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Rumor: Yanks Do Have Serious Interest in Crawford

By Frank Russo ~ December 4th, 2010. Filed under: Rumor Mill.

We are just hours away from the beginning of the Winter Meetings so let’s start it off with some rumblings from Tampa.

In talking to our main Yankee source, the meeting between the Yankees and Carl Crawford is more than exploratory. Right now there is a feeling that Crawford may prefer to play in a more laid back environment (Anaheim, Texas), versus the cauldron of New York or Boston. The Yanks continue to keep tabs on Jayson Werth as well. Our source does not believe Cliff Lee will prevent the Yankees from acquiring a bat, although it will lead to a trade of one of their current outfielders. He does expect Cashman to make a “full court press” for Lee this week.

The just recently non tendered Bobby Jenks is also drawing interest from the Yankees. Add him to the Grant Balfour, Jason Frasor, Kevin Gregg, and Scott Downs list as possible relievers the Yankees are interested in signing. Obviously Jenks, unlike the others, has extensive experience closing ballgames for the White Sox. I think he would be a great fit.

Speaking of relievers, the speculation that Boston offered Mariano Rivera a three year contract is indeed true. Rivera, unlike Bernie Williams in ’98, couldn’t see himself wearing a Red Sox uniform. What the offer to Rivera does mean is that Boston is looking to move Jonathan Papelbon due to a big arbitration payday looming ahead.

As reported elsewhere, the Yankees were looking to deal Francisco Cervelli to the Dodgers for Russell Martin. They continue to have interest in Martin who they see as someone that could be useful if the need to bring Jesus Montero along a bit slower than expected.

The Yankees are also “shaking their heads” at the light package San Diego just received for Adrian Gonzalez. It makes me wonder if Jed Hoyer was more interested in helping his buddy Theo Epstein than obtaining the best deal possible. Our source wasn’t impressed with any of the Sox prospects, including the much hyped Casey Kelly.

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9 Responses to Rumor: Yanks Do Have Serious Interest in Crawford

  1. John

    I hope the Padres enjoy the pencil shavings they got from the Red Sox.

  2. Michael Maggi

    Frank, what about George Sherrill as the 2nd lefty out of the pen? Also, what other bats might interest the Yanks if they don’t land Crawford or Werth? Justin Upton? Colby Rasmus?

  3. Stu B

    What did they expect the Padres to get for a guy with only 1 year left on his contract?

  4. Frank

    If the Red Sox are looking to move on from Papelbon its because they feel Bard is ready to be closer. Why would they pay $20 million in additional costs for a guy thats likely to give up, at most, 20 additional runs over the next two seasons (the difference in earned runs for 2010 was 4 - with Bard also throwing an additional 14 innings more than Rivera). That they offered Rivera a deal was just to allow Rivera’s agent to demand more money from the Yankees.

  5. Kill-schill

    Hey Frank, you abrasive buffoon, did you see the front page of today’s Daily News? As a Republican, you should be proud. Maybe, Randy will take you yachting if you genuflect before the GOP shrine enough times. In any case, who cares about your political allegiances? No wonder no one can suffer to listen to you. You have all the tact and wit of a blunt mallet.

  6. Frank Russo


    The Yankees asked about Sherrill when he was with Baltimore, but Angelos refused to deal with the Yankees. I think they will talk to his agent to see what they want. I know they like him. As far as a bat, I can see them looking to make some kind of trade for a corner outfielder if either Crawford or Werth sign elsewhere. Your guess is as good as mine right now, although I know that they love Justin Upton, although the asking price will be high.

  7. Mike Silva


    You have emerged from hiding, glad to see you return. Why must you resort to a personal attack on Frank? First, I was disappointed (and felt left out) that there wasn’t a shot at me for “Yankee hating.” Are you losing your touch? Can’t you criticize Frank for baseball and not politics? Personal attacks usual lead to trouble in comments sections, you know that.

  8. John

    Mr. Russo:

    Thanks for using my pencil shavings statement on the radio show.

  9. Frank Russo


    Anytime! I think it was one of the best lines I have heard in recent memory! Great job by you for coming up with that one!

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