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A Raul Ibanez and Andruw Jones DH Split

By Mike Silva ~ January 28th, 2012. Filed under: New York Yankees.

We probably have been overanalyzing the Yankees DH situation since the Jesus Montero trade, but that’s what we do here, so let’s take another look at it.

Reports indicate that Raul Ibanez might be the top target of Brian Cashman. One of the reasons is his ability to still play the field, although I would use the term “play” loosely. The main reason is probably due to the fact he will reportedly cost around the $1-2 million dollars the Yankees are willing to spend.

Ibanez hasn’t been the same hitter since he was on an MVP pace in Philadelphia the first half of 2009. He is, however, still a solid hitter; especially for a team like the Yankees that is looking for him to round out the lineup.

Here is a breakdown of Ibanez’s splits from last season.

vs RHP as LHB 402 103 26 0 16 60 30 68 .256 .307 .440 .747
vs LHP as LHB 133 28 5 1 4 24 3 38 .211 .232 .353 .585
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 1/28/2012.

His numbers versus RHP were below his career slash line of .286/.351/.488, but still solid. Obviously, the concern would be his work against LHP, which was significantly below his career line of  .265/.317/.426.

Enter Andruw Jones.

Here were his splits with the Yankees last year.

vs RHP as RHB 64 11 0 0 5 8 11 23 .172 .303 .406 .709
vs LHP as RHB 126 36 8 0 8 25 18 39 .286 .384 .540 .923
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 1/28/2012.

So roughly estimating, could a DH position that sees Ibanez and Jones get the bulk of the time with spot appearances by A-Rod, Teixeira, Jeter and other veterans produce 30 HRs and 100 RBI with a .270 batting average? I think so.

That also is probably not that much different than what David Ortiz will produce for Boston next year; for about a quarter of the price.

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5 Responses to A Raul Ibanez and Andruw Jones DH Split

  1. Ken Bland

    It’s completely untrue that Ibanez hasn’t been the same hitter since his torrid first half of 2009. It’s also untrue that he’s a solid hitter.

    The truth is that he is a guy that can scorch, but like a lot of streak hitters, his streaks run shorter, and slumps last longer as he gets toward the end. If you look at his May of 2011, you’d see he had sbout as good a month as humanly possible. Only a great month by the Reds Jay Bruce created any controversy at all about a Player of the Month. The problem was that Raul was coming out of an 0-35, and returned to that form after his stellar May. His pattern is to both wow you to death, and piss you off within about a home stand, or road trip.

    Earlier this winter, he spent some time working with Rudy Jarmillo, considered a hotting coach guru. Same guy Andruw Jones worked with after his Dodger debacle that was considered a helpful experience. Raul was quoted as being very positive about it.

    Am I suggesting don’t sign him? Not at all. Not even considering other candidates and what they might do, Raul will make some impactful contributions. But he’ll struggle as well. He hits lefties and righties about as well either way. His reputation would project him as a terrific asset in the clubhouse. If he plays 1 inning of defense, it’s asking for trouble. For the most part, his throwing arm has been reduced to 1 of the worst in baseball, without exaggeration. So sign him, but if you think of him as a diamond in the rough, under the radar possible surprise solid asset, it’s an overexpectation. Appreciate the good times with the at bats, and he’ll come closer to making you happier than not. Personally, since I like the guy, I think the Yanks would be a tremendous choice for him and hope it works out. But as a Phillie fan, I was happy they moved in a different direction. Even with a DH, I’d have probably felt that way.

  2. Stu B

    Considering that they would bat 7th or lower and that neither guy is anything close to a .270 hitter at this point, I think .240-20-70 is more realistic.

  3. Chuck Johnson

    “after Alex Rios led off with a single- enter Franco.”

    Armando Rios.

  4. Mike Silva


  5. Steve S.

    No thanks to Raul. I suspect this is the same as the Edwin Jackson rumors that went down just before the Pineda deal was completed. I doubt that Brian think Ibanez has anything (on the level he’s looking for) left, so this may be an attempt to get another GM to get off the dime and make a deal.

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