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Yanks Looking for Relief Help, Bat

By Frank Russo ~ June 8th, 2010. Filed under: Rumor Mill.

Our main Yankees source down in Tampa informed us on Tuesday morning that the team has had second thoughts in regards to the bullpen, and are having internal discussions in regards to acquiring possible help in that area.

“Because of the Aceves injury, (he’s out indefinitely), they’re looking at both short and long relief help. If anything, they will look to bring up some arms from Scranton, and if all else fails, they’ll look to see what’s available via trade.”

One other note on the bullpen. If you are reading this column, and you are a card carrying member of the “Disciples of Joba,” have no fear. Joba’s role as Mariano’s primary set-up man is safe as a kitten, to quote paraphrase former NYBD poster Giuseppe Franco.  Our source reaffirmed that, “The team is in no way looking to bring in another pitcher to replace Chamberlain as the 8th inning guy.”

We were also told that the Yanks are still having discussions regarding acquiring another “veteran bat” to help shore up the bench.  Our source told us the following. “They’re discussing bringing in a right handed power bat, although nothing is set in stone. If a quality lefty bat falls into their lap, I can see them pulling the trigger on a deal, like they did with Hinske last season.”

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3 Responses to Yanks Looking for Relief Help, Bat

  1. Andrew Yankees Fan

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Hinske back with the yanks. I think they made a mistake in letting him go in the first place. I guess Atlanta probably won’t trade him though.

  2. Frank Russo


    I totally agree with you. Hinke was a great addition and a fantastic teammate. He was versatile as well as being a very good power bat off the bench. I think Cashman screwed up big time by not resigning both Hinske and Hairston Jr. I don’t think Atlanta is going to trade him now. He’s getting a lot of AB’s with Atlanta and Bobby Cox likes what he brings to the table. Hinske is a winner, period! I don’t know about you, but Cashman makes me crazy with the way he handles the bench every year.

  3. Andrew Yankee Fan

    Yeah constructing a bench is defintely not one of Cashman’s strengths. It’s been like since about 2003.
    I liked Hinkse because for a bench player, it does not get much better than him. An average to perhaps an above average hitter who play the corners is a very valuable bench piece.
    I do not think Hairston Jr. was necessary to resign. Ramiro Pena fills his role pretty well. I was on board actually with guys at Nomaas and thought they should’ve signed Reed Johnson. Reed’s having a pretty good year and is hitting lefities well (something he’s always done), and he’s playing good defense according to most defensive metrics. Oh well, it what is right? It could be a lot worse though.

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