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Yanks Have Goods to Land Lincecum, Do Giants Have the Desire?

By Mike Silva ~ November 4th, 2011. Filed under: Morning Digest, New York Yankees, Offseason Speculation.

Dave Cameron of Fangraphs discussed how he believes the Giants may be wise to move Tim Lincecum since he projects to make $20 million dollars in arbitration, which would potentially comprise about 15% of their payroll. The Yankees have the type of prospects to land such a star pitcher in his early prime so this isn’t a crazy idea if Brian Sabean is willing to listen.

Cameron suggests a package of Jesus Montero and Eduardo Nunez; with the Yankees taking back Aubrey Huff‘s $12 million dollar contract to provide the Giants payroll relief. This would allow them to re-sign Carlos Beltran and score prospects from the Yanks that could round out their thin roster.

I actually think that proposed deal is light for Lincecum. If I am dealing my ace I don’t want to take a lesser prospect package for payroll relief. The Giants would have to decide if Montero can catch enough where they would be able to move Buster Posey to first base. If not, they then have to commit to Posey as their catcher long-term and Montero as their first basemen. They could also scrap the whole Montero portion of the deal and simply take Austin Romine, who will at least be able to provide them defense behind the plate, although his bat is questionable. Nunez at shortstop is a logical piece to this puzzle, but I would bet the Giants would demand one of Dellin Betances or Manny Banuelos, and a major league ready starter such as Phil Hughes or Ivan Nova. I know the Giants have top centerfield prospect Gary Brown, but Brett Gardner would look really good leading off and playing centerfield at AT&T Park.

A couple of my proposed deals would be:

1. Montero, Nunez, one Killer B, one of Hughes or Nova

2. Romine, Gardner, Nunez, one Killer B

A couple of weeks ago we talked about some in the industry believing the Giants would want a premium package for Matt Cain. All of the aforementioned names were thrown around when speculating about a potential Cain deal. In a lot of ways both Cain and Lincecum are very similar performance-wise, it’s just that Cain isn’t the same fan draw that Lincecum is. Don’t forget that Cain is also a free agent at the end of the season.

In the end, I bet the Giants don’t come close to dealing their ace. If the Yankees are going to acquire a San Francisco pitcher it would be Matt Cain. Would I give up such an expensive package for Cain? I would probably do Montero, Nunez and Hughes or Nova, but balk at the inclusion of any of the Killer B’s.

The Giants do have an interesting dilemma. They have two aces, but probably could only afford one after this season. Lincecum probably gets them more in the deal because of controllability, but do they have the courage to deal one of the most popular players in team history?

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23 Responses to Yanks Have Goods to Land Lincecum, Do Giants Have the Desire?

  1. Polargirl

    As much as I would love the Yankees to acquire Lincecum for package #2 with Betances being the B and Hughes being the Major Leaguer, that makes no sense for the Giants since they have plenty of quality pitching and badly need offensive help.

    Maybe Gardner, Montero, and Nunez gets it done. The Giants would have the upper hand in negotiations.

  2. David, Jr.

    All very interesting, but why on earth would the Giants want Montero?

    Maybe he is a backup quality catcher, but he has never played another position as a professional, and there is no reason to think that he could do that.

  3. Polargirl

    The Giants need affordable offense is why.

    Mike Silva postulated: ” The Giants would have to decide if Montero can catch enough where they would be able to move Buster Posey to first base. If not, they then have to commit to Posey as their catcher long-term and Montero as their first basemen.”

    That should explain it.

  4. David, Jr.

    It explains it, but not in a logical manner.

    The first way would move an All Star catcher off of his position, in order to make way for a guy that can barely play catcher.

    The second way would have Montero play a position that he hasn’t played before.

    Neither make any sense.

    What does make sense if they are going to trade Montero is that it be to an AL team, where he would have a more certain value.

  5. dan l

    Stupid idea! Cashman would never do it! I highly doubt that the Yankees will want to bring in another 20 million+ pitcher. I think they will look for a Fister type deal instead. I would much rather trade for a young pitcher with 4 or more years of team control left.

  6. Polargirl

    It’s logical enough when Montero projects to hit the cheapest 30-40 home runs a year for years to come. Granted, the situation isn’t ideal but the Giants need offense as bad as if not, worse than Seattle does.

  7. Chuck

    Yet again, proof stat-heads should stick to stats and not be allowed to write.

    (Not you, Mike, Dave Cameron)

    Holy bleep, what an idiot.

    Montero and Nunez for Lincecum and Huff’s $12 million?


    Just wow.

  8. Stu B

    But Brandon Belt is a similar prospect to Montero, and he plays 1B.

  9. Ken Bland

    Millions of dollars should never be scoffed at, but the fact is that after this year, the Giants are obligated to Barry Zito for only 1 more year at either 19 or 20 million. Not that an ongoing combination of Lincecum and Cain will be cheap, but they are in essence paying 2 aces now between Zito, and the sum of Lincecum and Cain. It assumes a lot to say this, but with Zito’s departure, they will still be paying 2 aces. So I suspect Brian Sabean would have to absolutely be overwhelmed.

  10. Polargirl

    @stu b: The same was said about Justin Smoak.

    Tampa’s Matt Moore is the closest pitcher equivalent to Jesus Montetro. A straight up trade would substantially benefit both clubs if they weren’t in the same division.

  11. David, Jr.

    I believe that Montero’s value is being overrated here.

    If Martin is signed to a long term deal, that is a slam dunk sign that despite their for public b.s., the Yankees don’t believe that he is a starting catcher.

    He also doesn’t look like somebody that can play another position. That would make him a young DH, maybe combined with some backup C.

    If they trade him, the best shot is part of a package to an offense starved, pitching rich AL team. Maybe Oakland?

  12. Stu B

    @polargirl: I think you’re overrating Yankees prospects relative to those of other teams. Matt Moore is perhaps the most advanced and polished pitching prospect in baseball, as evidenced by his late-season and postseason performance. And Belt’s minor league numbers are much better than Smoak’s, and he projects to be a superior major league hitter. Montero’s a great prospect as well, but Moore’s more valuable as a lefty pitcher, and Montero’s not different enough than Belt to make it worthwhile for the Giants to trade for Montero.

  13. Chuck

    “and Montero’s not different enough than Belt”

    Excuse me?

    There’s a significant difference.

    At the beginning of the season, Montero was ranked anywhere from third to fifth in the various prospect rankings, behind Mike Trout and Bryce Harper.

    He was also ranked the top Triple A prospect.

    Baseball America recently ranked him as the FIFTH best prospect in the International League, and twelfth overall in AAA.

    The shine is off, time to look at him as what he is, a one dimensional player who can’t hit 20 homers in AAA.

    Montero is not going to hit .300 in the majors. He is not going to hit 30-40 homers. He is not going to be the next Mike Piazza.

    Brandon Belt is a good baserunner, has a solid throwing arm, and is a plus defender.

    Montero is none of these.

  14. Bill Schwartz

    Why would the Yankees even consider such a stupid trade???

  15. TheClambelly

    Ummm, not if we have to give up Gardner. Frankly, I wouldn’t feel too good about losing Nuñez either.

  16. wd

    Yankees should not trade Montero.

  17. Anonymous

    I would balk at trading Nova.

  18. elnegritoboricua

    It appears some peoples logic comes from where some writer visualize them on a list of prospects. Montero proved he has power to both sides of the field during the final stretch of the season when games count. He came into the games during important moments and got the at bats. I’m not saying hes fully proven himself at the professional level but if the end of the season was a sample of the power and talent he has, he will hit 30-40 homers, be an rbi machine and bat over .300.

  19. Steve

    The prices being suggested here are much too high for the Yanks. Tim L has been a great pitcher but he’s shown vulnerable signs in recent years. Coming to the AL will only be tougher. Nova and Hughes can win as many games as Tim L and have in the American League. On top of them or one of them, throw in Montero and Nunez, along with another pitching process. That’s ho ho ho Christmas early

  20. Yankees Aruba

    Are you crazy men? 4 top players for Tim???? No way Jose.

  21. wise guy

    are you out or your mind? we are not willing to trade,montero,bunuelos,betances,or nova .get rid of aj, huges or romine,but you imaging a rotacion of, cc,nova,betances,bunuelos and garcia with montero catching,waooooo

  22. Stu B

    @wise guy: That rotation with Montero catching is good enough to fall short of the World Series again.

  23. zappo777


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