Jorge Santos faces federal and local investigations and public shaming

On Wednesday, another misconception surfaced. During his first campaign, Mr. Santos said on his website And On the campaign trail He attended the Horace Mann School, an elite private school in Riverdale in the Bronx, but his family’s financial problems forced him to drop out and earn a high school equivalency diploma.

But a spokesperson told the Washington Post Using several variations of his name, Mr. It could not find records of Santos’ visit. Spokesman Ed Adler confirmed the report to The Times. For comment, Mr. Santos’ press team did not respond.

Wednesday, news site Semafor Published an interview Mr. Said with Santos.

For example, he might help a client sell an airplane or a boat, and said he would receive fees or commissions. But he did not provide details about his contracts or clients to Semafor and did not respond to similar questions from The Times.

Mr. Santos’s damage control exercise also involved cleaning up his personal biography. By the time the updated version appeared on Wednesday, it had been stripped of several notable details.

For example, he was said to have graduated from Baruch College. (Another profile of him, on House Republican Campaign Committee website, said he studied at New York University; (That information is no longer available.)

Mr. Santos’ campaign biography does not mention working on Wall Street. Mr. A reference to Santos’ mother serving as “the first female executive of a major financial institution” was also deleted.

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