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Listen: Rick Peterson Pitching Perspective at 8pm

By Mike Silva ~ March 27th, 2011. Filed under: Radio Show.

Another two hours of radio tonight.

I kick off the night talking with former big league pitching coach Rick Peterson. Although Rick is not on the field this season he is working with two great entities, Bloomberg Sports and 3P Sports, to advance the art of keeping pitchers healthy and effective.

I will talk to him about the secret to his notorious healthy staffs, what analytics he uses to evaluate performance, bullpen management, and his career as a pitching prospect in the Pirates organization.



At 10 pm I will also be on 1240 AM WGBB where the headline guest will be Joe Gannascoli aka Vito Spatafore from the Sopranos. Joe is a huge Yankees fan and will give his take on the upcoming season. I also hope to have Howard Megdal, fresh off an assignment for ESPN in Port St. Lucie, give his thoughts about the Mets.

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2 Responses to Listen: Rick Peterson Pitching Perspective at 8pm

  1. Benny


    Interesting hearing Rick Peterson talk. On Sunday morning, I had an errand to run and put on Ed Randall and he had Leo Mazzone on. Very interesting talk and the one thing I found amusing was that Leo felt he was being demeaned when a caller asked him about Rick Peterson. The quote from Leo was compare Leo’s track record versus Rick’s and not just on the star pitchers (Glavine,Smoltz and Maddux) but also the Avery’s, Neagle’s and my favorite reclamation project Russ Ortiz!. Would like to read you thoughts on who was better Mazzone or Peterson and why?

  2. Mike Silva


    Sorry for the late response

    I am going to listen to this segment on iTunes and write something about it. I have to say I am very much a believer in RP over Mazzone.

    I will give you my thoughts over the weekend at some point


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