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NYBD Mets “All Decade Team”

By Mike Silva ~ January 1st, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Mets, NY Baseball Memories.

I did the all decade team a little different. Instead of compiling the “best at each position”, I put a player who I felt had the “best individual” season on the team. This includes starting lineup, pinch hitting performance, bullpen, and manager. Here it goes, give me your thoughts.

The Mets All Decade Team (2000 - 2009)

Starting Lineup

C- Mike Piazza (2000) -  38 HR’s, 113 RBI, .324 BA,  OPS 1.012

1B - Carlos Delgado (2006) -  38 HR, 114 RBI, .265 BA, OPS .909

2b- Edgardo Alfonzo (2000) - 25 hr, 94 RBI, .324 BA, OPS .967

3B- David Wright (2007) - 30 HR, 107 RBI, .325 BA, OPS .963

SS - Jose Reyes (2006) - 19 HR, 81 RBI, .300 BA, OPS .841

LF- Cliff Floyd (2005) - 34 HR, 98 RBI, .273 BA, OPS .863

CF - Carlos Beltran (2006) - 41 HR. 116 RBI, .275 BA, .OPS .982

RF - Mike Cameron (2005) - 12 HR, 39 RBI, .273 BA, OPS .819

Pinch Hitters:

LH - Marlon Anderson (2007) - Had 14 pinch hits, 1 HR, and 14 RBI.

RH - Chris Woodward (2005) - 6 for 16 in pinch hitting role OPS over 1.000

Starting Rotation

Johan Santana (2008) 16-7, 2.53, WHIP of 1.15

Pedro Martinez (2005) 15-8, 2.52, WHIP of 0.92

Al Leiter (2000) 16-8, 3.20, WHIP Of 1.21

Mike Hampton (2000) 15-10, 3.14, WHIP of 1.35

Mike Pelfrey (2008) 13-11, 3.72, WHIP of 1.36


Cl - Billy Wagner (2006) 2.24 ERA, 40 Saves, WHIP of 1.11

RH - Aaron Heilman (2005) 2.18 ERA, WHIP of 1.11 in relief

LH - Pedro Feliciano (2006) 2.09 ERA, WHIP of 1.26 in relif

Manager - Bobby Valentine (2000) 94-68 NL Pennant

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6 Responses to NYBD Mets “All Decade Team”

  1. Shamik

    Ha! If only we could field this team in real life, what a season that would be!

  2. bob

    the only prob i have is, instead of pelfrey’s 08 how about glavines 06?

  3. Astromets

    I agree, Glavine should be in the starting rotation somehow. He was pretty awesome

  4. Mike Silva

    2006 Glavine was the finalist with Pelfrey’s 2008

    Two things that swayed me

    1. There already was 3 lefties in the rotation and not sure if I wanted to go with a 4th

    2. If you got with advanced metrics (WAR), Pelfrey was slightly more valuable in 2008, and 2005 Glavine might be even better. It actually was the second half of 2005 that might have been Tom’s best stretch as a Met.

    In the end, I gave Pelfrey the edge, but you could go with either 05 or 06′ Glavine if you want. You may be able to go with him over Hampton in 2000 if you wanted.

  5. birtelcom

    -Reyes in 2008 may have been even better, at least on offense, than in 2006: 122 Runs Created, 118 OPS+, vs. 116 Runs Created, 115 OPS+ (according to baseball-reference.com).

    -Cameron in 2005 played in only 76 games (who can forget that horrific collision with Beltran?). It’s true that his 2005 season might still be the best year a Mets RFer had in the decade, which says a lot about the performance of RFers for the Mets in the 00s. But an argument can probably be made for Derek Bell’s 2000 being a bit more valuable than Cameron’s short 2005 season

  6. Mike Silva


    Thought about Bell, who got off to a hot start in 2000, but Cameron’s defense was the clincher. I figured 76 games was just enough to get him in the starting lineup. It is an indictment of Mets RF, and I suspect that Ryan Church would be that guy if not for the concussion in 2008. He had most of his production during the first two months of the season- some thought he was the Mets MVP.

    As for Reyes, very close, and you can’t argue either way

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