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Yanks- Red Sox Won’t Be the Same Again

By Mike Silva ~ March 3rd, 2012. Filed under: New York Yankees.

When it was announced that Bobby Valentine would be the new manager of the Red Sox, I wrote how this would “spice up” the rivalry with the Yankees. Although we saw some of that in action this week with the comments Valentine made about Derek Jeter (’01 flip) and Alex Rodriguez (Varitek brawl), don’t be fooled into thinking this will ever return to the cold war days of 2003-2004.

Let’s face it; the explosion of media has saturated what once was a compelling rivalry. The two teams play 18 times a season, with a good chunk of games on FOX and ESPN. The networks make it out to be the next world war, but most times it was just another regular season game, albeit ones with a bit more importance because of the two-game swing in the standings. The internet gives fans 24/7/365 access to trash talk. Add in the fact that it’s been over 7 years since the two teams met in the playoffs, and you really haven’t had the opportunity to fully get the juices going. The games are almost anticlimactic and could never live up to the billing.

Another factor is many of the players from that era are no longer part of the rivalry. Pedro Martinez, Manny Ramirez, Derek Lowe, Johnny Damon and Curt Schilling are long gone from the Boston side. The Yankees Core Four is down to a Core Two, Joe Torre is vacationing in Hawaii somewhere, and Aaron Boone works for ESPN. You also don’t have the same colorful Boston personalities that irked the Yanks and created the “idiot” moniker in Beantown.

If that doesn’t convince you, just look at the reaction by everyone except Valentine. Derek Jeter repeatedly asked reporters why they were talking about a play that happened in 2001. Yankees beat reporter for Newsday, Erik Boland, told me on my Wednesday radio program that Joe Girardi was “confounded” by Valentine’s comments. Even Terry Francona, who was in Tampa this week as a member of the media, dismissed the situation. Francona agreed the rivalry won’t ever get it to the height that it was from ’03-’04. He’s right, the perfect storm of 14 ALCS games coupled with the “curse” makes it impossible to duplicate.

Does that mean there is no value to Yankees-Red Sox? Boland wouldn’t go that far. “Being in the ballpark for almost all of them (games) the last few years…I haven’t noticed a drop-off in intensity from a crowd standpoint.” Even so, Fenway and the new Stadium are far more corporate than during that period. It’s safe to say the designer nature of the rivalry has changed the crowd dynamic for good.

Perhaps the fans still get into it, but the days of Jason Varitek hitting A-Rod, Karim Garcia getting into it with the Red Sox bullpen or Yankees fans uniting in hatred against Pedro Martinez seem so long ago. It also seems unlikely we will see a combination of meaningful competitive games, colorful personalities and intensity for quite some time – maybe ever.

Valentine did appear pleased that his comments caused a stir. Scott Lauber wrote in the Boston Herald that upon hearing the reaction, Valentine “laughed and clapped his hands.” (Jeter) reads the paper, huh?” he said.

Yankees-Red Sox in 2003 and 2004 is something that will go down in the history books. The latest edition might be more interesting than the last few years. Don’t, however, mistake it for anything close to the good old days; regardless of what Bobby Valentine says.

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34 Responses to Yanks- Red Sox Won’t Be the Same Again

  1. dutchsailor

    The response to Valentine was not one of anger — only that he was an idiot for bringing it up

  2. dan p

    I am sick of this stupid unbalanced schedule! The Yankees/Red Sox rivalry would be better with less games yearly.

  3. David S.

    Valentine is a tool! He just can’t shut the hell up! Someone should buy him a gag for his pie hole!

    Also Mike. it was easy for Varitek to “beat up” ARod when he had his FREAKING catchers mask on the whole time. I would love to have seen what would have actually happened if “Varicrap” had taken his mask off and actually had a fair fight with Alex. I think ARod would have pounded him but good. Instead, Alex wound up smashing his knuckles all over that Hannible Lechter mask that “Captain Loser” had on to protect that ugly face of his. Don’t ever tell the “Nation of Idiots” that though, they will act indignant and start cursing away.

  4. UncleMario

    From experience is that Walk the Walk or DON’T Talk the Talk! Meaning Mr. Valentine should concentrate on have his team DO BETTER than the 2011 team than running his mouth before the 1st pitch of the regular season is thrown (clubroom snitches withstanding).

  5. Stu B

    @David S. ARoid is no saint. He used PEDs, and apparently you’ve forgotten how he cheated by trying to interfere on the basepaths in the 2004 ALCS. What a sore loser.

  6. Juke Early

    This clown is easy to see through-the kind of guy who insults your mother, to impress the other morons. Pandering to the Drunk Sox fans, hoping they’ll forget The Greatest Team on Earth circa 2011, ate sh*t and died. In public.
    BTW “Baby” Valentine — how long did you practice putting on the Groucho glasses before you got it right?

    Hey Stu — maybe Alex Rodriguez did PEDs. But what’s Varitek’s excuse for wearing catching body armor & sucker punching a guy turning around? other than Cro magnon genes that is. Looked like textbook ‘roid rage to me.

  7. Frank Russo

    Juke Early,

    As always, well said my friend! Stu B. as usual, is mixing apples and oranges here. He references Alex as ARoid, which shows his hate for Alex, then mentions the “slap play” in the playoffs, instead of sticking with the issue of Varitek sucker punching ARod and leaving his mask on, which was gutless.

    Also, Stu B. failed to mention that both Joe Morgan and Pete Rose stated publically that everyone on the Big Red Machine would have tried to do the same thing as Alex did when it came to the “Slap Play” which has been around for 140 years. Hell even the Gass Hosue Gang Cardinals used that play, and no one bitched about it.

  8. David S.


    Sorry but you come off as nothing more as a whiney Yankees Hater defending a Red Sox player if you ask me. Like Frank said, you need to stick with the issue. I was not talking about steroids or the damn “slap play” but about a gutless BS move by Varicrap when it came to fighting Alex.

  9. Stu B

    OK, but the use of a name like “Varicrap” makes you come off as a spoiled, entitled, whiney Yankees fan who still hasn’t gotten over that loss.

  10. David S.


    “you said that the “use of a name like “Varicrap” makes you come off as a spoiled, entitled, whiney Yankees fan who still hasn’t gotten over that loss.”

    First off, I am neither spoiled or whiney. I use the term Varicrap because I detest the man, who came across as a piece of crap and a gutless puke when he fought ARod. Maybe you have never need in a fight in your life with another person. I have, in both hockey and baseball. Varicrap was gutless, period. It’s not a question of me not having gotten over that game, it’s a question of telling the truth, and the truth is that Varitek was not the brave hero that everyone in the press and Boston fans have made him out to be. ARod would have rearranged his face in that fight if he doesn’t keep the damn mask on. That’s not whining, it’s fact.

    Also Stu, did you say the same things about Mets fans when they cursed the Braves players like Chipper Jones and John Rocker? Mets fans called them names that would not be permitted on this website, but I guess that’s OK since they ware not said by “spoiled, entitled, whiney Yankees fans”.

    BTW Stu, you always use terms like spoiled, entitled and whiney when you talk about Yankees fans. So what the hell are Mets fans like you? I have tons of friends who are Mets fans and have never been called anything that you mentioned. Everytime you use words like that to describe Yankees fans, it shows you for what you are, a Yankee Hater.

  11. Stu B

    David, I think you have anger issues. Please get some help.

  12. David S.

    I don’t have anger issues at all! Notice how you try to attack someone when you are losing the argument. Enough said!

  13. Stu B

    It was you who attacked me, Chemo Sabe, something about a “whiney Yankee hater.” Enough said!

  14. David S.

    Seriously, you must be on drugs here….you started all of this by attacking me when you said the following, and I quote, ” use of a name like “Varicrap” makes you come off as a spoiled, entitled, whiney Yankees fan who still hasn’t gotten over that loss.” Is that any different about what I said about you? So who is attacking who here first? You started this garbage, like you always do, by taking issue with a Yankees fan who has a legitimate gripe about somthing, like Varitek not taking off his mask during a fight. That is a legit point, that you somehow took offense to becuase I called him Varicrap. And what I said about Varitek by calling him Varicrap is nothing, I mean nothing, compared to what the Nation of Idiots calls Yankees players, which you never acknowledge. How about dressing a 5 year old Red Sox fan in a “Jeter Swallows” T-Shirt? Or calling Jeter a half breed, which they do on a regular basis. Or how Red Sox fans to this day still use derogatory and horrendous names to describe Thurman and Billy Martin. What does that make Red Sox fans?

    Like I said, you started this after I made my comments, which were legit. I don’t base my remarks on anger, as you accused me of, I base them on fact. Varitek was a gutless puke then and still is now. If you don’t like the facts, then go ahead and ignore them. It’s your problem, not the problem of Yankees fans. Enough said!!!

  15. Anthony S.

    David S,

    Don’t worry about anything Stu B. says. He’s a Mets fan. Need I say more.

  16. Stu B

    David, you have too much time on your hands to ruminate on this stuff. You need to get a life.

  17. tnt

    i bet you yankee fans blame pedro for the pedro/zimmer incident..and varitek had the best line of the yr when asked if they went after arod on purpose,he said we dont hit 250 hitters..and all you yankee fans should know because of arod and his stupidity for starting that fight,he woke up a dead team
    (the red sox were dead and buried)into becoming champs..funny how you hate varitek but i bet you loved clemens,except when he was in bos/tor. and was drilling arods lover, jeter

  18. tnt

    oh even with the mask on i think he still picked aroid up off the floor and dropped him

  19. Stu B

    Yankee fans love to blame everyone in the world when their team doesn’t win.

  20. UncleMario

    And funny that certain Mets fans still blame Adam Rubin in playing a role in Omar Minaya’s downfall and STILL believed Minaya’s assertion that he was seeking a job in player development.

  21. Stu B

    Who are those, UncleMario? Care to name names?

  22. UncleMario

    Why usually the folks who flamed Rubin on his ESPN-NY articles. I plead guilty on generalizing Mets fans if it’s the case.

  23. David S.

    Hey tnt,

    You don;t knw what the hell youa re talking about. ARod didn;t start that fight, Varicrap did. Arid got ticked off becuase Arroyo kept throwing at him and he finally had had enough. It was a complete sucker punch by Varicrap.

    Also you wrote “you loved clemens,except when he was in bos/tor. and was drilling arods lover, jeter.”

    Seriously, youa re such a typicla Mets Fan/Yankees Hater, useing anti gay slurs. Someone should go up to you and smash you in the face for that remark. “And no, I never liked Clemens, even as a Yankee.

    Seriously. can anyone take anything you say with a grain of freaking salt? Your a Yankees Hater. plain and simple. A jealous, spitefull little twirp. Yankee fans don’t care about your opinion moron.

    BTW, are you still waiting for the Patriots to beat the Giants? What a loser.

    BTW Stu B. I don’t have a lot of time on my hands, unlike you who has to reply everytime a Yankees fan makes a comment. Seriously, you are just a freaking joke!!

  24. Frank Russo

    Hey tnt,

    I find your “gay” comments about Jeter and ARod to be totally unacceptable. My late brother, Joseph, was gay and died from AIDS. You may think that you were being funny with that comment, but I find it to be totally offensive. You are typical of a lot of Yankee Haters who love to use racial or gay slurs when describing Yankee players. You might have a right to say what you want, but I have a right to not like those comments and respond in kind. Seriously, someone should just bitch slap you silly.

    And BTW, I may disagree with Stu B. in regards to Varitek, but at least he never stoops as low as you did by using language like that. That’s why I don’t have a problem with Stu.

    In fact, I think I am going to contact Mike Silva in regards to your nasty, hate filled “arods lover, jeter” comment.

  25. Stu B

    We must remember, David, that your use of an idiotic moniker like Varicrap says much more about the kind of individual you are than it does about Mr. Varitek.

  26. tnt

    what does my comment about arod/jeter have to do with anyone who is gay or has hiv/aids.your stretching there.then i guess you can never watch rocky 5 and talk about tommy morrison,or any elton john music…2nd from what i remember arod slapped the ball out of the glove.3rd i never used any racial or gay slur.you might have aproblem with gay ppl,i sure dont…who are you calling a little twirp?im a 6ft 270 pound ex wrestler.if u like call me a twirp to my face and see where it get you….and why are you assuming im a patriots or giants fan…that just proves to me you are a crybaby jets fan(who else would throw out giants/pats..giants /pats,8 super bowls,,your jets 1 win against a team with a second string qb playing

  27. David S.

    Hey tnt,

    First off, read what I wrote, I never assumed you to be a Giants or Patriots fan. In fct, I am pretty sure you are a Giants Hater because on you wrote the following comment.

    February 4th, 2012 at 2:35 pm
    i bet all the yankee fans who made fun of mets with phillips are in hiding now….and totally off topic ,giants lose 100-0 and rex still better get his ass in the bowl next yr.

    That pretty sums up your football allegance. And I would have to say that I speak for most Yankees fans on this site whatn I say that we all tremble at your magnificent measurments and wrestling prowess.

  28. Frank Russo


    Sorry but I already reported your ARod / Jeter lover comments to Mike Silva. I don’t care how you try to spin it. It was offensive to me, and many other people that I showed the comments to as well.

  29. tnt

    david and frank,ppl are offended because i said arod and jeter are lover?ppl need a life..you know why i wrote that about coughlin/ryan? if giants missed playoffs,coughlin was most likely out on his tail,he won super bowl without his mouth running,but ryan keeps his open and has not made the s.b. once. and like a spoiled child you reported my arod/jeter lover comments to silva..i want silva and every gay person on this website to tell me how i offended gay ppl by saying they are lovers? if anything gay ppl should be offended i put them 2 in their category.i never called any person here a “little twirp” “moron”"loser” the s in david s must stand for either “stupid” “schmuck” or “simpleton” and finally if frank russo is your real name i bet you liked goodfellas,the godfather and the jersey shore but dont find them offensive to italians?

  30. Frank Russo


    Sorry but your explaination does not wash. I have been dealing with people making remarks like that for more years than I can count. I am not politically correct at all, but find the remark to have been in poor taste, and that is not what this website is about.

    Secondly, Frank Russo is my real name. I am the same Frank Russo who covers the Yankees for this website. To assume I am using a false name is plain assumption on your part. I have been part of the NYBD staff for since 2008. I am not hiding anything with my name. If you don’t believe it, ask Mike Silva, (If he will talk to you), or Stu B. or Juke Early or others who know me. I don’t hide my real name like you do.

    I am 4th generation Italian-American, and proud of it, not that it is any of your damn business. And comparing whether I like Goodfellas and the God Father and Jersey Shore, (which I don’t watch) with somthing that you wrote, which in my eyes is crossing the line, is mixing apples and oranges. You have a right to be a Yankees Hater, I don’t care at all actually. But like I said before, the damage has already been done. I reported your comments, which I deemed offensive, to my good friend and boss Mike Silva. It’s now in his hands in regards to what happens.

    If you have a problem with me, then call in to Mike’s Show the next time I am on and we can have a discussion, which I have no problem with doing.

  31. tnt

    im full blooded italian too.you take everything i wrote and twisted it all around.never assume you make an ass out of you and me.”been dealing” with what remarks and comparing to movies to what i said about them 2 is not apples/oranges. you are offended i said they are lovers but are you offended when you watch those other shows that makes italian look like idiots. your name russo could be short for russovich and you shortened it for pro. reasons.. sorry to say this but it seems the only person here with a problem with gay ppl are you.end of story,i dont care im too old to argue.

  32. Frank Russo


    You last remarks prove that you are both arrogant and an idiot. First off, to assume that I changed my name for this website is pure spin by you, plain and simple. I am pure blooded Italian from both sides of my family, so again the real ass here is you to even assume that I changed my name. Like I said, go ask Mike Silva, which you will never do. He knows me and my family.

    The more infuriating thing here is when you wrote “sorry to say this but it seems the only person here with a problem with gay ppl are you.end of story”.

    By the way, I sent your remaks out in an email blast to several dozen people who all thought that they were inappropriate.

    For you to say that I have a problem with gay people is not only laughable, but it is also factually incorrect and a lie and a slap in the face to my brother and the the numerous gay friends that I have known over the years, especially the ones that have passed on. You know nothing of how I feel about how I feel about any one group of people.

    You know what tnt, those latest remarks were so off base and infuriating to me that I have now recommended to Mike Silva that you be banned. I don’t know if he will consider it, but I hope he will!

    I am offically done with you. I’ll let Mike deal with you now. Seriously, do all of us a favor and just go away already.

  33. Anthony S.

    I have known Frank for over 35 years. I even went to High School with him. I also knew his brother Joe. I can state unequivocally that he has no problem at all with gay people. And yes, I also found that statement about ARod and Jeter to be offensive. But I guess its OK to use language like that since they are both Yankees!

  34. Mike Silva

    Alright guys, I just stopped at my hotel on the way down from Florida and saw how this thread has gotten out of control.

    I am not about to ban someone (tnt) who has never gotten into hot water here before and has been a loyal reader, so I will close this thread and put an end to this all.

    Going forward we need to keep this about baseball, and forget sexual innuendo and such – it strays away from the topic. I can’t filter every word or else legitimate comments can put into the queue, I have to find it and approve it (more work I don’t have time for), and good people stop coming to the site (not what we want).

    Honestly, you all are better off talking baseball, as my focus is building the content of the site, not policing the comments section.

    No offense, it’s 5 minutes of my day that I could have used more productively, quite honestly.

    All of you provide good baseball commentary, let’s stick to that – thanks for your support, as always.