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Mad Dog Russo Claims MLB Gave Him Inside Info That Ryan Braun Did Steroids

By Mike Silva ~ February 24th, 2012. Filed under: Outside the Apple, Sports Media Commentary.

I have been holding off commenting about the developments in the Ryan Braun steroid case until tomorrow as I read various pieces of evidence. Unlike some mainstream members, I don’t like to throw stones at someone over steroids.

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, however has historically been anti-Players Association. Our good friend Bob Mantz Jr. over at Bob’s Blitz, has a recording of Russo talking about the Braun situation and claiming that MLB knows that Braun is guilty of PED use.

“I just got off the phone with somebody in baseball,” Russo said. “And I said give me an answer: Braun guilty or not guilty. Steroids or a PED or something. Chris, if it walks like a cat, if it swims like a duck, quacks like a duck, you know what Chrissy? Chances are that baby’s a duck.  Yes, Braun did steroid-  MLB.” 

Russo spends a majority of the 5+ minute rant trashing Braun and dismissing the chain of custody issue. In his eyes, he’s guilty, regardless of how the sample was transported.

Open up a high school textbook and read about the lords and serfs and you will understand how the owner/player relationship is viewed by the New Canaan, CT resident.

Like I said back in December, the real crime is the leak of the test results. No one in the media seems to want to talk about it, or care. Rather, they are obsessed with the cheating aspect of the story. Something they should have been more aware of in 1998.

You can also go to Sports Media Watchdog and listen to the entire clip.

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4 Responses to Mad Dog Russo Claims MLB Gave Him Inside Info That Ryan Braun Did Steroids

  1. swedski

    This whole thing is a joke! First if you want to convict someone then make sure you have the evidence handled correctly! Next instead of issuiing a statement that they respect the descision MLB starts sniping the decsion. Do they have proof? NOT LEGALLY. But they sow that seed of guilt making them and Braun look guilty and dumb.
    They should have dropped it andin the future made sure they do a better job with random testing and how they handle it.
    Now Braun goes out and says I’m innocent because they messed up Too much like OJ. Too bad for him that this will now hang over him. He could have been a little more humble and offered to take tests regularly, but no he gets on HIS high horse. Looking more like Rafel P every minute.
    This is just sad all around.
    Finally the media, Braun’s a likeable (white guy), so he has not been thrown under the bus completely. Many writer have but many have cut him some slack. A-Rod an annoying prima-donna gets flack for everything. Plus I don’t hear writers calling for bans or asterisks on players in the 50′s 60′s and 70′s who used an array of diffeent drugs especially uppers to get through the year. Double standards abound in the media.

    Sorry I’m ranting but everyone looks bad here.

  2. Ken Bland

    Right. Here’s a juicy quote for you, Chris (assuming Chris quoted the exec accurately). Just don’t use my name. That’s the sort of thing that should have been said off the record. It’s irresponsible, or cheap, or something negative to have quoted the guy on such unsupported conclusion.

    Braun has a challenging year ahead. Pete Rose went on an absolute tear once upon a time when his first wife filed for divorce. That’s the sort of blinders that help work through a distraction. Play poorly, and Braun will hear it. Have a Triple Crown contending year, and it’ll be interesting to see how many voters are fair, and vote for the guy as highly as that would seem to warrant. Longer term, Braun will be fine.

    My biggest complaint with the media about Braun is the ones that were quick to label Braun the first (half) Jewish player to win the MVP. But there was no mention of his being the first (half) Jewish player to have his name attached to a drug question. Such is life in the selective information lane.

    I hope Braun has a kick ass year. If I were a victim of something, whatever, or however it is so, I would have been less than humble in my first statement as well. It’s my opinion that this guy did not knowingly and maliciously cheat. To this day, I believe the Raffy Palmiero story is nowhere near as black and white as it seems. But in neither case, no matter how emotionally convictional I am about that should I be quoted like Russo’s source because those are just my thoughts, convictional as they are.

  3. Stu B

    Russo’s a jackass who often fails to think before he speaks.

  4. JK

    Stu B, i wish there was a “like” button under your comment, why anyone thinks Russo is anything but a clown is beyond me.

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