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Michael Kay Bets NYBD on Mets Win Total

By Mike Silva ~ January 12th, 2012. Filed under: New York Mets, Sports Media Commentary.

Earlier today I called out Michael Kay for his statement regarding the Mets winning between 55-60 games this coming season.

Kay has taken to Twitter this week and done a great job interacting with fans.

Kay responded to my post about his statement asking me how many wins I see for the Mets.

Okay, mike, you’re so objective, how many will try win? Honestly. If I’m the shill, tell me how many they will win in your unbiased opinion.Thu Jan 12 18:05:29 via Twitter for iPhone

I responded that 77-81 is not out of the question. Regardless, they won’t be near the 55 to 60 games he predicted.

So here is our bet :

@NYBD you’re right, mike, they’re never devastated by injuries. What was I thinking? Betcha my 55 to 60 is closer than your 77 to 81.Thu Jan 12 19:34:04 via Twitter for iPhone

@RealMichaelKay ok, what’s the bet? Will you wear a Mets uniform on your ESPN Radio show if I win?Thu Jan 12 19:45:13 via web

@NYBD you write a story about how I am the best talk show host in NYC and how everything bad you ever said about me was wrong.Thu Jan 12 19:53:46 via Twitter for iPhone

@NYBD great! But I will wear a met uniform top but not the pants. I did that with the Rangers.Thu Jan 12 19:58:23 via Twitter for iPhone

Looks like the Mets are going to need to win more than 68 games for me to prevail.

Good job by Kay mentioning this bet on the air at about 4:15.

What do you think? Will I win this bet?

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14 Responses to Michael Kay Bets NYBD on Mets Win Total

  1. FrankP

    Hey Mike, I bet that you win by a good margin. The stakes for Kay aren’t very high though. He’s on the radio so no one will ever see him wearing the Mets jersey. He should be made to wear the Mets jersey in public! Even while on YES. Make it tougher for him.

  2. FrankP

    Kay is the arrogant one. If he’s so confident in the Mets doing so poorly in 2012, he should have no problem raising the stakes on the bet. Make him wear the Mets jersey in public.

  3. RonOK

    Mike, I voted for you but honestly, I think the Mets will struggle to win 70 games … there is absolutely no way this team wins 81 games — zero. The NL East is stacked and the Mets will play 72 games against PHIL, ATL, WASH & MIA …. I do not see the Mets having a winning in-season record against any of these four teams in 2012 …. plus, if Wright is gone by July 31, the Mets will be playing out the string in Aug/Sept and they will pretty much get bludgeoned to death.

  4. Ralph C

    You’ll probably win the bet as the NL has a lot of bad teams. To me, the Mets will probably win about seventy games. However, I agree with Ron in that the Mets are the weakest link in probably the toughest division in the NL. To this end, I would actually be more surprised if the Mets win 77-81 games than 55-60 games. This team has a ton of question marks, and if Bay and Wright don’t take advantage of the new dimensions at CitiField, the season will most likely be a disaster.

  5. Piazza

    I say the Mets win 82 games. They start off blazing hot, but regress in the second half to the below average team everyone thought they were and shaft us out of a big time draft pick.

    Who on Earth cares what Michael Kay says anyway? I don’t want him wearing anything to identify himself with my team, he’s ranks in between Sterling/Waldman and Fran Healy as the worst NY baseball broadcasters in recent memory. I know Yankees fans who look forward to Subway Series just so they can watch/listen to the Mets broadcasters.

  6. Chuck Johnson

    If you need help writing the article Mike, let me know.


  7. Stu B

    I agree with making him wear the Mets jersey in public. After all, it’s kind of pointless to wear something on a radio show, lol.

  8. JK

    Michael Kay is a jerk, been one since his broadcasting career at Fordham U.
    I think making him wear a Mets jersey on the Yes Network would be a better bet.

  9. Stu B

    So true, JK – can’t spell JERK without a KAY!

  10. Daler

    Mike u r becoming a real voice n player. Kay carton the late nite Fan guys/gals. Love it. Keep ur head. Stay classy. Keep it on issues n not personal like u have My advice.

  11. Daler

    Mets? 69 wins. It’s a good yr if Harvey mejia wheeler take a step forward each. That’s their future. Got to trust the moneyball guys now cos the payroll ain’t going up

  12. Phil

    I think this will be a very close bet could go either way. Tie goes to tthe runner.

  13. Dug

    Did Kay pay up?

  14. Mike Silva

    No he did not!

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