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Yanks Would Be Interested in Colby Rasmus

By Frank Russo ~ July 15th, 2011. Filed under: Rumor Mill.

I found out yesterday the Yankees would be interested in Cardinals outfielder Colby Rasmus if St. Louis elected to deal him. Rasmus is someone that could be a long term replacement if they decided not to re-sign Nick Swisher this offseason. He wouldn’t play centerfield for the Yankees, but he does have some corner experience. It’s been long reported that Cards manager Tony LaRussa hasn’t always been the biggest fan of the five tool outfielder.

MLB Trade Rumors reported the other day the Cardinals might be willing to deal Rasmus for a “significant return.” This probably means a deal that undoubtedly require one of the Killer B’s as the centerpiece. Apparently, Tampa had serious talks with St. Louis about a Rasmus for Jeremy Hellickson deal last season.

I have no idea what the Cardinals would want from the Yankees if such talks would transpire. Could Brett Gardner be part of a Rasmus deal? He could replace Rasmus in centerfield and leadoff in the Cardinals lineup. Perhaps you could entice the Cardinals to accept Andrew Brackman and someone like Hector Noesi or Adam Warren as well. That probably isn’t the significant haul John Mozeliak was talking about. I have my doubts the Cardinals and Yankees would ever be able to come together on a reasonable deal. I would believe differently if Walk Jocketty were still the GM.

Passing Thoughts

We were talking about Yankees interest in K-Rod for a while so it should be no surprise that discussions between the Mets and Yanks were revealed in the mainstream media after he was traded to Milwaukee. The Yankees didn’t think having two emotional relievers(K-Rod and Soriano) at the end of the game was good for their club. Give Jed Weisberger credit who continued to tweet the lack of Yankees interest in K-Rod.

There were also reports about the Yankees and Rockies discussing Ubaldo Jimenez. I found out that Colorado was looking for a deal along the lines of Jesus Montero and two of the Killer B’s. Montero, Banuelos, and Betances is a very expensive package the Yankees will not give up for the Colorado ace. It seems like a moot point as Troy Renck of the Denver Post believes Jimenez isn’t going anywhere.

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13 Responses to Yanks Would Be Interested in Colby Rasmus

  1. Michael Maggi


    Doubt very much Brian Cashman is going to do anything significant at this deadline. Maybe a small bench move like a Jeff Keppinger. If Soriano comes back strong and Romero fills the LOOGY void they have been looking for, then the bullpen is fine. Can’t imagine there will be anything available for the rotation that is better than what they already have. If Colon goes down, they can just recall Nova. Doubt Cash will be involved with any big bats given how many teams are looking for an offensive upgrade. Probably will be a quiet deadline for the Yankees. Your thoughts?

  2. Frank Russo


    I agree. If Colon continues to pitch like the last two starts, you might see Caahman doing something, but I just don’t think so. I would love to get another top flight starter, but I think Cashman is going to turn down anything that includes the “Killer B’s” unless somthing falls into his lap. There is no Cliff Lee this year and King Felix is going nowhere so how can Cashman really upgrade there. Nunez has been horrible defensivly.

    And can I ask one question. When you are down two runs to the Blue Jays, why do you bring in Sergio Mitre? This guy makes me long for Ed Whitson. God is he terrible.

  3. Michael Maggi


    Sergio Mitre to Joe Girardi = Tanyon Sturtze to Joe Torre. Both suck and the manager loves them for some reason. They also have to do something about Logan, he is killing them. Rasmus would be a good addition but not at the cost of any of Montero, Romine, Sanchez, Betances, or Banuelos. For Jimenez, I’d surrender a package of say; Montero, Betances, Noesi, and one more prospect like a Warren or Phelps. But I’m not giving up Banuelos AND Betances or even just Banuelos. Jimenez is a solid pitcher but he’s still not in the class of a Josh Johnson or Felix Hernandez. And I still think Banuelos has a chance to be a pre-Mets version of Johan Santana.

  4. Stu B

    “When you are down two runs to the Blue Jays, why do you bring in Sergio Mitre?”

    Who else do they have? You can’t use Rivera or Robertson in that spot, and nobody else is any better than Mitre.

    “I still think Banuelos has a chance to be a pre-Mets version of Johan Santana.”

    With a WHIP of nearly 1.5 and just a 2-1 K to walk ratio in AAA? I still think that if pigs had wings, they’d have a chance to fly!

  5. Frank Russo


    Your missing my point here. My point about Mitre is, he should not even be on the freaking team. He is terrible……period! Everytime he comes in he gives it up. That’ why the Yanks still need some help in the bullpen.

  6. Michael Maggi


    Banuelos is just 20 years old. Many 20 year olds struggle with command. He just has to put the stuff together. You sound like the typical spoiled Yankee fan that gives up on prospects if they aren’t putting up 10-yr veteran superstar numbers on Day 1. And to Frank’s point, Mitre is not a major league pitcher. I would have stuck with Pendleton before re-signing Mitre.

  7. Frank Russo


    Stu is a Mets fan…and a fair one at that!

  8. Michael Maggi

    I don’t know Frank, the buzz now seems to be heating up about a possible Jimenez to the Yankees deal. Seems Cash may give up Montero and try to stay away from the two killer B’s and push a 5-for-1 Montero, Nova, Warren or Phelps and two other prospects for Jimenez deal. I suspect at the end of the day he will have to substitute Betances for Nova. But I don’t think he will have to give up both Betances and Banuelos. Would you do a Montero, Betances, Warren, Nunez for Jimenez and Ty Wigginton deal?

  9. Stu B

    Thanks Frank, I consider that a compliment!

  10. Chuck Johnson

    I’m sorry, but the Rockies aren’t trading Ubaldo Jimenez. Just another example of a blogger trying for his fifteen minutes of fame.

    Two years ago Buster Olney thought it a good idea to make up the Pujols for Howard deal because he was apparently bored.

    We know how that turned out.

    Rasmus for Warren and Brandon Laird?

    Rasmus for Gardner and Brackman?

    Where do I sign…

  11. Michael Maggi


    Doubt either of those Rasmus proposals gets it done. Cards will want one of the “untouchables”

  12. Chuck Johnson

    Rasmus is good, Michael.

    He ain’t that good.

  13. Michael Maggi


    I agree with you on Rasmus. Unfortunately, we are now in the era of “I expect a king’s ransom to move any players” mentality among many GMs. Whatever happened to an equitable trade for both teams. When did trading turn into a game of one GM trying to rip the other one off?

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