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There is Still One Value Starter Left

By Mike Silva ~ January 29th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, Offseason Speculation.

The Met decided to pass up on Ben Sheets, but there still is another high reward starter on the market: Chien Ming Wang. 

We talked about Wang earlier in the off season. NYBD contributor Frank Russo has been ahead of the curve on the Wang situation. As early as July he talked about the Yankees concerns regarding his shoulder, and the possibility they would non tender him. 

Yesterday, Jayson Stark of ESPN quoted Alan Nero, Wang’s agent, as saying the righty is throwing “without pain and has five or six teams seriously interested in seeing him throw.” If Wang impresses, as Sheets did, during his workout then the competition for his services might be steep. 

Some think the Dodgers may have the upper hand with Wang because of the presence of his former manager. Stark believes the Mets are skeptical because they don’t believe Wang could pitch a full season. This would be a foolish reason not to pursue the former Yankees ace. Doubly so considering John Smoltz is currently on their radar. 

If healthy, Wang has a track record of eating innings, providing quality starts, and, most importantly, winning ballgames. The Mets do have Luis Castillo up the middle, but Wang was able to survive the range of Derek Jeter a majority of his career. When he is on, Wang may not strike out a ton of hitters, but his “bowling ball” sinker forces hitters to pound everything into the dirt. At Citi Field he could be a perfect fit. 

It’s going to require an investment to land Wang. There have been some reports of a two year deal requested by Nero. This would make sense for the team as well, since Wang will probably not be available till late May/early June. 

Eventually the Mets may need a starter. We don’t know who will become available later this season. Why not invest in a pitcher that has a proven track record of success in New York? It could be like acquiring a #3 starter without giving up prospects. A great value pickup. Take a look at Wang throw, see if he is healthy, and get a deal done.

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3 Responses to There is Still One Value Starter Left

  1. Mark P

    “the Dodgers may have the upper hand with Wang..”

    The Mets don’t need used goods like this. Let’s just chalk it up to being a long season of keeping our fingers crossed and that the Mets don’t touch Wang.

  2. Chris

    I agree Mike, but the mets aren’t that smart.

  3. MetsPubRec

    May I remind Mets fans that Wang is a liability as a hitter and a baserunner, stay away from reclamation projects, the Mets already have five of their own on their current starting rotation..

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