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Canseco Has Nightmares Over Writing “Juiced”

By Mike Silva ~ March 1st, 2012. Filed under: Outside the Apple.

If you follow Jose Canseco on Twitter you’re bound to find out a new piece of information about him.

Canseco is currently trying out for a team in Mexico- he informed everyone that he will find out if he made it on Sunday - but last night he spent some time expressing regret over writing the book “Juiced.”

Canseco went on to say that he “probably is the only person in history that will never be forgiven for telling the truth and making MLB better and safer for everyone;especially young kids.”

I still believe Canseco has become the fall guy for steroids. He was far from the only player using; he just was the most vocal and honest.

Am I crazy to actually feel bad for this guy? I am rooting for him to make the team and play well in Mexico.

From my viewpoint, he is a man that really does love playing the game of baseball. That is more than I could say for some other steroid and non-steroid users.

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5 Responses to Canseco Has Nightmares Over Writing “Juiced”

  1. Daler

    Feel bad for him? He made millions$. He wrote a book n outed people to make more millions$. He’s a scumbag. Plain n simple

  2. Mister D

    I don’t think he’s a fall guy. I just think he’s a dick.

  3. Tim

    He is also a human being with feeling like you and me. We should not consider a person past the point of our sympathy and pity.

  4. Brien Jackson

    This, of course, requires us to assume that Canseco actually was telling the truth, which I wouldn’t be willing to do per se.

    There’s also the fact that, even if Canseco were telling the truth, he chose to do so in the form of selling a book to enrich himself rather than, say, to federal investigators or a Congressional committee. I would certainly think that didn’t win him very many friends.

  5. UncleMario

    Please, Canseco claimed that he was registered black belt in karate and tae kwon do which was debunked by Vai Sikahema down at Bernie Robbins Stadium in ’08.

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