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Sox Bullpen Not the Only Boston Meltdown on Saturday

By Mike Silva ~ April 22nd, 2012. Filed under: Outside the Apple.

The Red Sox bullpen had an ugly Saturday afternoon by giving up 13 earned runs in 3 innings. That is a meltdown of epic proportions, but it appears the 8th inning sing-along at Fenway perturbed Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe.

Sometimes Twitter brings out emotional rants in the best of us (I am guilty of this as much as anyone), but Abraham decided to put it in his his Boston Globe column

The Red Sox allowed seven runs in the seventh inning and seven more in the eighth inning to blow a 9-1 lead. If ever there was a day to skip “Sweet Caroline,” in favor of some decorum, this was it.

But the song played and on one of the most embarrassing days in franchise history, people sang, “So good! So good!” like they were drunk at a wedding.

It’s only a song and if people want to sing, so be it. But let’s forget about the notion that Fenway Park is a tough place to play and is full of hard-core fans. Because it’s not any more. It’s a place where people gleefully sing a cheesy song after their team blows a nine-run lead.

Nobody is singing when they home team is getting embarrassed at Yankee Stadium or Citizens Bank Park. Bruins fans weren’t singing at the Garden Saturday. Either winning really matters or it doesn’t. If it does, put the silly song on the shelf during games like this.

This kind of open and honest rant is exactly what is missing in media. Personally, I wouldn’t have cared, but Abraham does have a point. You just got your butt kicked by the Yankees in the most embarrassing fashion. Do you really want to sing after seeing 14 runs in two innings?

Pete was a good friend of this website and my radio program. He always was supportive of the blogosphere and built up the very popular LoHud Yankees Blog that is now run by Chad Jennings.

He was one of my favorite beat writers and I see he continues to do a nice job in Boston.

I will say, however, I did get a chuckle that the Saturday afternoon massacre perturbed Red Sox Nation all the way down to the beat.

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2 Responses to Sox Bullpen Not the Only Boston Meltdown on Saturday

  1. Steve S.

    This is just the irrational Sox fan in him talking. To answer his question, yes, other teams (including the Yankees) do this. The Yankees don’t cancel YMCA if they’re losing big. And BTW-its the 7th inning, the game isn’t over yet at that point. Don’t act like it is. As the Yanks themselves showed on Saturday, anything can happen.

    Honesty like this is acceptable on Twitter, where the audience is small and there’s no editorial controls. But to actually publish a piece like this in the Globe illustrates something about Boston. It isn’t just baseball, its personal up there. That’s an outgrowth of the deep passion they have for sports in that town, but its also what makes it a very tough place to play in.

  2. Joseph DelGrippo

    And since Pete Abe went back to Boston before the 2009 post season, how many post season games have the Red Sox won?


    I see Pete Abe being the new Sweeny Murti jinx up in Boston.

    Glad he is gone back home.

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