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11/28 Hot Stove Update

By Mike Silva ~ November 28th, 2008. Filed under: Mike Silva.

Now that you have digested your Turkey lets get back to the Hot Stove. On Thursday, Joe Demayo and Frank Russo gave us the latest on the NYBD Rumor Mill.

Joe still believes a deal can get done for Huston Street. The Mets are not going to give up two relievers for him because they don’t want to have to give out multi- year deals on the free agent market. This means it’s unlikely you will see a Joe Beimel, or Juan Cruz at Citi Field. The more likely scenario is the two teams settling on a package of Heilman plus prospect (maybe Mike Carp) or Scott Schoeneweis. Again, the issue with giving up Schoenweis is the need to replace the lefty out of the pen without signing another to a long term deal (think Arthur Rhodes). This is a situation that probably won’t be resolved until the winter meetings.

We also discussed Fuentes/K-Rod. I asked if it will be a scenario where the first reliever to accept the Mets offer will be the closer. Joe continues to believe that it will be K-Rod and the Mets, if they want him, will get a deal done. Milwaukee could compete, but there is no indication that they will outbid the Mets.

Frank Russo joined the conversation and discussed the increased possibility that Anaheim might be the front runner for CC Sabathia. He is getting different reports about how far the Yankees will go in an offer to him. Anaheim is “arrogant”, according to Frank, in their belief that Sabathia will sign with the Halos. I continue to reiterate that if Sabathia wanted New York, he would have worked out a deal already.

Frank confirmed that an offer was made by the Yankees to Odalis Perez.

The big news was the possibility that the Yankees may spurn the Sabathia, Lowe, Burnett route and go after an arm in the trade market. As reported on the site Wednesday night, they have called Kansas City to discuss Zack Greinke. It will take multiple arms to get this kind of deal done. I speculated a package of Hughes or Kennedy with Melky Cabrera might be a fit for KC. Greinke’s brother, Luke, has quelled any fears that the social disorder Zack suffered from will be an issue. He continues to develop nicely and won 13 games on a bad Kansas City team.


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