Aaron Rodgers continues to hold all the cards regarding his future

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Reports will be loaded on the Packers quarterback potential Aaron Rodgers As for whether he will be traded and/or the Packers will refuse to trade him to an NFC team, there is one very important thing to remember.

Aaron Rodgers holds all the cards.

He is fully vested with $58.3 million in compensation in 2023. If the Packers want to avoid that obligation, they have to trade him wherever he wants to go. If it’s on NFC, so be it.

Rodgers has the final hammer. He could tell the bakers, “I’m not quitting.” He could force them to pay him the money, even if he wanted to turn to the Bakers Jordan Love.

As Rodgers said on Tuesday, No gimmicks matter Until he decides if he wants to play. Then comes the question of whether he’ll play for the Packers or someone else. Then the question becomes where would he play if not for the Packers?

If Rodgers has a new team willing to pay him and give the Packers everything they want for Rodgers (they’d be wise to be fair), the only question is whether Rodgers wants to play there.

As Rodgers admitted last week, it doesn’t matter that he doesn’t have a no-trade clause. If he doesn’t want to play there, no one will trade him. For example, if he makes it clear he will only play for one team, if that team is in the NFC, the Packers will have to decide whether to send him to that team or welcome him back. If they don’t want to.

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