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Best Yankees Lefty Might Be in Florida

By Mike Silva ~ April 5th, 2011. Filed under: Mets Minors, New York Yankees.

While the Yankees complained this weekend about the Mets sending them “damaged goods” in Pedro Feliciano, there was a lefty that appeared healthy and effective on display. Unfortunately, former Yankees prospect Michael Dunn was lighting up the radar gun for the Marlins instead of coming out of the Yankees bullpen.

If you remember Dunn was part of the Javier Vazquez deal that has blown up in Brian Cashman’s face. Atlanta flipped him to Florida in the Dan Uggla deal this winter. Last year Dunn showed an electric 95 mph fastball, but lacked command walking nearly a batter per inning. Still, the opposition didn’t make much contact off him so Atlanta included him on their postseason roster.

Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez called on Dunn opening night to pitch to Josh Thole. Terry Collins countered with Jerry Hairston, who mashes lefties, but Dunn was able to strike him out in a big spot. The following night he did give up a double to Willie Harris, but struck out the side to limit the tenth inning damage. He didn’t demonstrate any of the control issues that plagued him a year ago. Dunn also gets right handed hitters out equally as well as lefties, so he isn’t your traditional LOOGY. That is something that Feliciano has failed to do throughout most of his career.

One of the issues with the Yankees is left handed relievers. Since Damaso Marte went down its been Boone Logan (also in the Vazquez deal) or bust. Right now the only other lefty on the 40 man is Steve Garrison and Jose Ortegano, who started for Gwinnett last year.

The Yankees think Pedro Feliciano is treatable. Hearing there is pain behind the shoulder makes me wonder if he’s headed to a lost 2011. You would think acquiring a situational lefty is doable in season, but Brian Cashman needed one last year and it didn’t happen. Teams know there is a premium on pitching, and will hold the Yankees up accordingly.

One sleeper candidate could be former Royal Andy Sisco, who was in camp this spring. Sisco pitched to a 3.11 ERA and a strikeout per inning for the Kansas City bullpen in 2005, but hasn’t been the same since Tommy John surgery. He’s no Feliciano as lefties have a decent .264 ERA against him during his career.

If you remember, the lack of a second lefty killed them in the ALCS against Texas last year. Apparently, even after spending $8 million dollars on Feliciano this winter, this still is the case.

They could sure use that kid down in Florida they threw in the deal for Javier Vazquez.

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5 Responses to Best Yankees Lefty Might Be in Florida

  1. Rick

    I think you’re jumping the gun here Mike. Although you’re 100% right that the Vasquez deal couldn’t have been worse for Cashman, Dunn hasn’t proven anything and Feliciano has an excellent track record against lefties.

    If Feliciano can’t get healthy this year and Dunn proves to be a consistent lefty specialist- then you certainly have a case. But I need more than 1.1 innings out of Dunn before I can fully agree with you.

    I do think it’s important that whoever the Yankee specialist(s) is this year, they’re on their A game. The Red Sox and Twins have big time lefty hitters that the Yanks are going to have to get out in tight spots later this year.

  2. Stu B

    “the Yankees complained this weekend about the Mets sending them “damaged goods” in Pedro Feliciano.”

    The Yankees complaining as such implies that the Mets had some control over where Feliciano went, as they would in a trade. But this was a free agent signing, in which Feliciano and the Yankees chose each other, and the Mets weren’t involved.

  3. Luis Ayala


    My names Luis Ayala.

    I’m actually on the Yankee’s 40 man roster. I just appeared in I believe my second game. Unless I jut appeared in my first game and the other time I am thinking about was opening day when I got to trout out to the foul line during the opening ceremonies as the other lefty in the bullpen.

    Thats for paying attention.

    Especially to me.

  4. Stu B

    Nice try, whoever’s masquerading as Ayala, but his being a righty make your BS rather transparent.

  5. Stu B

    Nice try, whoever’s masquerading as Ayala, but his being a righty makes your BS rather transparent.

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