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What About Wilson Betemit?

By Mike Silva ~ January 18th, 2012. Filed under: New York Yankees.

Our friend Howard Megdal throws another name into the DH candidate pool over at Capital New York:

 The backup plan for both Rodriguez and Jeter in the field is Eduardo Nunez, and it isn’t clear yet who will be backing up Teixeira at first base.

Nunez is a perfectly acceptable fielder, but his 84 OPS+ in 2011 is a far cry from Rodriguez’s 116, and even well below Jeter’s 97. Damon’s 110 in 2011 is right in line with Rodriguez and Jeter, but Damon is an outfielder. So anytime the Yankees wish to give a fielding day off to either member of the team’s left side of the infield, Damon would sit on the bench, and Nunez would degrade the offense.

Alternately, they could do something like sign Wilson Betemit.

One of the points brought up by our very own Joe Delgrippo is the Yankees DH candidate “should be versatile player who can play the infield and outfield, not a one-dimensional aging, over the hill DH.” Betemit isn’t exactly what Joe had in mind, but he is certainly more versatile than some of the names we have been mentioning.

Betemit played two unimpressive seasons with the Yankees (’07-’08), and was part of Brian Cashman’s all-time steal of a trade when he went to Chicago for Nick Swisher. He was terrible with the White Sox, but has rebounded the last two seasons in Kansas City and Detroit by hitting .290 with a .838 OPS. He’s primarily a corner infielder, but has a cup of coffee in the outfield. The big benefit of Betemit is his stick, as he mashes RHP to the tune of a .277 batting average and .817 OPS. You could platoon him with Andruw Jones (.923 OPS vs. RHP) at the DH. You also have a player that is a healthier alternative to Eric Chavez.

We use to do the “Yankees starting pitcher of the day idea” here, but now that the rotation is full you can keep the DH ideas flowing.

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2 Responses to What About Wilson Betemit?

  1. Steve S.

    The problem with getting players like Pena and Betemit is the Yanks generally can’t offer enough playing time. Pena would be perfect, but he made 10M last year and the Yanks only have 1-2 to spend. Betemit fits the budget, but if someone else offers the same money and more playing time, he’ll take it. Year to year players have to play as much as they can in order to get another deal next year.

  2. Yankzfan1

    The Yankees must give Jorge Vazquez a shot!! Yeah, he strikes out a lot, but it is just an out. For the year in AAA and winter ball in 175 games he hit batted .290, 52hr, and 161rbi!! Donnie Collins said the Yanks shouldnt have traded Montero, and that he carried the AAA club for two years. WRONG!!! The one who carried the AAA club more was Chato! He says Montero was the only one capable of producing in the Bronx. He said in 873ab’s in AAA Montero had 53 doubles, 39hr, and 142rbi. They are great stats. But, Chato in 748ab’s had 50hr and 155rbi. If you gave Chato the same 873ab’s he is at 48 doubles, 59hr and 181rbi!! Dont tell me Montero was the only one producing in AAA. Jorge was given Scrantons MVP, not Montero, and Miley said he is huge in the clutch. You have your Montero production and then some with Jorge…AT MINIMUM WAGE!! People, stop dissing him and give him a chance. You should have the same excitement to see El Chato and what he can do as the less powerful Montero!!

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