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The Good Guys Win!

By Frank Russo ~ November 5th, 2009. Filed under: 2009 World Series.

Final Score Yankees 7 - Phillies 3

All Hail Girardi’s Minions.

Forgive me here for my exuberance, but I am one happy Yankees fan! Yes, the New York Yankees are the 2009 World Series Champions!

Before I go any further, I would like to thank Mike Silva, who graciously agreed to fill in for me during my recent absence, which was due to ill health, Mike, a true professional, has done a terrific job filling in for me over the past week and a half.

Now, a couple of passing thoughts on both the Yankees 7-3 Game 6 victory and the World Series in general.

What a night for Hideki Matsui, who was truly “Godzilla” last night. “Matty” knocked in a record-tying six RBI with a homer, double, and single, and was named Series MVP, thus becoming the first Japanese-born player and the first full-time designated hitter to win the award. His .615 average is the third-highest ever in the World Series.

I really felt happy for Alex Rodriguez, who overcame a ton of adversity this season. Despite the early season controversy and his hip injury, A-Rod shut his critics up with a terrific post season.

It was an amazing sight to see A-Rod, with tears in his eyes, hug Joe Girardi after the game.

I wonder what Selena Roberts is thinking right about now?

Speaking of Girardi, you have to feel really great for him. He learned from his mistakes from the previous season to become an exceptional manager.

Derek Jeter is now one of three players to bat .300 or better in at least 5 World Series.

Andy was just dandy last night! I won’t get into a hall of fame debate here, but Andy Pettitte now has 18 post season victories, first all-time. All I can say is I’m happy he’s on my team.

17 different Yankee players won a championship for the first time last night, including Jerry Hairston Jr., one of baseball’s really good guys.

Speaking of good guys, I was also happy for Eric Hinske who made it to the World Series for the third straight year. What a difference a year makes. It was none other than Hinske who made the final out of last year’s World Series, when he struck out on a Brad Lidge slider.

Speaking of Lidge, I received an email before the World Series from a friend of mine, who is a Phillies fan, who told me that he wasn’t afraid of the Yankees bullpen, especially Mariano Rivera. I wonder what he’s thinking now.

Johnny Damon and Eric Hinske are now both part of selective company, as they join the likes of Babe Ruth, Bullet Joe Bush, Sad Sam Jones, Wally Schang and Ramiro Mendoza as players to win championships with both the Red Sox and Yankees.

Can we now put any debate about who the greatest closer is to rest? Mariano Rivera is the greatest reliever of all-time, period.

I was also very happy for Damaso Marte. The embattled reliever overcame an early season shoulder injury to become Girardi’s most trusted left hander out of the bullpen during the post season.

7-11. The Yankees have now won 7 Championships and 11 American League Pennants under the Steinbrenner ownership.

Joe Magrane of MLB TV said before the series that the Phillies were a “tougher team than the Yankees.” I wonder what he thinks now.

Joe Buck and Tim McCarver became so annoying last night I wanted to mute the sound on my wide screen.

Many people were wondering where “The Boss” was last night during the celebration. I won’t get into details here, but as I mentioned in an article a while back, Mr. Steinbrenner is not doing well.

So does this world championship mean that Yankees management did the right thing by digging up that David Ortiz jersey?

I wonder what Jimmy Rollins is thinking right about now? Maybe another guest spot on Leno?

Tony Paige did a great job on the overnight show on WFAN with his post-game coverage.

The YES Network’s post-game coverage was, simply put, superlative.

Take heart Met fans. I’ve been talking to a lot of baseball people lately who all believe that if they stay healthy next season, and management makes a few key off season acquisitions, the Mets will definitely compete with the Phillies for the NL East crown.

You have to love Yankees haters, who almost immediately after the game began posting to message boards, complaining about the Yankees payroll in a futile attempt to spoil Yankees fans celebration.

Here’s the problem. Yankees fans don’t care about what Yankee haters think, as their hatred is born from sheer jealousy. Also, let’s not forget, the Phillies actually had the 7th highest payroll in baseball this past season. Let the crying and whining begin Yankee Haters, the New York Yankees are the 2009 World Series Champions!

Frank is a resident of East Brunswick, NJ and former radio announcer. He is a 4th generation Republican and Yankees Fan. He also enjoys listening to talk radio. His favorite announcer is Shawn Hannity of “Hannity” on FOX and enjoys reading about military history. In addition to rooting for the Yankees, he also has a passion for the New York Islanders. You can enjoy Frank’s work at The Dead Ball Era and his book “Bury My Heart at Cooperstown”. Check out his “Rants and Raves” on New York Baseball Digest.
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