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Yankees World Series DVD - Great Holiday Gift

By Mike Silva ~ December 14th, 2009. Filed under: 2009 World Series.

I received the Yankees World Series DVD, which I am sure many fans already have watched in full, but I thought I would share my impression of it.

First, MLB did a great job with this product as it includes not only the World Series, but coverage of both teams drive for the pennant, as well as individual perspective by some of the Yankees players. The 2009 World Series was special for the Yankees in many ways. Not only did it break the decade long drought, it was the first in the new Stadium. The theme throughout was “27″, a creative touch in my opinion.

Anytime a DVD of the World Series is put together I hope that it captures the feelings, emotion, and pressure of the series. The goal should be if someone never watched a single moment they could put in the DVD and know exactly how the fans were feeling at different junctures. I believe MLB accomplished this, especially with Johnny Damon’s famous steal in the ninth inning of Game 4.

Any good DVD has bonus features and this one does as well. Catch some of the key highlights for the first two rounds (Mark Teixeira game winning homer, last out of Game 6 of ALCS are just a couple), the final three outs of the series, and player reaction postgame. Getting the player reaction is always fun because it gives you a rare look at their personality as they often “let their guard down” during the glee of the championship celebration.

If a Phillies fans is purchasing the product they probably will be overwhelmed with the volume of Yankee focus versus their team. Naturally the Yanks won so you expect them to be get the majority of the spotlight, but the Phils are pretty much just a piece of the story. Mets fans might enjoy watching classic Pedro Martinez interviews as he is always entertaining.

We are the midst of the hot stove so perhaps many are more concerned about what new acquisitions the Yanks will be making for 2010. I do think, however, this DVD is a great respite from the offseason craziness and a gift I would recommend. After all, the World Series ended so late that it felt the celebration was rushed to get to the offseason. The 2009 World Series DVD will fill that baseball void.

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