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What to Make of Dillon Gee

By Mike Silva ~ September 8th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Mets.

It’s inevitable that some will get excited about last night’s performance by Dillon Gee and pencil him into the 2011 rotation. For as great Gee was, let’s remember this was a pitcher with an ERA near five, and a WHIP of 1.3 for AAA Buffalo. Gee was, by no means, dominant during his AAA stint, but he did put up some interesting peripherals.

Despite an ERA of 4.96, nearly 10 hits per nine innings, and 23 homers allowed, Gee struck out 9.2 batters per nine innings and walked 2.3. The fact that he misses bats and doesn’t allow runners to earn free passes certainly will work in his favor in the big leagues. In comparison Mike Pelfrey has struck out 5 batters per nine innings and walked 3.1, despite possessing a mid nineties fastball.

Of course, the peripherals dropped in this start as he struck out 5 and walked 3. You could chalk it up to first game jitters, or more likely to the fact he is facing big league hitters. In effect he gave the Mets a Mike Pelfrey type start last night.

The point? There is no reason to discount Gee, he might be an interesting swing starter in 2011, or at worst a number five. I wouldn’t go crazy after one start, let’s see what he’s got, but he certainly could be an interesting piece for next season.

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3 Responses to What to Make of Dillon Gee

  1. Tommy2cat

    Gee is a quality starter who practices the craft of pitching. Telltale signs are his ability to keep hitters off-balance, holding runners on, giving up a dinger when it doesn’t matter and dialing it up against Adam Dunn, challenging the hitter at his strength and beating him.

    I’ve known about Gee for 3 years and was very much looking forward to this day.

  2. 86mets

    It’s not hard to keep hitters on a last place team off balance, just ask anyone who has pitched against the Mets the last 2 months. The Nats aren’t exactly the Yankees or Rangers at the dish. Let’s see what he can do against a better lineup. Of course, we probably won’t find out since this is apparently a one and done start for him because 168 innings must be his limit. What’s it going to hurt to let a guy who’s a 5th starter at best make a couple more starts to see what he can do? If he gets hurt the Mets really haven’t lost that much and if he stays healthy and pitches well then they have a back end starter candidate for 2011.

  3. HW

    Yeah Gee showed what he’s got!! For all the negative Met’s bloggers who didn’t give this kid a chance, well, has he changed your mind some now?? No he does not throw 97, but can dial it up to 94!! Carried a no-no into the 6th on his debut. Toby Hyde said he it might be ugly if he got the call. Still, how many fastball strikes, how many pitches per inning, how bout pitching to contact, no fear!! And yet, the Nationals leading the majors in batting average since August even over american league teams with the dh. Gee shut down an offense that had been red hot up to that game facing him. If the met’s don’t want him, we will take him back here in Texas.

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