overreaction to it.

  7. Docta Mark

    Mark -

    That wasn’t the point Mike was making IMHO. I think he was more upset that the Mets promote their games as a ‘family events’ and let their flagship radio station’s ‘wacky morning show’ do a T & A deal at a day game b/c it’ll sell a few more $20 tickets. And SNY will use it as a filler in the 3rd or 4th inning too. BFD in the end but try and picture that act ever happening in the Bronx, even in a full house, even under the cover of darkness. It’s a ‘bush league’ move, no pun intended. It’s says more about the Mets than B & C… I can’t wait until he puts on the mask next month in the moat and does his ADD look at me Olympics during the ALDS.

    Their frat boy bs with the attention grabbers and the tournament of babes in March and all the other helloooooo schtick is mindless and disposable radio. I hope it rains a little and we get a wet T-shirt contest out of it at least. I’m sure that’ll make SNY happy.

    Personally, trotting out T7L’s calendar girls might of been a better idea. Maybe the Mets can have them do the player intro’s next year and we can have a real BASEketball feel at CitiField in ’12.
    If it’d sell another 1000+ seats/game, I’m sure they’d sign now.

    Stick that crap in the luxury suites and let CC pimp it up off cam.

    HTC, MRF 09.14

  8. tnt1528

    no ballgame should be called a family event when you cant afford to take your family to a game.

  9. PatG

    I cannot believe that Boomer & Carton is still on the air. Carton is always trying to start controversy when there is none. It’s the dumbest show on TV. NYC fans deserve better.

  10. Stu B

    @PatG: Boomer & Carton is a WFAN radio show, so it’s more accurate to call it the dumbest show on radio. Though is is dumber than a lot of stuff on TV, and there’s lots of dumb stuff on TV. But it wouldn’t be on the air if nobody listened.

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