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Who is Josh Lewin?

By Mike Silva ~ January 17th, 2012. Filed under: New York Mets, Sports Media Commentary.

According to Newsday’s Neil Best, “Josh Lewin has emerged as the leading candidate to replace Wayne Hagin alongside Howie Rose in the Mets’ radio booth.”

Want to learn more about this potential hire? Read what I found out, along with a Lewin call, over at Sports Media Watchdog.


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1 Response to Who is Josh Lewin?

  1. Ken Bland

    Josh Lewin most recently did television for the Texas Rangers, and is/was (?) a long time voice of the NFL Chargers. He’s competent. There’s nothing extraordinary about his presentation that would satisfy the instant pressure of NYers expecting something special because of being the biggest. Given a small amount of time, most will find him acceptable. I’d think a more charasmatic announcer could be found, but all the above is largely opinion anyway.

    My favorite Lewin story, scarce as they are in my memory bank was the start of last season when Ernie Harwell passed away. That night, Lewin, who had worked with Ernie sometime earlier in his career, called a Ranger homerun, “in the immortal words of Ernie Harwell, is long gone.” It was a nice tribute, not really exemplified by the typed word, but the verbalization when the sad passing of a terrific baseball announcer was fresh in mind.

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