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More Pitching Options for Mets

By Mike Silva ~ June 17th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Mets.

As the Mets continue to defy the experts and play well, the possibility they will be buyers at the trade deadline increases. It’s no secret that another starting pitcher would be desirable to help the big three of Santana, Pelfrey, and Niese. We have talked endlessly to date about Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, and to a lesser extent, Francisco Carmona, Jake Westbrook, and Kevin Millwood. Another name that ESPN’s Buster Olney mentioned this morning was Ben Sheets.

I was proponent of signing Sheets as a low risk/high reward free agent the last two off-season’s. Injuries derailed him in 2009 and this year he got off to a miserable start (5.00 ERA and 1.7 WHIP in April). The disturbing part was Sheets strikeout rate was below five which made me wonder if he was not yet healthy. Sheets indicated he was tipping pitches and performed a little better in May (4.84 ERA 1.3 WHIP). The strikeout rate returned to over one per inning, however June to date seems to be yielding similar results as April.

The thought of Sheets before the emergence of Takahashi and R.A Dickey would be enticing, but now he seems no better than what they have. Olney indicates the Mets are more interested in acquiring someone that will cost money instead of prospects. Sheets falls into that category as he was signed to a 1 year/$10 million dollar deal by Oakland so they would be on the hook for about half that come the deadline.

One name not mentioned that could become available is Brett Myers. Yes, I know that name makes some Mets fans cringe (his off the field behavior has been despicable at times), but he was solid for the Phillies and costs half of what Sheets would in terms of dollars (1 year $5.1 million). There is a mutual option for 2011, but with a buyout of $2 million on his deal. This essentially makes him the same cost as Sheets. To date he is having a bounce back year for Houston going 4-4 with a 3.18 ERA, 1.3 WHIP.

If Oswalt, Lee, or Haren are too expensive in terms of prospects then perhaps Brett Myers is better than any of the other options I have heard to date, including Ben Sheets.

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3 Responses to More Pitching Options for Mets

  1. Patrick

    ick, Brett Myers. That makes me feel gross inside.

  2. RonOK

    Of all the names in your post, Haren would be my first choice.

    And for all the talk of addressing the starting rotation — which does need help — we cannot forget the bullpen …. It’s starting to feel like September, 2008 where the Mets need to outscore their bullpen each night if they are wto win.

    Nieve and Igarashi have been banished …. Meija is just not a major league ready pitcher IMO …. Dessens/Feliciano in the 8th? The KROD tightrope?

    This team needs to adrees the entire staff and they need to do so ASAP …. making changes now …. waiting until late July wastes the next 6 weeks of production from any new acquisitions.

  3. acoustic567

    I, too, would prefer Haren. He’s the only one that I would be willing to package some serious prospects for. Given what Cliff Lee is likely to command as a FA, it makes little sense to give up a boatload of prospects for him rather than wait until the offseason. Haren, by contrast, is under contract for a couple of more years.

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