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Romine Could Play Role on Playoff Roster

By Frank Russo ~ September 13th, 2011. Filed under: Digest Contributors, New York Yankees.

Austin Romine collected his first big league hit last night, but he may play an even more important role come October as the Yankees backup catcher.

As you already know, Francisco Cervelli is on the disabled list with a concussion after his collision with Baltimore’s Nick Markakis on September 8th. According to a source, the Yanks will proceed with extreme caution when dealing with this injury, especially since it’s happened multiple times. There is some thought that Cervelli will miss the rest of the year, including the playoffs. If this happens, the Yankees will not catch Jesus Montero or Jorge Posada, but very well could turn to Romine as the backup to Russell Martin if he performs well during September.

I was told by a scout that Romine is “the real deal” defensively, but his bat (.279/6/48 in MILB this year) needs to catch up to his defensive skills. You almost wish you could meld both Romine and Montero together to form one player. “Jesus Romine” or “Austin Montero,” if you will.

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23 Responses to Romine Could Play Role on Playoff Roster

  1. Chuck Johnson

    Yeah, because Montero can’t be on the roster.

    I’ve tried to tell that butthole over at River Avenue Blues the same thing, but being he’s a sabermetric guy and won’t actually listen to anyone who actually knows anything about baseball, he doesn’t get it.

    Seriously, the internet sucks.

    I’m tired of defending myself to a bunch of basement dwellers.

  2. Mike Silva


    With injuries they can sneak anyone on the roster. As long as you are in the org everything is fair game. Both could play in the postseason with creative roster mgt.

  3. Chuck Johnson

    Not true, Mike.

    It’s not the 25 man roster which matters, it’s the 40 man.

    At midnight on August 31st, Montero was a non-roster player.

    Roster players take precedence, if Cervelli or Posada or Martin gets DL’d, then another player of the same position would be added…meaning Romine.

    And it has to be the same position, which means if Swisher breaks his leg tomorrow they would have to add an outfielder.

    And the caveat to this is if, say, Martin would be DL’d for the ALCS, he must also miss the next series.

    No way on God’s green earth would Montero be the starting catcher in the World Series.

    Besides, Girardi doesn’t like him, if he says he’s not playing, he’s not playing.

  4. Mike Silva

    Chuck, you are 100% correct about Montero not catching - two people, Frank and Jed Weisberger (covered the Trenton Thunder this past season), both confirmed the team doesn’t plan on having him catch. As for postseason eligibility - here is an article I came across

    Here is one quote


    Playoff Rosters: Playoff rosters must be set at 25, not including disabled players, on August 31. For each player on the 60-day DL, teams may add players to the eligible list during the playoffs at the same position, provided that they were in the orginization on August 31… Teams must choose 25 players from their playoff eligible list before each round of the playoffs.

    My guess is the Yankees find a way to sneak anyone on the roster.

    When I was covering Spring Training in Tampa in 2008, Brian Cashman said in Joe Girardi’s office to reporters (with a laugh), how they probably have broken tons of rules in the past. He was referring to an odd scenario back in the day when they were playing roster games in order to get Adrian Hernandez active.

    You could 60-day DL Cervelli in this scenario for Romone, and then move Montero since they have a couple of OFs (they are DH’s right?), for Montero.

    If Montero is on the playoff roster it’s at the expense of Posada, not for Cervelli.

  5. Chuck Johnson

    I checked again, Romine wasn’t on the 40, either.

    So, yes, either could be added, with permission from the Commissioner’s office, but WOULD they?

    Cervelli stinks, but he’s at least familiar with the pitchers, on his own team and those of the Yanks’ playoff opponents.

    I can’t see any scenario in which Posada isn’t on the postseason roster, the Yankees are loyal to their older players, almost to a fault.

    I also don’t see a situation where the Yanks sacrifice a position for TWO playoff series, which is what would happen if they were to DL Cervelli.

    It’s possible they’d add one of the two, but not both.

  6. tnt1528

    dont you have to be on the teams roster by sept 1st and not the 40 man?

  7. Basement Dweller

    Isn’t Chuck the guy who was writing articles here saying that it was a certainty that Montero would be traded by July 31st? Isn’t he also the guy who was writing articles here saying that Montero was a very weak hitting prospect, some kind of an opposite field singles hitter? Was it some other Montero that he was watching? Perhaps his cousin?

  8. Chuck Johnson

    Typical basement dweller, dude’s been in the major leagues two weeks and you’re already carving his HOF plaque.

  9. Basement Dweller

    Didn’t say a word about the Hall of Fame. Also didn’t call anybody a butthole or a basement dweller.

    Just would enjoy seeing Montero live up to scouting reports that I have seen. Examples from last two Baseball America annuals: “70 hitter”, “70 power”, “nearly an 80 hitter with 80 power”, “veteran MLB scout says he is the best young hitter that he has seen in years”.

    Cashman said the other day that he looks like a middle of the lineup hitter. You have basically said that he is a complete joke.

    One of those opinions is going to be dramatically wrong. Time will tell as to which one that will be.

  10. Stu B

    “When I ,was covering Spring Training in Tampa in 2008, Brian Cashman said in Joe Torre’s office…”

    Tangential point, but Torre was managing the Dodgers in ’08.

  11. Chuck Johnson

    “Also didn’t call anybody a butthole or a basement dweller.”

    Isn’t basement dweller your user name?

  12. Basement Dweller

    Your ability to recognize sarcasm is equal to your ability to recognize a great hitting prospect.

    If the Yankees win the World Series, a great side benefit of that will be your silence.

  13. Chuck Johnson

    You mean the World Series Montero won’t play in?


    While sarcasm doesn’t play well online, video does. So, why don’t you enlighten us to your expertise on Montero’s hitting ability, and try not to plagarize Baseball America while your at it.

  14. Brien Jackson

    Why wouldn’t the Yankees have their best DH on their postseason roster?

  15. UncleMario

    Austin Romine is on the 40 man Yankees roster according to ESPN, FOX Sports, and Sport Illustrated websites. It’s a moot point if Cervelli comes back (provided he’s cleared to play and was handled correctly by the Yankees on his return to the field).

    Concerning the long term, is the Jesus Montero/Austin Romine situation is somewhat similar to the Padres having Benito Santiago and Sandy Alomar, Jr. (except that Santiago was the starting catcher for the Padres while Alomar was in the farm system)?

  16. Chuck Johnson

    They will, Brien..his name is Andruw Jones.

    September in baseball is garbage time, like the last two minutes of a 20 NBA blowout.

    What Montero, or Dickerson, or Romine or any of those guys is irrelevant come September 30th.

    If Cervelli isn’t cleared to play, the Yankees need a catcher on their roster, the fact he probably can’t hit his weight is really insignificant.

    It may not have meant anything to you, but the fact Romine started the other day against Hernandez tells me exactly what the Yanks will do come decision day if Cervelli can’t play.

    In the postseason, they’ll be facing Verlander or Lester or Wilson on an almost daily basis, the fact their “best DH” was glued to the bench indicates they’ll take Romine’s glove before Montero’s bat.

  17. Brien Jackson

    Andruw Jones is hitting .154/.290/.327 against RHP. I’m pretty sure he’s not their best option to DH in those games, but if you disagree, well, I can’t say I’m surprised. Jones should probably get his at bats by pinch hitting and playing LF against LHP.

    Also, the Yankees really don’t need to carry a true backup catcher to open a series, because the starting catcher doesn’t need any rest days. Odds are better than not that, barring injury, Martin will catch every inning the Yankees play in the playoffs. They’ll have two guys who can handle things in an emergency catcher role in Posada and Montero, and if Martin gets hurt and they want to start Romine they can give him Martin’s roster spot.

  18. Chuck Johnson

    Montero’s hitting .222/.300/.722 against righties, but we’ll give him the job based on his 18 AB’s.

  19. Brien Jackson

    Well who are you giving it to then? Posada? Chavez? I suppose if we’re going to go purely on the numbers it should probably be Chavez, but based on the way Montero has handled the bat I’m pretty sure he’s likely to be the best option of the bunch.

  20. Chuck Johnson

    Why the infatuation with the Yankees needing a DH?

    Maybe it’s just an infatuation with Montero?

    Posada’s going to be on the postseason roster, he’s better defensively than Montero, and he’s the backup at first.

    Martin’s a no brainer, and so is Cervelli if he’s healthy.

    The Yanks aren’t going to carry a bat just for the sake of carrying a bat, especially in the postseason.

    If the Yanks thought Montero could help them in the postseason, he would have been up a month ago.

  21. Brien Jackson

    “Why the infatuation with the Yankees needing a DH?”

    I’m just going to repost that without comment for sheer comedic value. Never change man.

    “The Yanks aren’t going to carry a bat just for the sake of carrying a bat, especially in the postseason.”

    Try the veal everyone.

  22. Daler

    Chuck Johnson is eating a lot of crow with Monteros bat being elite

  23. Daler

    U think if Posada was going to DH in the playoffs he’d get more than one AB this month?

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