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NYBD Yankees “All Decade Team”

By Mike Silva ~ January 1st, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Yankees, NY Baseball Memories.

Earlier today I did the NYBD Mets “All Decade Team”, now it’s the Yankees turn. Only difference is, because of the DH, I named a utility player instead of two pinch hitters. This is based on the best individual season at each position.

Starting Lineup

C- Jorge Posada (2007) 20 HR, 90 RBI, .338 BA, OPS of .970

1B - Mark Teixeira (2009) 39 HR, 122 RBI, .292 BA, OPS of .948

2b - Robinson Cano (2009) 25 HR, 85 RBI, .320 BA, OPS of .871

3B- Alex Rodriguez (2007) 54 HR, 156 RBI, .314 BA, OPS of 1.067

SS- Derek Jeter (2006) 14 HR, 97 RBI, .343 BA, .OPS of .900

LF - Hideki Matsui (2004) 31 HR, 108 RBI, .298 BA, OPS of .912

CF - Bernie Williams (2000) 30 HR, 121 RBI, .307 BA, OPS of .957

RF - Gary Sheffield (2004) 36 HR, 121 RBI, .290 BA, OPS of .927

DH -Jason Giambi (2006) 37 HR, 113 RBI, .253 BA, OPS of .971


RH - Luis Sojo (2000) - 5 for 10 in pinch hits, overall .286 Batting average, played the entire infield, hit to win 2000 World Series.

Starting Rotation

Roger Clemens (2001) 20-3, 3.51, WHIP of 1.26 including a Cy Young Award

Mike Mussina (2001) 17-11, 3.15, WHIP of 1.17

CC Sabathia (2009) 19-8, 3.37, WHIP of 1.15

Andy Pettitte (2003) 21-8, 4.02,  WHIP of 1.33

Chien Ming Wang (2006) 19-6, 3.63, WHIP of 1.31


Cl- Mariano Rivera (2008) 1.40 ERA, 30 Saves, WHIP of 0.67

RH - Jeff Nelson (2000) 2.65 ERA, WHIP of 1.23 and nine strikeouts per nine innings.

LH -Mike Stanton (2001) 2.58 ERA, WHIP of 1.36, and nine strikes per nine innings

Manager: Joe Torre (2000) 87-74, third straight World Series Title

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6 Responses to NYBD Yankees “All Decade Team”

  1. Joe G.

    solid choices…. i’d like to see Soriano in there though….

  2. Mike Silva

    Joe G

    Tough choice. Soriano’s’ 2002 was an outstanding season (nearly 40/40 club), but I gave 2009 Cano the edge because of his defense, far superior to Soriano.

    Could go either way depending how you value it

  3. JD

    if ur gonna go by best year, then shouldnt 2009 Girardi with 100+ wins and a WS Ring be there instead of Torre’s 87-74. Cant really say torre should be there cause of the 3 Straight rings since A. they happened in the 1990s and B. They were by far the weakest of any Champion Yankee team and perhaps the weakest reg. season since 2008. And The 2006 Giambi was a good choice, but u probably couldnt go wrong with the 2002 version either.

  4. yanksfor28

    a-rod`s 2007 was probably the best season of any player in the decade

  5. Mike Silva

    Hey Everyone

    Saw some questions in the forums and sites about my team

    First, it is based on best individual season, next the two toughest choices were

    Cano 2009 vs. Soriano 2002 or 2003, I gave it to Cano because of his defense. The same with Teixeira 09 vs Giambi 02, plus I put the later edition of Giambi at DH, and Matsui in the OF. I didn’t repeat players at the positions.

  6. Kevin C

    What a lineup. Nice choices.

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