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It’s Obvious Francesa Doesn’t Read the News

By Mike Silva ~ December 4th, 2009. Filed under: Sports Media Commentary.

Neil Best provides a transcript regarding Mike Francesa’s uncalled for attack on the Newsday reporter. Here is one Francesa quote that stands out:

“Right now I think Newsday is the only one that actually does charge. I’m not sure. There might be a couple of others. I think the Times does, too. Don’t you have to pay for the Times, too? I think you do. I think you have to pay something.

If Francesa ever scrolled the internet (well he does, but he is disguised as his producer Eddie Erickson) he would know who charges. Perhaps it would make sense to read up on the daily events in sports so he can have a clue when he goes on the air at 1pm. But why do that when it’s easier to be “Debbie the Time Life Operator” and take calls from guys (like Mike from Montclair who started all this). The highest paid customer service rep in the United States!

This is another example of how the “star” at WFAN aka Team Chernoff takes his millions and puts in a fifty cent effort. How can I take anything he says seriously if he publicly admits he doesn’t read the news? I don’t get the sense he has any real sources, and the ones that he does, are probably feeding him the information they want him to report. Is this an acceptable performance that we, the listeners (also called customers Chernoff) should be subjected to? I say no!

I stand by my belief, and I don’t have proof of this, that radio ratings are not what they seem. There is no way this show, which continues to get worse each week, can remain strong in the overall scheme of things.  I realize there is no competition (more of an indictment on ESPN), but I rather listen to XM/Sirius, music, or politics. Listen to a political show once and compare the preparation of those hosts (regardless if you agree with them) versus Francesa. Night and day. Being #1 in a declining share market is not something to be proud of and I know better than anyone about this. One day I believe we will hear about a scandal with radio ratings. They are far too intangible for me to believe. Those that laugh at this think about how funny the auto and banking industry collapsing would have sounded a few years ago.

You know who would do an incredible job from 1-6:30 pm? Evan Roberts. Hopefully that kid will finally get respect from WFAN. Maybe he should run to satellite radio and get paid since Kars4Kids (still running - disgrace) isn’t going to pay for everyone over there.

Iceberg ahead!

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6 Responses to It’s Obvious Francesa Doesn’t Read the News

  1. Chuck May

    I haven’t listened to wfan in nearly ten years. I grew tired of shoddy reporting, a lack of any kind of real knowledge, and an inability to move past the concept of highest volume equals the most correct answer. It’s the same reason I don’t watch Sportscenter.

  2. jdon

    You really have it in for Fatso. Agree, he stinks. I do not listen. He is lazy, mean-spirited and smug. The show is a joke. I stopped some time ago, when I got tired of him and Stupid arguing by saying the same thing to each other fifteen times in a row. But people listen. no accounting for it. There is no such thing as the public taste, really. There is no discenment there. My question is why you are obsessed with him. Are you “lobby” for his job?

  3. Mike Francesar

    So lawst. So lawst. So lawst. So lawst. Lawst. Oh so lawst. So lawst. So lawst. So lawst.

    Do you have three numbah one shows? DO YOU HAVE THREE NUMBAH ONE SHOWS???

    And dis idear dat **** Robbits can take my place is uttah nonsense. Have you listened to his not numbah one show? He is atrocious.

    He is atrocious.


  4. Uncle Mario

    jdon ,

    Both Bob Raissman of the NY Daily News and Phil Mushnick of the Post have been writing on Francessa over the years? So do you think they’re lobbying for a job too?

  5. Mikey

    I’ve never posted, but geez I had to. I’m not a Francesa fan (really miss Dog), but why are you so enfatuated with Mike? You must have something else you can write about, no?

  6. Mike Silva

    Yes Mikey we do - it’s called NY Baseball, if you scroll through the rest of the site you might see some references to these teams called the Mets and Yankees. You have heard of them right?

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