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Talking Joba’s Injury, Chipper Retires, and Wilpon’s Victory @ 8pm

By Mike Silva ~ March 25th, 2012. Filed under: Radio Show.

A loaded Grapefruit Roundup tonight at 8pm

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Hear me talk about the Joba Chamberlain‘s injury and answer the critics who believe I am off base in my criticism of his judgement. I also talk about Chipper Jones being an all-time Mets killer, and what the Wilpon victory in court means for the Mets.

Joining me during the hour is Neil Keefe of WFAN, Brian Erni of Metsblog and author of Wilpon’s Folly, Howard Megdal.



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3 Responses to Talking Joba’s Injury, Chipper Retires, and Wilpon’s Victory @ 8pm

  1. Manuel

    “Keep him in our prayers, because obviously he’s facing a lot right now.http://bit.ly/GDYGvu

  2. Juke Early

    First — tyvm for making the podcast available “early.” I complain when it isn’t there, so it’s only right to say thanks. Some transplanted NYers live in parts of the country where it’s 1912, not 2012 and only have slow dial up. I’m a baseball fan, very little interest in other sports, especially big time college bs. Radio is held hostage by networks who barely talk baseball in season, let alone in the off season. Most hate NY too. This is the only NY baseball I can get along w/River Ave. And some of us are even older than Frank Russo, so we can get pretty grouchy about it ;-)

    As for the obviously cursed Joba. It’s likely bad luck, to be so stupid? I think so. These young players have very little in the way of common sense. But it’s a very sad & rotten life, in which a dad playing with his kid, gets penalized so heavily by cruel reality. He will need help with his mental health as much as the physical injury. This is just plain tragic.

  3. Juke Early

    Gee— I might need to listen before I make any kind of comment.

    At level one, I agree with Mike Silva. He’s a good observer of human behavior & by including the solid fact that trampolines are a huge insurance problem, helps make that “irresponsible” part of the case. I couldn’t agree more about Mike’s example for his own career & keeping as healthy as possible. He is right.

    But calling baseball suits phony on one hand (100% agreed-they are) & then calling Joba a loser for complaining about the midges, is why the world makes me nuts. If a person is on a job & something severely effects performance, and they point it out, they are smart. Though rarely treated as such. Isn’t it because they care? the other players were doing their macho thing. After all swarms of insects aren’t zealots with bombs strapped to them. The easy call.

    You don’t complain you’re a hero. Do you have a factual reason you dropped a ball if the bugs get in your nose & mouth & cut off your air? It’s both sides of the bullshit. I’m not pleased with Joba either. But glossing him as a loser, is grasping for low hanging fruit. And while I respect R.A. Dickey — an intelligent, articulate man, the polar opposite of Joba, but since when is charity automatically more important, or a better reason for risk, than raising a child? A case could be made that Joba doesn’t have the cognitive ability to perceive a trampoline as something that could easilyy ruin his career. Dickey, certainly knew that was true about climbing.

    They both have/had my sympathy. Precisely because I can’t throw a ML fastball OR a knuckler.

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