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Congratulating Your Neighbor – Do You Agree?

By Mike Silva ~ February 9th, 2012. Filed under: New York Mets, New York Yankees.

I thought of the relationship between the Mets and Yankees, after seeing the Jets full-page ad congratulating the Giants on their Super Bowl victory.

Over at Sports Media Watchdog, I wrote about how this is a smart move by Woody Johnson and company, as they need to amend for their season of trash talk. I also think it could be used by Rex Ryan as a motivational tool; a more positive one than false bravado and empty Super Bowl predictions.

What about if this were the Mets congratulating the Yankees? Would you ever see the Yankees take an ad out for the Mets?

It’s one thing to release a statement or call the owner of the other team; it’s another to publically take an ad in a newspaper. From what I understand, the Wilpons and Steinbrenners are not mortal enemies, but I don’t think the two teams are bosom buddies. I don’t think their relationship was helped after the whole Scranton/Newark ballpark scenario.

I don’t remember the Mets taking an ad out for the Yankees during any of their titles since 1996. I wasn’t around in the 70s to know how the Mets handled it. Did the Yankees congratulate the Mets in 1969?

The Giants and Jets share a stadium; they didn’t play each other in the playoffs or Super Bowl. There is no rivalry between the two teams, although Rex Ryan’s bravado has created some tension between the teams and fans. It’s a different scenario (as I point out at SMW) than the two New York baseball teams.

The Mets and Yankees do play each other 6-times each season and have met in the World Series. Part of the fabric of the sport is the rivalry between the two fan bases, which has been amplified since the advent of interleague play in 1997. There is a lot more disgust for one another in baseball than football. I get the sense the Jets didn’t exist in the Giants world until Ryan took over as coach.

What do the fans think? Assuming they didn’t meet in the World Series, would you have a problem with either team congratulating each other? Tell me your thoughts below.

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4 Responses to Congratulating Your Neighbor – Do You Agree?

  1. BrooklynPaulie

    Mike, you need to do your homework, buddy. The Yankees did in fact take a full page ad out in 1986 congratulating the Mets on their world series victory. I remember thinking what a classy gesture that was on the part of King George.

  2. Mike Silva


    Thanks for the info. Getting archives from that era online isn’t easy- I don’t know If post interleague play if we would see the same

  3. Will in Central NJ

    Mike, you might recall that the Wilpons awarded Mariano Rivera the pitching rubber from CitiField in 2009, shortly after Rivera notched his 500th career save vs. the Mets on June 28th that season.

    Some of my fellow Met fans took issue with that acknowledgement. I also admit raising my eyebrows after seeing the Jets’ ad congratulating the Giants yesterday.

    But, if I endorse my son’s shaking hands with his team’s opponents after his ice hockey games as a show of sportsmanship, then I guess I should be consistent, and endorse crosstown pro sports rivals congratulating each other after a milestone victory.

  4. BrooklynPaulie

    Being a Jets fan, I have no problem with the ad. It’s refreshing to see this organization show respect and admiration for their New York brethren.

    I’ve been a heartbroken Jets fan for a very long time but I found myself rooting for the Giants all the way till the final seconds of that game. I’d say the Giants have given me more thrills over the years than the Jets have. Hmmmm…maybe it’s time to rethink this.

    Good day, gentlemen.

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