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Simmering Hot Stove Tonight @8pm

By Mike Silva ~ November 27th, 2011. Filed under: Uncategorized.

The Winter Meetings are a week away, so tonight we begin to “simmer” the Hot Stove with some talk about the local teams.

First, I hope to have former big league pitcher Brooks Kieschnick joins me to discuss the transition from outfielder to pitcher. I will propose the DPH idea to him and see his thoughts.

I will give you my thoughts on some of the topics discussed in recent days regarding making a run at Matt Garza, potentially trading Angel Pagan, and trading for Huston Street.

In the backhalf I will talk Yankees baseball. Hear the latest rumors on Brian Cashman’s attempt to acquire starting pitching. I am sure names such as Matt Cain, Gio Gonzalez, Jair Jurrjens, John Danks, Yu Darvish, and C.J. Wilson will be discussed.

I encourage you to call in at 646-716-8187



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2 Responses to Simmering Hot Stove Tonight @8pm

  1. Juke Early

    Whoever is currently responsible for archiving the NYBD podcast needs to @#%&*! wake up & get it done. I used to be able to get it off the RSS feed early Mondays and no link on this page? No doubt it’s due to the Yankee/NY haters @ the S**theads Network. Some improvement. I hope Mike Silva at least gets decent remuneration by being associated with those clowns. Thanks for reminding me again, nothing is really free.

  2. Mike Silva


    Blog Talk Radio Archives the show first, then I put the link on the blog post

    The fastest way to get the archive is to go here


    And subscribe to one of the RSS Feeds, or if you have iTunes, get it there.

    I usually try to get the link up by 6 AM the follow morning on the blog post - thanks for listening, as always!

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