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Global Series is Another Selig Blunder

By Mike Silva ~ January 8th, 2010. Filed under: Japanese Baseball, Mike Silva.

I have to agree with Rob Neyer of ESPN that a possible “Global Series” between the World Series winner and NPB champion would be a terrible idea.

Neyer lays out great reasons such as the players not wanting to participate, union obstacles, and talent disparity. Could you imagine your team going the distance for 162 games, winning a Game 5, Game 7, and then Game 7 of the World Series, and having to play another series across the globe? Also think about the risk you are putting the league’s most expensive commodity- pitching- and what would happen if a player, any player, gets hurt in this series. Would it be worth it for what amounts to a political gesture for Selig’s resume?

I wish we could say this is a nice conversation about an idea that will never come to fruition, but the World Baseball Classic shows that Selig is willing to put his product in harm’s way to market the game globally. Instead, go back to playing the first series of the season overseas. At least the players will be fresh, the games will count, and baseball will be in the forefront of the fans mind. You can make it a weekly event with exhibition games against Japanese teams, and then the two game series. I prefer not bothering with the concept at all but, if you have to do something globally, the beginning of the season is a better time.

During a time where the Hall of Fame election is a mess, umpiring still needs to improve, and payroll disparity continues to grow, Selig focuses on another “do nothing” political gesture for his legacy. How else can you explain his desire to have it happen before his tenure ends. If those that run baseball had common sense, they may be dangerous. The sooner Selig is gone, the better this game will be.

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  1. Paul Catalano

    Totally agree. I can’t see the players, especially at the end of a season, playing 180 games, wanting to travel across the Pacific to play some more games. And really, Selig, with payroll disparity, to me the number 1 problem in the game, this is what you’re focusing on?

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