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Looking at Conor Jackson

By Mike Silva ~ March 27th, 2012. Filed under: New York Mets.

Interesting point brought up by Gotham Baseball.

Jackson was released by the Texas Rangers this week. Although they needed a right handed hitting outfielder, Jackson struggled with the bat going 3 for 33 in Cactus League action. Ron Washington told MLB.com ”We just don’t have room for him. He needs to get at-bats and play. It’s getting down to the nitty-gritty and we didn’t have a spot for him.”

Jackson has never been the same since he contracted Valley Fever, the same illness that afflicts Ike Davis , in 2009. It took a toll as Jackson admitted to losing 35 pounds and sleeping 12-13 hours a day.

Despite the struggles the last three seasons, Jackson has a career .283 batting average and .818 OPS against LH. He can play both the infield and outfield corner positions. Two of the Mets best hitters (Davis, Duda) are left handed. I don’t get the sense the team is committed to either Adam Loewen or Mike Baxter as the fifth outfielder.

The major point is Jackson could be re-united with his former minor league manager, Wally Backman, in Buffalo. Perhaps Wally could turn a career around that appears to be on life support. It’s a union that makes sense for both sides.

Jackson is still young (29), and the Mets lack of depth makes it worth bringing in anyone who has some sort of upside on their resume.

From 2006-2008 Jackson hit .292 and averaged 14 HRs and 71 RBI a season with the Diamondbacks.

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5 Responses to Looking at Conor Jackson

  1. Joseph DelGrippo

    Conor Jackson sucks, and has sucked for a few years now. He hit .244 last season with no power, and there was no difference between his production against right handed and left handed pitchers.

    There is a reason why teams keep cutting this guy. He had his three years of success and now he is done as a player.

    Yeah, what the Mets really need is an aging slow corner guy who can’t hit and isn’t real good on defense.

    Who cares about aging depth in the minors? You really want to stock your minor league team with 30 year olds who can’t play in the majors?

  2. Chuck Johnson

    Backman managed Jackson for 67 games in Class A in 2004.

    I doubt Jackson even remembers him.

  3. Joseph DelGrippo

    And another thing. You constantly talk about Lucas Duda and Ike Davis like this: “Two of the Mets best hitters (Davis, Duda) are left handed.”

    Yes, two of the Mets young, starting power hitters are left handed. It sounds like you want to platoon these guys.

    These players (and others) will not get better as players if you begin to platoon them with inferior right handed hitters. Davis and Duda will only get better when playing every day, against RHP and LHP.

    Since pitchers hit in the NL, and with the subsequent pinch hitters and lost players, the need for versatility is important. Also, the need for full time position players who play every game is important, too.

    Guys who are platooned for split limitations reduces the flexibility with what the NL team can do. Burning players unnecessarily via splits hurts teams late in games and in extra innings.

    Let the kids play without constantly removing them for this reason or that reason.

    And a 30 year old Conor Jackson hitting for Lucas Duda or Ike Davis late against a LHP is never a good reason.

  4. Mike Silva


    I know Jackson spoke with John Fitzgerald of Playing for Peanuts about Backman when the D-Backs came to Shea Stadium in 2007. Backman had a big impact on the careers of Jackson, Aaron Rowand, and Carlos Quentin.

    Is it a long shot? Yes, I wonder how much Wally can help, but seeing a familiar face at this point in his career can’t hurt.


    Everything you say is 100% correct. I am not suggesting that Jackson is anything more than a bench player. The Mets need to win as many games as possible because if they don’t draw, the Wilpons can’t invest in the team. Their depth issues can potential prevent them from winning about 81-83 games. I don’t believe they are as bad as everyone thinks.

    If having Jackson helps them off the bench, why not. Duda and Davis are going to need a blow against LHP at some point. Right now, Mike Baxter is the alternative…. not good.

    The Mets can’t trot out guys without resumes (Vinny Rottino comes to mind) as depth. There aren’t any kids that you would want coming off the bench anyway.

    With that said, you are 100% correct, but doesn’t fit the Mets situation, either.

  5. Chuck Johnson

    I saw Jackson a couple of times with the Rangers and he looked pretty good, the average wasn’t a reflection of him..he hit the ball hard and played pretty well in the OF and at first.

    Washington is right, obviously, there just isn’t room for him in Texas, 3-33 or 23-33 it wouldn’t have made much difference.

    Joe’s right too, out of a launching pad like Arizona Jackson’s nothing more than a utility guy, but the Mets could use all the help they can get.

    I’m surprised they haven’t tried to reactivate Backman…to play second.


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