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Could the Mets Get Adrian Gonzalez?

By Mike Silva ~ March 4th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Mets.

Last spring I suggested the Mets “deal the farm” for Padres first basemen Adrian Gonzalez. The package I proposed was Jenrry Mejia, Jonathan Niese, Fernando Martinez, Daniel Murphy and Brad Holt. A rich package, no doubt, but this is a player that hit 40 homers and put up an OPS+ of 166 while playing half his game in Petco Park. Even the spacious Citi Field would play better than “the place where pets go” and we could see Gonzalez possibly reach Albert Pujols territory. When you add in age (27) and the Gold Glove this is a franchise player.

Is this a dream? Obviously the Red Sox have been hot for Gonzalez since the Winter Meetings and would have to be the prohibitive favorite. Their farm system is far superior to the Mets since they could pay the haul for Gonzalez and not be completely barren. The Wilpon’s would also have to pony up a contract along the lines of Mark Teixeira at 8 years and $180 million dollars. Both those facts make it logical the Mets are a distant second, but maybe not.

Remember that Boston has Josh Beckett hitting free agency and there are rumors that Dice-K may not be completely healthy. They already gave up a haul for Victor Martinez and may not want to give up young pitchers for another offensive player. Clay Buchholtz becomes more important if Beckett leaves via free agency. Also, the Sox are not the Yankees, and locking up Martinez and Beckett this coming offseason will not be cheap. Will they be inclined to pony up Teixeira money for Gonzalez as well?

Don’t discount the Mets prospects either. Just because the farm system lacks depth doesn’t mean the upper tiers are trash. Ike Davis, Jenrry Mejia and Fernando Martinez all are profiled as having high ceilings. With Jason Bay signed for four years the Mets outfield is getting awfully crowded. A big year from F-Mart and he all of a sudden becomes the kind of piece you can center in a blockbuster package. Davis and Mejia are solid editions as well. Do they match up with the Sox prospects? That is for Jed Hoyer, not me, to decided, but I do like their chances. In many ways the development of these kids is so important to the Mets because they could become valuable trade chips as well. You would think the Padres will do everything in their power to keep Gonzalez, a hometown boy, in San Diego. Not everyone is Joe Mauer and so far Gonzalez agent isn’t talking like there will be a hometown discount.

Jed Hoyer knows the Sox system after working under Theo Epstein. That may or may not be a good thing for the Red Sox. Just as he knows the positive, he knows the downside of these kids as well.

We all know the Mets have some glaring needs. They very well may be a pitcher and bat short, but if they can contend and July 31st roles around who knows what could happen. There is a real chance that Adrian Gonzalez will be available. Outside of Boston who can afford such an expensive deal in terms of prospects and dollars? It’s a short list that is even shorter without the Yankees involved. Spring training is a time to dream and some are more realistic than others. Reportedly the Mets already reached out to San Diego about Gonzalez. Just because there are question marks about their prospects then doesn’t mean things don’t change. Maybe Gonzalez in Citi Field isn’t all that crazy at all.

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15 Responses to Could the Mets Get Adrian Gonzalez?

  1. Daniel

    Sorry - I wouldn’t touch that trade if I were the Mets. First of all it’s too much to give up and secondly Gonzalez is only guaranteed for 1+ years and then maybe for 8 years 180M.

    I’d rather take my chances on the farm.

  2. Stu Baron

    The Padres aren’t that broke; if Gonzalez is that good, it’s not clear to me why they would cut off their nose to spite their face by trading him…

  3. SoxFan19

    Honestly Gonzalez isnt going to get tex money. he’ll be payed, but not that much. mike silva, beckett will stay, diasuke will be healthy and the sox did not give up a lot for martinez so think what you want. my team build contenders and wins championships. people want to play here and not for your terrible mets. you signed jayson bay, big freaking deal. he’ll give you more strikeouts than you paid for. have fun lying to your mets fans to make them happy and have fun being 4th best in your division and being second best to the yankees in new york for years to come

  4. acoustic567

    Any Mets deal for Adrian Gonzalez would probably have to include Ike Davis, unless San Diego has a 1B prospect I don’t know about. Davis would be a logical long-term successor to Gonzalez at 1B.

    I would never trade more than three bona fide prospects in a deal for one player, and I’d be reluctant to trade as many as three. There are too many things that can go wrong with the player you acquire. It is not a lock that Gonzalez would put up the same numbers with the Mets that he has put up with the Padres. Gonzalez’s career really began to take off when he was traded to the Padres. There’s a strong chance that he has thrived on a team that plays in perfect weather and on which there’s not too much pressure, even when they’re in playoff contention.

    Gonzalez looks great on paper, and I’d love to have him on the Mets, but I really don’t see superstar when I see him, despite the numbers. When you add in the intensity factor, I think that Teixera is a significantly better player.

  5. Stu Baron

    What are you so angry about, SoxFan19?

  6. SoxFan19

    im not angr at all. im just saying this guy doesnt have his facts straight. the red sox have guys that know what they’re talking about. we get good players, players want to be here and we win games. sorry i cant say the same for the mets

  7. Stu Baron

    Players like Jason Bay? He could have stayed there, but he chose the Mets…I think you generalize a bit too much…

  8. SoxFAN19

    jason bay had health issues (shoulders). you’ll see that come into play this year when you finish below .500.

  9. Stu Baron

    Whatever, I still you over-generalize…and speaking of health issues, how did Bill Buckner work out at 1B for you guys?

  10. SoxFAN19

    as if i havent heard bill buckner jokes. whens the last time you won a world series? ’86?? try 2004 and 2007 for the sox. its a sad thing when the marlins and braves did better than your “potential world series contentder” last year. you trade billy wagner, great deal by your dumb gm. you complain because your best outfielder has surgery. sit back and watch the red sox go to the top while the mets look up to the nationals, marlins, braves and of course phillies. i hope you have answers for roy halladay, cole hammels, ja happ, josh johnson, stephen strasburg, jason marquis and the many others that will keep your team from winning. its going to be funny watching hanley ramirez, ryan howard, chase utley, chipper jones, josh willingham and adam dunn crank homers left and right of your way below average team. the cubs will win another world series before the mets do

  11. Stu Baron

    OK, you want more recent? When is Bay’s replacement, Mike Cameron going to play a game, speaking of health issues? And the Red Sox haven’t won jack since Lowell, Ortiz, Varitek, and others stopped juicing, not to mention trading Juice King Manny!

  12. SoxFan19

    you’re an idiot. honestly just stop talking. mike cameron is starting and his injury isnt that serious. lowell never juiced, you sound stupid there, ortiz was never told what he used, invalid statement by you again, and manny is manny. not my fault the mets never made a play for him and if they did you’d praise the guy since maybe he’s bring some life to your deflating franshise. let me know when the mets make the playoffs at least or have a winning record again. you make a stadium that just hurts your best hitters’ averages (wright, beltran and reyes). but of course you think jayson bay will put 30 out of citi field like every other dumb mets fan does. johan thinks he’s the best pitcher in the nl east, last i knew roy halladay was in there. not to mention halladay did something johan couldnt do, win in the hardest division in baseball. the a.l. east

  13. Stu Baron

    I see we have a real adult here, resorting to name-calling…well I think you’re a bit naive if you don’t think those guys were on the juice…Manny served a 50-game suspension for juicing last year, thus proving the Mets correct in their apprehension, and of course Ortiz, Lowell, Varitek et al were on the stuff - why do you think Ortiz and Varitek suddenly forgot how to hit and Lowell suddenly can’t stay healthy? Get your head out of the sand, man!

  14. Mr North Jersey

    I don’t get it Soxfan19 are you actually 19 years old?

    That would go a long way in explaining your comments of the Mets playing below .500.

    We are not your rival the Yankees are. Usually the enemy of my enemy is my friend but clearly you are the exception.

    I am so happy at the Sox success especially because it takes away from the Yankees but any longtime Sox fan will tell you appreciate what you have because it wasn’t long ago that you was wondering if you would ever win a World Series.

    So be careful what you say now because it doesn’t take much to find yourself back in the cellar.

  15. Joshuahist

    The Padres have a stud 1B prospect right now. He will probably be their starting RF, but they would rather have him at 1B.

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