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Doc’s Plan to Fix the Mets, A-Rod and Canseco, Rollins and Mets

By Mike Silva ~ October 12th, 2011. Filed under: Morning Digest.

Hey, the fans have their say, why not former Mets?

Doc Gooden chimed in on what the Mets should do via Twitter last night. He said that “if he were GM” he would sign Jose Reyes, trade Jason Bay for A.J. Burnett or another pitcher, and send 4 prospects to Seattle for Felix Hernandez. He also doesn’t want to see them move the Citi Field fences in.

If I was the GM this is what I would try 2 do sign Reyes move Bay for Burnett even trade or bay 4 another pitcher,top 4 prospects 4 ….Wed Oct 12 02:01:08 via Twitter for iPhone

King Felix… Leave the fences alone … Then a couple tweaks to the rosterWed Oct 12 02:01:58 via Twitter for iPhone

There are rumors that Mets assistant GM J.P. Ricciardi is a candidate for the Orioles vacant GM position. Perhaps Sandy Alderson can interview Doc for the position if Ricciardi leaves


So Jimmy Rollins two main suitors are the Mets and Giants? Since when are the Mets even interested?

Remember when I wrote about Rollins latent New York envy and how he wants to play here? Sounds like I may not have been all that off.

Rollins is a broken down middle infielder entering his age 33 season. He doesn’t play defense all that well anymore or get on base at a high clip. All he does well is pop the occasional home run and shoot his mouth.

If Reyes leaves, then the shortstop job should go to Ruben Tejada. He isn’t close to Jimmy Rollins in his prime, but Jimmy Rollins isn’t Jimmy Rollins in his prime anymore. Tejada is a young and steady shortstop that has the potential to be at the position for a long time.

The Mets only significant free agent push this offseason will be Jose Reyes. If he leaves, then it will be value signings and short-term deals.

Signing Rollins is the kind of mistake you would see the prior regime make.

The Mets aren’t Jimmy Rollins retirement annuity.


The postmortem regarding the Yankees ALDS loss continued on WFAN yesterday. Joe Girardi appeared on the show and discussed the small sample size of the postseason. Mike Francesa continued to cite On Base Percentage (sounds like someone watched Moneyball with their wife recently), and callers debated Alex Rodriguez‘s inability to score on Jorge Posada‘s fourth inning single in Game 5.

Francesa talked about how “beat up” A-Rod was, and how he had no intention of scoring from the crack of the bat. Knowing all the lower body issues that Rodriguez has suffered the past three years you wonder what the next six years will yield. How about the final years of Jose Canseco‘s career?

Yes, I understand that A-Rod is a better athlete than Canseco. We know both did steroids, but we don’t know if A-Rod did it to the level of Canseco.

Canseco hit 34 home runs and drove in 95 runs for Tampa Bay in 1999 at the age of 34. That was only in 113 games. The next year he played 98 games and hit 15 homers and drove in 49 runs. The Yankees actually acquired Canseco mid-season. He would play 76 games for the White Sox in 2001 and hit 16 homers and drive in 49 runs.

Again, I understand that A-Rod is a far better player than Canseco ever was, but Jose turned into a player that basically hit home runs and that’s it. Can’t you see A-Rod turning into that, especially if he can’t play the field on a consistent basis?

100 games, 15 -20 homers, and 50 RBI for $30 million dollars.

Hopefully, the memorobilia tour yields a better return for the Yanks


Tim McCarver returned to the FOX booth last night for Game 3 and you already missed Terry Francona.

Amazing how Francona’s success stemmed from him being himself… what a novel idea that often eludes many in media.

To read my thoughts on Francona in the FOX booth go to Sports Media Watchdog.


Prince Fielder discussed his free agency in September while the Brewers were wrapping up the division title. Ryan Braun discussed last week how Jose Reyes could be a fit for the team if Fielder leaves. K-Rod let everyone know the other day he is ok with returning to the Mets after the season.

Can someone remind the Brewers they are playing in the NLCS?

How do you think that makes other teammates feel that you are yapping about other players and your impending free agency while there is still work to be done.

You don’t hear the Cardinals worried about such matters. That is why they are going to take the series.


Unless K-Rod is willing to take a 1-year value deal for $5 million dollars I don’t see a fit with the Mets. Personally, I would go after a Matt Capps, Jonathan Broxton, or Joe Nathan before K-Rod Part Deux.


The Yankees have drafted some of the best prospects in all of baseball this last 6 years. Damon Oppenheimer is the amateur scouting director during that time. Jon Heyman of SI reports that Oppenheimer is being considered for the Angels vacant GM position.

The Yanks pay Gene Michael big bucks to stay on as a consultant. They paid to keep him away from Boston in the late 90s. Will the Yankees do the same to keep Oppenheimer around?

You can like or dislike the Yankees drafting the last six years, you can’t they have built assets that are in demand in the trade market and potentially could fill important positions on the roster. The guy who is responsible for it could be on the verge of leaving. I would think the Yankees do what they can to keep him around.

Does an Oppenheimer take the Yankees greenbacks and stay put or go to the left-coast and take over the Angels?

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3 Responses to Doc’s Plan to Fix the Mets, A-Rod and Canseco, Rollins and Mets

  1. Brien Jackson

    Um…Lance Berkman was just talking about his free agency a week or so ago. My guess is…and stay with me because this is really crazy, I know…being *professional* baseball players these guys are all aware of the reality of contracts and such, and that such things probably don’t have much of an impact on how the team actually plays.

  2. Benny


    One name I do not hear mentioned for the Angels job and who I feel would be great GM based on his track record is Gerry Hunsicker who is right now working in the Devil Rays organization. Guy was successful with the Mets, successful with the Astros and has been instrumental in the Rays success. This is a younger Pat Gillick. Why is it you do not hear his name mentioned for open jobs?

  3. Mike Silva


    If I remember correctly Hunsicker wants to stay close to his family - for some reason I believe that is why he didn’t interview for the Mets job last year…

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