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Soprano Star Talks Baseball, Movies, and WFAN

By Mike Silva ~ March 27th, 2011. Filed under: Radio Show.

Last night I had some fun on 1240 AM WGBB as Joe Gannascoli aka Vito Spatafore from the Sopranos called in to talk baseball. Joe also chatted about his website joesoup.com, upcoming films he will be starring in, as well as his personally branded products that range from ashtrays to macaroni sauce.

During the segment we also talked about how he was unfortunately ambushed by WFAN’s Craig Carton last week. Apparently Joe sent Carton’s producer, Al Dukes, feedback about Craig’s constant bits that are blatant Howard Stern rip offs (which has been progressively getting worse in the last few months). Craig didn’t take kindly to his comments and said Gannascoli has “zero range as an actor,” and that he “doesn’t want to do his internet cooking show.” The show he was referring to was one where Gannascoli (a former cook) suggested to the Food Network many years ago. Athletes would join him and cook their favorite meals. Carton claims this was an idea he had a while back (just like the Stern bits, right?). It was a show made for television and starred athletes, and last I looked Carton is not the one that played quarterback for the Jets in that room.

Joe took the high road during the show. He didn’t hear Carton live, preferring to listen to Howard Stern versus the cheap knockoff that resides on WFAN from 6 to 10 AM. Don’t expect him to appear on the air with Carton since he anticipates getting shouted down and cut off by Carton’s bully act. This is a recurring theme as I have heard from another New York sports luminary that was not happy about his appearance on the show this winter.

For what it’s worth, Gannascoli is a fan of Mad Dog Radio’s Dino Costa (another Mike Silva favorite).

Let’s see do the tale of the tape on this one. On one side you have an accomplished actor that starred in a hit HBO series, has his own line of products, and is transitioning to film. On the other side you have a cheap imitations of the “King of All Media” with zero sports knowledge, thin skin, and one of the worst television shows (downright embarrassing) that you could possibly create. Who has zero range?

It was a fun segment worth listening to. You can download the replay of the show here (Gannascoli’s comments on Carton start at the 12:50 mark). You can also hear NYBD contributor Howard Megdal chat about covering the Mets in Port St. Lucie and some articles for ESPN and MLB Trade Rumors he’s got coming up this week.

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3 Responses to Soprano Star Talks Baseball, Movies, and WFAN

  1. FullofSht

    Hey Joe,

    Keep posting more items for sale on your facebook. Craig is hilarious, and for someone who “wasn’t” listening, you sure as hell got on that sht fast. Also ever since Craigy called your johnny cakes ass out, you’ve been posting bullsht nonstop. Just realize you’ll never be more than a half assed actor who’s only audience is his facebook friends, while craigy has millions listenin to him.

    And remember for every 5 people that hate craig, theres 25 that love him!.

  2. Mike Silva

    Hi FullofSht

    Please tell me if you are Carton, Al Dukes, or one of the numerous unpaid interns that posts here in disguise.

    Joe G was on a hit HBO show that became part of culture.

    Craig is a 15 mins of fame knock off that is the same nerd from New Rochelle high school.

    The shows success, guests, and television ratings are due to Boomer anyway

    It should be called the Boomer Esiason show with contributor Craig Carton

  3. Russ

    He’s an unprofessional clown and it’s a travesty that he hasn’t been fired for his “Will you be my friend” ambushing of guests.

    I wonder if it’s a bit that just does not work because any other person at any other radio station would have been disciplined for it by now if it’s legit. Since he hasn’t been, and in the real world it’s a fire-able offense, you have to think it’s a bad phony comedy bit. Management has to be in on the “joke”, not to take action even though it’s an awkward and uncomfortable listen and a poor attempt at channeling Andy Kaufman.

    I don’t know who these “25 out of 30″ people who find him “hilarious” and love him are since all of his attempts at comedy, with the exception of the impressions, are weak ass rip offs of other people that he fails to execute well. Carton is a hack, and B-Team material plain and simple.

    If WFAN wants a truly funny morning show with a stronger sports base, I’d suggest hiring the Daves of Thunder guys, Dave Damashek & Dave Feeney formally of the Adam Carolla podcast network. Those guys are truly funny and original with genuine comedy chops. If they are willing to leave LA and move to NY, it would be a huge improvement. If I was the PD at WFAN, I’d extend them an offer. Dump Carton, and if Boomer’s contract has a lot of time left on it, make him Francessa’s partner. That way, you kill two birds with one stone.

    I know it’s a long shot, and an outside of the box idea, but it would be a big time improvement over Carton who is a disaster waiting to happen. To me, it’s just a matter of time before he says something stupid and offensive that gets WFAN/CBS into some serious hot water. Why not cut bait early before it’s too late? Since these are the same people who keep bringing back Sid Rosenberg with his track record, I highly doubt they’ll address the eventual Carton problem until it’s too late and they are forced to deal with it. That’s been their track record for a long time now.

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