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Insensitive Media Quote of 2011

By Mike Silva ~ December 27th, 2011. Filed under: New York Mets, Sports Media Commentary.

I guess better later than never, but is Andrew Marchand of ESPN NY serious with this statement in a column about the Mets concerns with R.A. Dickey climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro?

Dickey has one-year left on his $7.8M, two-year contract. He is scheduled to make $4.5 million in 2012. Given the Mets’ money woes, it is unclear if they will be rooting for Dickey or the mountain during his adventure.

Could you imagine if this site made such a joke? I don’t mind poking fun at sports luminaries, but family, health, and safety are off-limits.

I don’t think Marchand did this maliciously, but his effort to be “funny” is in poor taste.

ESPN should ask Marchand to apologize; however don’t hold your breath for the World Wide Leader to do the right thing.

By the way… if ESPN removes that link, I copied and pasted that quote directly from Marchand’s ESPNNY.com column – sorry, I don’t trust big media companies in situations like this. They prove to be dishonest and sneaky far too often.


To Marchand’s credit he did post a link on Twitter to Dickey’s charitable cause that is behind this Kilimanjaro climb.


As for my take on the whole Mets concerns about Dickey climbing the mountain, see this quote from a Paul Lebowitz column earlier today:

It’s his right to do it, but it’s also within the Mets rights to try to talk him out of it and remind him of the professional and personal gamble he’s taking.

There is no story here, move along.

I guess this is what happens on a slow sports day.


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5 Responses to Insensitive Media Quote of 2011

  1. LongTimeFan

    I totally agree Marchand was out of line. Shame on him, what a terrible thing to suggest he darn well knows isn’t true, jumping on the anti-Wilpon bandwagon for the purpose of stirring up readership, is unprofessional and of poor judgment.

    I also agree the Mets were within their bounds to send the letter they did. It’s a good bet RA totally understands and isn’t offended. He’s willing to take that risk in support of a cause he believes in, and that’s his choice to make.

  2. Shamik

    One of Marchand’s Tweets regarding this issue says it all:

    “Mets are easy to make fun of and since it is for charity it seems a little over the top, but most teams want to protect their assets.”

    So because the Mets are “easy to make fun of” he decides to abandon his journalistic integrity and put in some insipid commentary postulating a baseball team possibly rooting for their one recent success story perishing on the side of a mountain in order to save money. Classy guy.

  3. Joe Wenzel

    Did the Rockies do the same with Kevin Slowey the other ballplayer climbing the mountain? If so, it’s probably a necessary evil….haven’t heard one article following that angle.

  4. Mike Silva


    I am going to reach out to someone in the industry that knows this kind of thing, but I am almost positive that it’s standard in every players contract that it can be voided for certain activities. I was once told that, technically, a player’s contract can be voided if they throw their arm out playing catch with their kids. I had this conversation before, but the details are fuzzy… give me a couple of days and I will either write a post or follow up in the comments section.

  5. UncleMario

    The Atlanta Braves released Outfielder Ron Gant after his ATV accident in 1994.

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