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Random Thoughts: HOF, Johnny Damon, Mets Above Avg.

By Jay Sorgen ~ January 10th, 2010. Filed under: Digest Contributors.

- I think the reason New Yorkers are down on the Mets’ chances for the 2010 season have much to do with making comparisons to the Yankees.  For the Yankees, a “fix” might involve some minor tweaking (upgrading from Brett Gardner in left field or getting some quality insurance at catcher for an aging Posada).  For the Mets, they have a few real problems.  But, as a fan, I am very happy with a core lineup that includes Wright, Reyes, Beltran and now Jason Bay at four of the eight positions.  Carlos Delgado is in the process of getting some quality rehab in down in Puerto Rico and has said he would be in favor of coming back to the Mets (my guess is Mr. Minaya would offer a very incentive-laden contract to him).  Jeff Francoeur has the potential to be very good.  Luis Castillo, other than the occasional end-of-game dropped pop up, is an above average second baseman and #2 hitter.  And Santos emerged as a serviceable catcher last year.  If the Mets pick up a rock solid #2 starter to back up Santana, I see the Mets as being solidly above average this upcoming year.

- Prediction: Johnny Damon will sign a 1-year contract with the Yankees on or about Valentine’s Day.  Much the same as Bobby Abreu did with the Angels the year before.

- Bert Blyleven needs to be in the Hall of Fame.  If the man accumulated only 13 more wins during his career, his candidacy wouldn’t even be in question.  The problem with him was that he was never the “dominant” guy over a long period of time on a winning team.  In the 70’s he toiled in Minnesota and Cleveland when the Orioles and A’s were dominating the American League.  On the “We Are Family” champion Pittsburgh Pirates of 1979, John Candelaria, Bruce Kison and Jim Bibby won just as many games as Blyleven.  On the champion Twins team of 1987, Frank Viola was the unquestioned staff ace.   Over his illustrious 20+ year career, Blyleven was rock solid.  If not the staff ace, then definitely the entrusted #2.  The man will get in next year.  You can make book on it.

- Speaking of the Hall of Fame voting, I am happy Roberto Alomar didn’t make it on the first ballot.  Keep your spit to yourself.

- Growing up a Mets fan, I always hated when Andre Dawson came up to the plate.  Whether it was for the Cubs or the Expos, the man had five tools and used them all on the Mets.  I was at Shea one night sitting down the right field line and watched him scoop up a single and throw out a guy trying to go from first to third.  Simply awesome, and he did it with class (see Robbie Alomar above).

- Major props to the MLB Network (and our web site) for keeping the offseason interesting.  Every day they bring something to the table that is worthwhile to listen to.  The combination of ex-pitchers and hitters, along with entrusted resident baseball gurus in really informative and thought provoking.  Opening Day April 4th doesn’t seem so far away.

- With all do respect to Derek Jeter, I think Mariano Rivera is the Yankee’s player of the decade.  Who would you vote for on the Mets?  Mike Piazza for the first half or David Wright for the second half?

A very happy and healthy New Year to you all!  Think warm thoughts…………. Pitchers and catchers report is about 40 days.

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4 Responses to Random Thoughts: HOF, Johnny Damon, Mets Above Avg.

  1. Shamik

    Piazza - Wright has yet to match the thrill it was to see Piazza at the plate. And who can top the post 9/11 HR?

  2. Steve

    I am a big Mets fan too but the problem every year is that everyone always says “if this person will do this” and “if this” etc. There are too many ifs. Last year the Yankees got CC plus AJ and by the way also Texeria. For the Mets, if they would have just gotten CC then they would have been satisfied and relied on the “ifs” for the rest of the positions. The Yankees don’t rely on “ifs” and thats why they win so much. Silva had a great article last month on how the Mets never go over the top to win. It’s been 23 years so something is not working…

  3. Shamik

    Steve, the Mets really just don’t have the resources to do what the Yankees do, not even the Red Sox who’ve been trotting out retreads over the last couple of years.

  4. Steve

    That’s a good point. Why should we root for the Mets if their management is incapable of producing a world championship team? Boston is not a very large market. They have the smallest stadium in baseball. Yet they were able to create a mega marketing campaign “Red Sox Nation” and maximize revenues to the point where they could compete with the top teams. I live in the DC area and the three Red Sox games by far were the biggest sellers of the year at Nationals Park, with the majority of fans in DC rooting for the Sox and wearing Sox gear. There is no excuse why Mets management in the largest market in the country can’t do a better job so they can get the resources to get the job done. The current Mets management team feels content year after year to put out a good, competitive team but nothing more. How many more years will it take before Mets fans finally get turned off? On another note of disgrace, it is now 46 years since the Mets last hosted the All Star Game, by far the largest wait in the history of baseball for the game (look it up)…

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