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Firing Minaya Would Add Unnecessary Obstacle

By Mike Silva ~ January 18th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Mets.

After the Adam Rubin fiasco of last summer, I stated that Omar Minaya should be fired for his transgressions. I said the team risks its future with him at the helm, as he never has shown that he can transition from a “scout” to an “executive” during his time heading the Expos and Mets. With that said, Jeff Wilpon made the decision to keep Minaya, his staff, and most of the coaches for the 2010 season. Now we hear rumblings that Minaya’s job could be on the line because of the Carlos Beltran knee situation. To change that plan now would most certainly throw the organization into chaos at an inopportune time. Sure, John Ricco probably could take over and lead a seamless transition, but how would that change the core problem: The Mets management structure and philosophy.

I said on Friday that Jeff Wilpon should call up MSG and ask James Dolan how he started to turn around his team’s dysfunction. I can answer that for him: Dolan stayed away from the day to day operations. He hired Donnie Walsh to run the basketball operations, something that he clearly was qualified for based on his resume. Right now, whether Omar Minaya is the right man for the Mets long term is irrelevant. The bottom line is he should be given 2010 to prove the organization is moving in the right direction.

Ultimately I believe the 2010 Mets, regardless of personnel moves, has a likely chance to fail. Jerry Manuel’s ability to lead this club is dubious at best, and Minaya doesn’t appear capable of managing a homogenous front office. It’s not all his fault. Things will not change until Mr. Wilpon realizes that his strength is real estate, not baseball operations. Obviously it’s his money, but outside of setting a financial budget and philosophy, he should not be involved in baseball decisions. It will be almost impossible, even if Wilpon does take the Dolan approach, to change the organization with the current characters in place. An overhaul will be needed in the near future sooner, rather than later.

All hope is not lost. As the Mets have proved, you can win amongst the chaos (2000, 2006), but those short periods of success will be fast and fleeting. You may not like the Yankees or Red Sox, but you have to admire how they create a plan, sustain it, and see it through. If it needs adjusting the entire organization gets on board. The Red Sox philosophical shift to defense is a great example.

Sometimes the biggest obstacles we create are self imposed. The Mets, unfortunately, are the poster child for that statement. Firing Omar Minaya, although conceptually well deserved, would be ill timed, and do more harm than good for 2010. They already have a small mountain to climb without Beltran early on. Adding front office turnover to the mix would be an unnecessary self imposed obstacle.

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5 Responses to Firing Minaya Would Add Unnecessary Obstacle

  1. Rob A from BBD

    Minaya is one of the worst GMs in all of baseball. Firing him could only be a good thing. In fact, I would say now is the time to do it. They could get rid of him and still have time to get a replacement in by ST.

  2. Steve

    Mike, I think all three levels of management are not optimal for a World Championship team (or even a stable team). As you and others have pointed out, the Wilpons do not know how to run a professional baseball team, let alone one that can consistently be near the very top. So many issues - communication (or lack of), lack of vision, personnel issues, poor customer relations. At the GM level, it’s hard to say whether Minaya has his hands tied or not from above, but as you and many have mentioned he builds a team by plugging big holes with stars and then prays for the rest to work. Finally, the manager. So little about Manuel spoken lately, but all one has to say is “Rex Ryan”. Look at how the Jets believe. The Mets, as usual, are half asleep, waiting to be kicked to their next pain point. So unless all three levels are addressed, just getting rid of Minaya will not help…

  3. Pete M

    Minaya is one of the best GMs in all of baseball. Firing him would be a bad thing. In fact, I would say now is the absolute worst time to do it. There wouldn’t be a replacement in time and the job would go to an unqualified John “who?” Ricco. Every year he has done what he could to make the Mets relevant. Pedro, Beltran, Delgado, Johan, Wagner, Putz, K-Rod and now Bay. Can Steve Phillips claim that? There are 26 teams and only 1 can win the World Series. Even with the Yankees and their $200 million dollar payroll, it still took a DECADE for them to win another championship. Ridiculous nitpicking over Ring, Bell, Evans and other assorted scrubs is nonsense. No one has a perfect trade record and what happens within a corporation is frankly none of our business. Minaya has given us the guys we ask for every season. It doesn’t always translate into a ring but give him credit where credit is due. It seems like the media “brotherhood” in general feels slighted over the Rubin situation. I still don’t see anything wrong with what Bernazard did. Did he punch a kid? It seems like coaches in college basketball are much worse. I’m willing to bet that Minaya put himself on the line and called out Rubin BECAUSE IT WAS TRUE!
    Read this article from 2006, sound familiar?
    PS Cashman’s busts record is by far greater than Minaya…Igawa, Pavano, Wright, Farnsworth, Kevin Brown and Jeff Weaver
    “We just have to make better decisions, I guess,” Cashman said. “You need to be right more than you’re wrong.”

  4. Steve

    Pete M - agree with a lot of your points. But from an organization point of view, it’s 23 years since a championship, so it’s more than just Minaya. And the one thing Minaya has not done is to go one player beyond what is always obvious, to get the team to the next level.

  5. Roy R

    Alot of time has been wasted with the Beltran story and no needed trades have been completeed. Beltran was hurting and without foregoing the entire season, he went and got the needed surgery to correct (hopefully) his medical problem.
    The Mets owners and GM need to focus on things that need to be focused on right now…that’s putting a team on the field that can compete in itds division, stop the bull!!! I have followed the Mets from day one and this organization doen’t take the extra steps needed to get the job done. The Wilpons pleaded poverty last year and claimed losses from Bernie. The record shows that they didn’t lose, they actually gained. If they don’t want a winning team, then its time for them to look for new owners. We want a team that can compete or its time for the Wilpons to leave the scene. Beltran saved the team alot of time by not waiting…he got advise from one of the top specialists and did what is needed. Bravo to Beltran for not wasting even more time. We want you back on th field helping us win games. Cut the red tape…Minaya you need to get the job done. Jason didn’t come here to be a loser. Lets show him what we can do and get the players we need. Something needs to be done to moyivate Oliver Perez now or swallow his contract and end his career. The Mets in 2010…the Jets set a good example, now the Mets.

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