‘The Way of Water’ Becomes 4th Biggest Movie Worldwide – Timeline

Earlier this week, James Camerons Avatar: the waterway It went on to become the 5th highest grossing film worldwide and, as expected, has now slipped to 4th on the all-time chart. If it does, it exits Star Wars: The Force Awakens It has grossed nearly $2.075B worldwide.

Till Friday, Total Collection Worldwide 20th Century Studios/Disney/Epic of the Storm Avatar Continuity is $2,074.8Movertaking The Force Awakens$2.071B. This means that Cameron has made three out of four films that have ever been released worldwide equal to the original Avatar In No. 1 and Titanic No. In 3. Avatar: Waterway will be on top Titanic Next week on a global basis. However, Paramount does one Titanic Released domestically for Valentine’s Day, and Disney has also dealt with Coastal before Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania going, so there might be some jockeys ahead of us Mentioned Thursday.

For Disney, the latest Avatar Milestones mean the studio has released three of the top five global titles so far (incl Avengers: Endgame No. 2, originally released before Fox was under the Disney umbrella Avatar)

at International box officeBest Picture Oscar nominee water way Still ranks 4th all-time $1,466.3M Until Friday. Domestically, it ranked 13th at $608.5M.

As of Friday, the sci-fi adventure’s top overseas markets were: China ($235.4M), France ($133.2M), Germany ($120.2M), Korea ($101.5M), UK ($83.5M), India ($58.3M), Australia ($57.5M ), Mexico ($52.3M), Spain ($48.1M) and Italy ($45.8M).

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