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Confrontations, Routs, and the Subway Series Continues

By Mike Silva ~ June 15th, 2009. Filed under: Morning Digest.

- As I said on last night’s show I have no problem with the behavior of Johan Santana and K-Rod. When Santana didn’t want to come out of the Philly game I thought it showed a fire and passion, not disrespect for Manuel. K-Rod does his celebrations, which can be over the top, but the guy backs it up. He didn’t back down from Bruney off the field either. These events, although non baseball related, show you what’s inside these guys. The attitude is what makes them successful.

- AJ Burnett pitched better yesterday, but I wouldn’t start to breathe a sigh of relief. He was helped out big time by Jim Wolf in the third inning. Cora should have had a 3-1 count and shouldn’t have been punched out on that cheap check swing. The inning is completely different. Would it have mattered? With the way Santana pitched no. However, the inability to throw strikes after your team gives you a four run lead is alarming. Burnett will not be successful till he consistently commands his pitches and cuts down the walks.

- The Subway Series continues on Tuesday as the 1962 Mets, I mean, the Washington Nationals come to Yankee Stadium. The Nats continue to keep pace with the 62′ Mets as they have the same identical record after 61 games (16-45) as the all time lovable losers.

- Angel Berroa is quickly becoming the Yankees version of the 12th man. Will he go down with other popular 12th men in this city like Herb Williams, Greg Butler, and Eric Anderson? Only a Knicks fan will understand some of those obscure names.

- Up 15 runs and David Robertson and Phil Hughes get the call to close out the game. Is it just me or is something wrong with that scenario? Another day, another head scratching bullpen decision.

- When do you start to concern yourself with A-Rod? He is hitting .230 and yet to get on his historical hot streak. The glass half full says he is still feeling his way into the season, after all, it really is only early May for his body. The glass half empty says that this “patch” surgery will limit his performance and the A-Rod you see is the A-Rod you are going to get. On Friday, K-Rod pitched around Teixeira to get to Rodriguez. This might be something that happens more in big spots. A compromised A-Rod could certainly put a crimp on the Yankees offense.

- Johan Santana’s ERA went up a full run after yesterday.

- I did a ton of radio on Sunday. First I was a guest of the guys at The Happy Recap. You can download it and hear me at the 45 minutes mark. Of course, Howard and I had our Weekly Digest where we recapped the week of baseball. Finally, you will be able to hear the replay of my latest NYBD on WGBB tonight at 6pm. Newsday’s Jim Baumbach was the headline guest as he joined me after covering the 3 games at Yankee Stadium. Check back later for listening details.

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  1. Giuseppe Franco

    It’s barely April for A-Rod right now, not May.

    It took Teixeira six weeks of Spring Training and 100 regular season ABs to get going.

    A-Rod didn’t even have a Spring Training, so his ST was in May.

    He’ll be fine.

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