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Nelson Figueroa a Yankee

By Mike Silva ~ April 19th, 2012. Filed under: New York Yankees.

It looks like former Mets pitcher Nelson Figueroa just signed a Minor League Deal with the Yankees.

He informed everyone of the news over at Facebook

Looks like the Yankees brought him in for pitching depth with the injury to Manny Banuelos,

I spoke to Nelson on my radio program last year. He is a local kid from Brooklyn that is easy to root for.

Don’t be surprised if he winds up in the big league bullpen at some point.


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7 Responses to Nelson Figueroa a Yankee

  1. Chuck

    “Don’t be surprised if he winds up in the big league bullpen at some point”

    Then his signing has nothing to do with Banuelos.

  2. Mike Silva

    I could see him taking a turn in the rotation in Scranton, but I doubt he would be used as a starter in the Bronx….

  3. Chuck

    Banuelos’ long term future is as a reliever, although I don’t think the Yankees were considering making the change so early.

    You never know, though, especially with the Yanks.

  4. kjs

    The Yankees are about 3,500 seats short of a full house every game now and the new season-ticket campaign is a bigger bomb than Yankees cologne and perfume, so they figure Nelson’s rather large and boisterous family will fill those vacant spots each night.

  5. Raul


    The Yankees signing of Nelson Figueroa to AAA was a marketing decision designed to sell tickets?

    How old are you? 12?

  6. Stu B

    If he makes an appearance in the Bronx, it will be as a mopup man at best.

  7. kjs

    Your abysmal lack of a sense of humor is rather sad, Raul.

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