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Faith vs. Facts: Yanks Will Win in Six

By Mike Silva ~ October 15th, 2009. Filed under: 2009 Playoffs.

After four days of time off everyone is ready for baseball. In a series that features two teams very similar in talent some are saying that divine intervention will pull Anaheim past the evil empire in New York. No disrespect to Nick Adenhart’s family, or the Angels, but facts tell me otherwise. This will be a closely contested series, but in the end the Yanks will celebrate and win it in six. Here is why:

The Closers: I went into detail about this on Wednesday, but it’s the big divide between the two teams. Mariano Rivera very well could be the difference between the Yankees and everyone else the last 15 years. Brian Fuentes couldn’t handle closing games in Colorado and has been shaky this year despite 48 saves. How do you expect him to get three outs in Yankee Stadium? Quick answer – he won’t.

Long Ball vs. Small Ball – The Yanks and Angels were 1-2 in runs scored in the American League. A mere 32 runs separated them which accounts for about one tenth of a point. So why does it feel the Yanks are so much better offensively? It’s the long ball. Anaheim has some pop (Morales, Juan Rivera), but they are more a speed and on base percentage club. That’s fine but you are facing Yankees pitchers who have the potential to limit base runners. It was the long ball that the Yankees used to beat Minnesota. It will be the long ball deciding the series against Anaheim. Because of the Yankees power throughout their lineup they will never be out of a game, and have the potential to blow Anaheim out of the water. I don’t like the Angels chances coming back from 3-4 run deficits. They will have to win one run ballgames which is a dicey proposition with the aforementioned Fuentes pitching the ninth.

Too Much CC – Who knows, maybe the rain changes the dynamic of the series, but if Mother Nature cooperates the Angels may very well have to face Sabathia, the best starter on either side, three times. Obviously he has to pitch better than he did versus Minnesota, but CC, just like Alex Rodriguez, may be on the verge of breaking his playoff demons. He is too good a pitcher, and has too good a team behind him, not to.

What if the rain comes into play? – It might tighten things up, but Chamberlain, Hughes, and Rivera make it so much easier to pitch a Chad Gaudin.

Will Freddy Guzman play? - His presence on the roster is the baseball equivalent of “dream job”.

Final Words – I love LA: Expect the Dodgers to beat the Phillies in six games as well. The Phils bullpen used the last of their nine lives in Colorado. How delicious it will be seeing Joe Torre return to Yankee Stadium the enemy. The storylines and drama are already rolling around in my head. It will be a preview of the 1981 World Series all over again.

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