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Watch: Remembering the 1962 Mets

By Mike Silva ~ April 11th, 2012. Filed under: Mets History, NY Baseball Memories.

The Mets officially became 50-years old earlier today.

On April 11th, 1962 they played the first-ever game in team history, an 11-4 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals. 

Appropriately, the Mets celebrated that sloppy debut with an equally sloppy 4-0 defeat to Washington earlier today.

Nonetheless, here is a short video to commemorate the birthday of the organization.

By the way… there is a connection between a current Met and a player who appeared in that first-ever game in St. Louis. Take a look at the box score, watch the video, and the answer is below

Trivia Answer

Minnie Minoso started in left field for the Cardinals on April 11th, 1962. Mets reliever Tim Byrdak faced Minoso when he pitched in the Northern League in 2003.

On July 16, 2003, Minoso led off the game. This plate appearance marked his seventh decade of professional baseball.

In case you’re wondering, Byrdak walked Minoso.

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2 Responses to Watch: Remembering the 1962 Mets

  1. kill.schill(ing)

    The 2012 Mets might be the best team of the decade. I’ve never seen a team with greater heart, grit, or resilience. They might even exceed the win total of the 1986 Mets- that’s how good they are.

    My only regret it that Mike Silva’s NY Baseball Digest doesn’t devote even more time and space to 2012 Mets and to extolling their talent and to celebrating their prodigious achievements.

    You have to admire a fan base so mindlessly devout that not even its owner’s vanity, greed, and self-aggrandizing parsimony can deter them from rewarding him with their unremitting support.

    Thank God for the Wilpons. You guys deserve them.

  2. Mike Silva


    Always a pleasure to have you back and spewing inaccuracies.

    When did anyone, including me, extol any virtues of the ’12 Mets? I have gone on record- on the radio and this site- saying this is about a 75-win team. Is that extolling virtues? Considering most teams win about 60 games, anyway, it seems to me to be a very low bar.

    Have I not criticized the Wilpons? I have been harder on them than some of the beat reporters, whom I am sure you would say don’t have the “bias” of someone, like me, who grew up rooting for the team.

    You have been sore at me and this site since I had some fun with the Yanks missing the playoffs in ’08 and played the Doors “this is the end.”

    My issue with Yankee arrogance and imperialism has nothing to do with the Mets, it has to do with the boorish way the organization conducts itself. Just like I won’t let the Mets get a free pass, nor will I allow the Yankees; regardless of how successful they are on the field.

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