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Yanks Had No Interest in Aceves

By Frank Russo ~ February 10th, 2011. Filed under: Digest Contributors.

Despite the need for more pitching depth, Tampa sources told me the Yankees had “no interest” in Alfredo Aceves, who signed a 650k deal with Boston. As a matter of fact, an offer wasn’t even made.

Some in the organization believe the back problems from last year will prevent Aceves from ever regaining his form. Hard to believe the Yanks wouldn’t have matched the Boston deal otherwise. In 2009 he was 10-1 with a 3.54 ERA out of the bullpen. It will be hard pressed to fill that role as effectively with the group that is reporting to camp.

Passing Thoughts

Glad to hear Joba Chamberlain looks to be in better shape this season. However,all this talk about him installing a gym in his home makes me wonder when Joba signed up to be on “The Biggest Loser.”

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9 Responses to Yanks Had No Interest in Aceves

  1. Michael Maggi


    What are you hearing on the Francisco Liriano front or other starters for the Yanks?

  2. Frank Russo


    Lariano is off the table. Cashman is continuing to look for options via trade.I was told that there is an errie calm settling over the Yankees right now, and that there is a huge suspicion that Cashman is trying to do somthing big. There are heavy rumors that Chris Carpenter will be available or possibly Wainright. There are reports that the Yanks are still interested in Millwood and Washburn. Lowe id still available as well.

  3. Russ

    Just speculating here, but Joba being in better shape and having a big time spring could be huge towards a potential Liriano trade.

    The Twins have two obvious holes they need to fill. One is in the bullpen with Nathan an injury question mark and their having lost Guerrier, Crain & Rousch to free agency. The second is in the infield. Casilla at short is not very good, Valencia came out of nowhere and is no sure thing to play as well as he did in the 2nd half last year. As those who saw Kaz Matsui will attest to, the Japanese infielder is a total crap shoot.

    So, the Yankees match up very well with the Twins for a Liriano deal. A package of Nunez, Laird, Joba and someone like Phelps or Mitchell (or if they insist Noesi, Warren or Nova) could get a deal done.

    Joba could step right in, as insurance if Nathan gets hurt and Capps has to close. Nunez would compete with Casilla for the SS job or even with Nishioka if he’s not as advertised. Laird provides an option if Valencia is a flash in the pan (I’m kind of shocked the Yankees haven’t traded Laird this off season when his value is possibly at it’s peak) and the Twins always love getting good young pitching prospects.

    My main concern is that the Twins would be unreasonable and look to break the bank on a Liriano deal to make up for the beating they took in the Santana trade.

    Montero is not a factor in this deal, partly because of Mauer and partly because the Yankees seem committed to making him a central piece of their future. The only way I see the Twins asking for him is if they think Morneau is going to still have issues with post concussion syndrome and they view Montero as a possible 1B option (or DH with Thome at 1B). At this point, unless Felix, Wainwright, Josh Johnson or one of the Dodgers kids (Kershaw and maybe Billingsly) become available I just don’t see anyone out there who the Yanks would part with Montero for. Of course, if Martin returns to form and can hold down the fort for 2 years AND Gary Sanchez rockets through the system, then maybe that opens up more Montero options but that’s a long shot. I just don’t see them moving him for Liriano, Danks, Haren, Buehrle, Dempster or a Carpenter type with all the other prospects they have at their disposal.

    If the Braves fall out of it early, could Tim Hudson become available? Does anyone know how long is left on his deal and for how much?

  4. Mike Silva

    Great post Russ

    Hudson has 3 years at $9 million per (2013 is a club option) - very reasonable, that is why I don’t see Atlanta trading him.

    Your point on Joba is well taken, he pitches well, perhaps teams, who have been bearish on him, change their mind. It will take more than spring training, they will have to see it in the regular season. I am not sure he accomplishes that in the bullpen.

  5. Stu B

    But with both Nathan and Capps, the Twins are not desparate enough for relief help that they’d deal Liriano to get it.

  6. Frank Russo

    Stu is right….right now the Twins are not looking for bullpen help.

  7. Michael Maggi


    Any reason why the Yankees haven’t announced the Andruw Jones signing yet? Also, do you think Cashman will make a trade between now and P&C first workout on Tuesday? If so, who do you think it will be?

  8. Stu B

    On a completely unrelated matter, why does this site generate so many annoying popups? Do those advertisers really think anyone pays attention to and buys stuff from their ads?

  9. Russ

    On the non-announcement of Andruw Jones…

    The reason they have not formally announced it yet, Michael is that they have no room on the 40 man roster right now. So, rather than dropping someone and risking losing someone, they are waiting until Monday when spring training formally begins to do it. That way, Damaso Marte can be put on the 60 day DL which would clear a roster spot for Jones.

    The rules are that they can’t put a guy on the DL until spring training actually starts. So, I’d expect Jones to be formally signed by some point in the middle of next week.

    While they haven’t publicly said this is the reason, it is most likely. It also can involve Jones not living in the US, and this way he didn’t have to fly in to sign his deal and can wait until he has to be here to physically sign on the dotted line.

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