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Analysis on Jordany Valdespin

By Mike Silva ~ November 10th, 2010. Filed under: Mets Minors, Mike Silva.

Yesterday Michael Baron pointed out on Metsblog that Jordany Valdespin was tearing up the Arizona Fall League. On Sunday, NYBD contributor Joe Delgrippo joined me on the podcast to discuss his week covering the AFL. Valdespin was one of the players he was able to watch quite a bit. Here were his thoughts:

Valdespin I was pretty amazed at his ability. He turned on a 99 mph fastball last night (Saturday’s All Star Game) from Jeffress and he could really hit the ball. He has to have the mental capacity to stay in the game at bat to at bat and ground ball to ground ball. I’ve seen him nonchalant ground balls at second base. I have also seen him turn really good double plays. He’s got a tremendous throwing arm and he is worked pretty hard here. When he keeps his head in the game he’s really pretty good. He’s kind of a similar game to Jose Reyes. He’s got that ability, and that speed, and everything when he gets on the bases. He’s also got that little bit of a cockiness attitude and sort of like he doesn’t play every single play to the best of his abilities. That could affect him.

He looked really bad in an at bat last night. He came up in a situation with men on and a chance to kind of blow it open, but he failed and it was just because his feet were moving too much in the batter’s box. Similar to Mickey Rivers. Mickey Rivers use to have that major footwork in the batter’s box and not hit the same way every time. He had that type of attitude. If he puts it all together in his head he could be pretty good and could be a force within a year or so at second base for the Mets.

He showed pretty good range last night and moved his feet well to get in front of the ball, whereas the day before he kind of nonchalanted the ball on the backhand side and kind of flipped it over like Robinson Cano does. If he puts it together in his head the way Cano did the last few years, then he could be a pretty good player and a force with the Mets. If he doesn’t do that it he will be another type of guy that had all the potential in the world, but didn’t put it together on the field.

Back in April of 2009 Valdespin was suspended for an undisclosed off the field incident. There has been some questions about his character, and as Delgrippo pointed out, he doesn’t seem to have the mental side of the game down.

Right now you want to be a second base prospect for the Mets. Luis Castillo is about to be eliminated, Daniel Murphy is a huge question mark, and Reese Havens can’t stay healthy. Even if Alderson and company decide to sign Orlando Hudson I can’t see that as anymore than a one year stopgap. Valdespin is 22 years old so 2011 is a pivotal year in his development. Remember, six year minor league free agency is right around the corner.

In case you are wondering Valdespin, in 19 games as of this morning, is hitting .355 with 1 homer, 11 RBI, 7 SB’s, and an .848 OPS in the Arizona Fall League.

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