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Mets Stepping Up Efforts to Move Wright?

By Chuck Johnson ~ December 20th, 2011. Filed under: Digest Contributors, New York Mets.

A number of sources are indicating the Mets are stepping up their attempts to move their only remaining moveable contract, that of David Wright. With Johan Santana once again shut-down and doubtful to be ready for Opening Day and Jason Bay owning a full-no trade clause, Wright’s $15 million dollar salary is Sandy Alderson’s only money saving option left.

With news coming out today the Mets’ have decided to cut their Gulf Coast League Rookie Ball affiliate, a cost savings measure estimated at $800,000, and with reported layoffs and outright firings at the Port St. Lucie complex, the money issues facing the franchise are becoming clearer every day.

Combine that with the Winter Meetings report by former Braves and Nationals President Stan Kasten, now an MLB Network insider and long-time friend of Alderson’s, who reported the early indications of the Mets’ heading into the 2012 season with a payroll of $90-$110 million will in actuality be closer to $70-$90 million.

Various reports have the Mets interested in the Rockies’ Eric Young Jr, who will fill their need at second base. Additional sources have also told me struggling 2009 first rounder Tyler Matzek would be part of  a potential package, with David Wright heading to the Rockies.

Obviously, for the Mets, the biggest benefit of the trade is the Rockies picking up most, if not all, of Wright’s contract. With Ian Stewart traded and only journeyman Jonathan Herrera ready to play at the major league level, the trade makes sense from both sides.

Young fills an immediate need in New York as does Wright in Colorado, not to mention the financial relief the Mets would gain. Matzek is an enigma; he’s got a legitimate arm but struggled inexplicably with his command this year, walking a shocking 96 hitters in 97 innings between two Class A stops. On the bright side, Matzek allowed fewer hits than innings and struck out 111 batters, so there is hope that his command issues are mechanical and can be fixed with some coaching or a change of scenery.

Whether this comes to fruition or not remains to be seen, but it’s the events of the last few days and the resumption of the Wright talks clearly point to the Mets’ financial situation being direr than anyone could possibly imagine.

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A life-long Yankee fan who counts among his fondest memories seeing “The Mick” play in person, Chuck is a long time member of SABR and the Minor League Alumni Association. A staff researcher for Retrosheet, and a former part-time scout with the Mariners, Chuck now works for the Milwaukee Brewers in their Spring Training Operations Office and holds a similar role in the offseason for the Arizona Fall League. Chuck's newest venture is as a staff writer for MLB.com's new minor league blog http://thefuturists.mlblogs.com, led by Senior Writer Jonathan Mayo. You can check him out there under user cjohns56 (same as Twitter), and on his soon to be launched personal website, www.mlbprospectpulse.com.

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32 Responses to Mets Stepping Up Efforts to Move Wright?

  1. Steve S.

    If such a lame deal goes down, the Wilponzis will finally have the monumental fan boycott they deserve.

  2. joey

    Sounds like Oliver Perez. Seen this movie before. Pass.

  3. Cannon Fodder

    What sources? Wright for a bag of balls, a bum, and a Rick Ankiel pitching clone? The Wilpon’s are morons, but Sandy isn’t. Lets give the man more credit then this hogwash. Nothing but offseason cannon fodder.

  4. bebop

    This guy (Silva) is either an idiot or if he’s right the Wilpons are out of their minds! Wright for Young and a single A guy? I’m not stopping here again.

  5. Mike Silva

    bebop – Chuck is the author of this piece, I can’t take credit for his work- hope to see you around here again though.

  6. Mark

    This is laughable

  7. Stu B

    It’s even more laughable considering that the Rockies have Casey Blake, Michael Cuddyer, and possibly Kevin Kouzmanoff on their roster.

  8. Piazza

    Chuck, I’m curious as to whether or not you truly believe “sources” are just ideas sportswriters come up with in their heads. They might very well be, but you just aren’t very good at it.

  9. Mike Silva

    Cuddyer is more of an OF, and the other two guys aren’t David Wright. It’s no secret the Rockies have wanted Wright, but no team is going to overpay for him knowing the Mets financial situation – again, read the piece and see what Chuck is saying. He never said this was a done deal or close, just discussed and is trying to paint a picture of what the Wright situation really is.

  10. J J

    Raw deal for the Mets! Only possible upside is Matzek. He has the stuff to be a big league starter. His control problems this past season were because the Rockies tried to change his mechanics…didn’t work. As soon as he changed back he was lights out for the 2nd half of the season (check his stats). So your idea of changing his mechanics again is not going to happen. I honestly don’t see this trade happening.

  11. Corky Wilpon

    “Rockies have wanted Wright, but no team is going to overpay for him knowing the Mets financial situation.”

    I don’t necessarily buy that. Unless the Rockies are the only team that would be interested, I can’t imagine a utility player and a prospect who looks like the second coming of Ollie Perez are going to get this deal done because the Mets are hurting for money. Earlier today we heard that Justin Turner would be a fair swap for Young, and now Young is the potential centerpiece of a Wright deal?

    Potential landing spots: Baltimore, Cincinnati, Detroit, Seattle, Toronto. And if Alderson is ballsy, Philly and Miami (if Ramirez really is disgruntled).

  12. Corky Wilpon


    Nope … Arenado changed Rox thinking RT @MetsFanSince71 @TroyRenck Any rumors at all on your end regarding David Wright going to the Rox?


    Nope RT @cjensen23 @TroyRenck Are we still going after Wright?

  13. Tommy2cat

    Mike Silva:

    I like this site, but it just lost a ton a credibility.



  14. Paul

    BS. Which is par for the course with this site and their anti-Mets bias. Ranks right up there with the obvious bias this site has as well against the 86 mets team. One look at the stratomatic “games” tell u everything u need to know.

  15. Mike Silva

    @Paul anti-Mets bias? Because of Strat-O-Matic? Do you really think I rigged the SOM results because I dislike the Mets? How can I be anti-Yankees and anti-Mets at the same time, which I have been accused of.

    @Tommy2cat – I always appreciate you stopping by, Chuck has his information and I think we should at least realize it’s possible Wright could be traded. Give Chuck credit for what he wrote about Reyes, which was outlined over at Metsmerized


    I also think MMO had a very balanced review of the piece and what Chuck is trying to say.

    Turns out he was right. Shopping Wright and trading him are two different things.

  16. Chuck

    “Chuck, I’m curious as to whether or not you truly believe “sources” are just ideas sportswriters come up with in their heads.”

    Yes, absolutely.

    With the oversaturation of the market writers do have to stay one step ahead of the competition to stay somewhat relevant.

    I, however, am not a sportswriter, nor was this story a figment of my imagination.

    I sent Mike a text yesterday when I heard about this and he asked me right away to put something together for me, an offer I declined as I had not received anything other than the trade talks resuming. There were no players mentioned.

    It was only after hearing the Young/Matzek names mentioned and receiving independent confirmation did I send the story to Mike, which was about three hours later.

    You homers have to understand something here; what the Mets are going through is not only unprecedented for them, it’s pretty much so for anyone.

    Think about the sacrifices you’d have to make if you were forced to take a 40% pay cut from your paychecks. Your rent is a fixed amount every month, you have to pay that regardless.

    The Bay and Santana contracts are the Mets’ rent, Wright is the sports car they can no longer afford, so they have to get rid of it for a cheaper option.

    Wright’s not untradeable, Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee are both examples of that.

    It’s not important who the Mets get back, all that matters is unloading his contract.

    It’s just reality.

  17. Chuck

    “It’s even more laughable considering that the Rockies have Casey Blake, Michael Cuddyer, and possibly Kevin Kouzmanoff on their roster”

    No, Stu, what’s laughable is you not knowing Cuddyer was signed to play LF, that Kouzmanoff was released and is a free agent, and the Blake signing was announced after the article was written.


  18. KB

    That the Mets would consider trading Wright is NOT a stretch. But I still find it hard to believe that, even in dire financial shape, that a Young/Matzek package would be accepted by the Mets. THAT’S what smells about this. I just don’t see the man who turned Beltran into Wheeler accepting a low OBP/no power MI and a pitcher who walks the park day in and day out, even if the Rox are absorbing all of Wright’s salary. The Rockies have a lot of really interesting prospects, and there are other teams who would be interested.

    Also, I think Cuddyer will play right field, if you want to get really specific about it…

  19. Chuck

    Like Mike said, the players mentioned were rumored names mentioned, it’s NOT an indication in any way this would be the actual deal nor that a deal was imminent.

    This is not the first time Wright’s name has been mentioned with Colorado, there were talks going back several months.

    No one should be surprised at this, really.

  20. Stu B

    Chuck, I know that Cuddyer’s an OF, but he has played some third, and that Kouzmanoff’s a free agent – that’s why I qualified it with “possibly.” And I read about Blake’s signing the same day I read your piece. Really, there’s no need to be so sensitive when people disagree with you. It’s nothing personal.

  21. Stewie

    If your “sources” exist, they would have to be from the Rockies side, because this trade proposal is absolutely laughable. There is not evidence whatsoever that the Mets are “stepping up efforts to move Wright.” This article is total bogus.

  22. KB

    First, I did acknowledge that a Wright trade is possible; one could legitimately argue it is the right thing to do. I’m also well aware of the previous rumors; Troy Renck was the first to report on the Rockies’ interest during last season, and as you can see from the Twitter links in the above comments, he says there is nothing to the latest rumors.

    The fact that Young and Matzek are _just rumored_ isn’t very clear. To eliminate some ambiquity, you should have stated “…Young WOULD fill their need at second”; the “will fill their need” sounds like he’s a given to be in the trade.

    And if that’s reading too much into it: “Additional sources have also told me struggling 2009 first rounder Tyler Matzek would be part of a potential package.” “Would be”? If he’s just rumored, I’d suggest writing it as “could be”.

    Sorry to be picky, but the article comes off sounding like the structure of a deal built around Young and Matzek is being discussed. I don’t think you’re making this up; I’m not calling you out. This is more constructive criticism, because the tone of the article contradicts some what you said in your comment about those guys just being rumored.

  23. Chuck

    “Really, there’s no need to be so sensitive when people disagree with you.”

    Not at all, Stu.

    You called the suggestion “laughable”.


  24. Chuck

    “There is not evidence whatsoever…”

    That you know of.

    Doesn’t mean it’s not true, just that the public doesn’t have the ability to confirm.

  25. Chuck


    Who’s Troy Renck?

  26. NYM

    LOL. This rumor cannot possibly be serious. Young fills a need?? He’s terrible. He doesn’t fill any needs. There was a twitter rumor yesterday suggesting Turner for Young Jr…that seems reasonable neither player is really that good…though they may have use in a bench role, and Young might have more versatility.

    I could see the Mets trading Wright, though I do believe the rumors saying its unlikely to happen this offseason. However, trading Wright for a pretty lousy player in Young and a fringe prospect would be an absolutely awful deal.

  27. NYM

    Troy Renck is the Rockies beat guy for the Denver Post

  28. Stu B

    As I said, Chuck, there’s no reason to be so sensitive. I gave my reasons that I thought the idea was laughable, and every one of your recent comments is a reaction to somebody’s opposing comment. Let it go and relax!

  29. Chuck

    Well, Stu, some of the comments were unclear, so I took the opportunity to clarify some things, like KB had said.

    If you want to rip me, go ahead, I’m certainly not “sensitive” to the criticism, on the contrary, I could care less what you or anyone has to say.

  30. Stewie

    Sure, “that the public knows of…,” but your stealth sources are better, huh?

    1) Alderson told the media after Reyes signed with the Marlins that he would explore trading anyone BUT David Wright, who is his only marquee player left. This doesn’t mean he won’t trade him in the future, but he was unlikely to do so this off-season.
    2) Troy Renck, the Rockies beat reporter, who started all of the rumors involving the Rockies and Wright, suggest that nothing is going on there currently.
    3) The Rockies sign Casey Blake, who although advanced in age, is likely to see significant time at third base for the Rockies in 2012.
    4) The players mentioned in this article are garbage names; nothing even close to a starting point for Wright.
    5) You have no evidence whatsoever when the decision to eliminate the Gulf Coast League team was actually put in motion. Just because it was announced yesterday doesn’t mean the decision was made yesterday due to today’s financial issues.

    Is that enough?

  31. Stu B

    Chuck, I wasn’t ripping you – I was just disagreeing. Nothing personal.

  32. Cory Z

    Needless to say, I hope this is not true. (I hope the Mets don’t trade Wright – and, if they do, I hope it’s after his value has increased, so they – hopefully – can bring back some quality, as opposed to Young etc.) I haven’t seen ANYTHING about that supposed Rockies deal (or any other deal involving Wright) anywhere. I read all the NY papers, most of the blogs and facebook groups, follow all the national and local guys on twitter, listen to wfan, watch MLBN etc. Not a word of Wright ANYWHERE. And when I was at the Mets Season-Ticket-Holder Hot Stove event at Citi, Alderson explicitly – and publicly – said “I don’t see David going anywhere.” I realize that can change, and the Mets might end up trading Wright; it wouldn’t be the first time an exec said one thing, and did another. I also realize you can’t necessarily divulge your “sources,” but I am wondering about the origin of this rumor, and if there really is anything to it. I know the Mets are trying to save as much money as possible (and to that end, trading Wright COULD make SOME sense), but trading him before the season even starts will cost them a LOT (at the gate, etc.) esp. if they trade him for the mediocre players you’ve mentioned. Personally, I’d rather see them sign him to a long-term deal at reasonable money ASAP, to send a message to him and the fans that they actually will try to win, and will try to do so with at least one homegrown fan favorite. If all they can get are mediocre players with modest potential (such as those mentioned on your site), they’d be crazy. And that’s how fans would view it. Even if they could get a stud for him I think they’d be better off keeping him (for morale, etc. If nothing else), but at least then I could begin to fathom and understand it. But not for Young and a struggling prospect.

    Wright for Hanley? With Murphy then manning 3B and Tejada and/or Turner at 2B??? That I might do; or Wright in a deal for King Felix or another stud pitcher – or at least a top pitching prospect, ok … but not for a collection like the Mets got for Seaver in the Midnight Massacre…

    If they could only keep one of them, they should have opened the valut for Reyes and traded Wright, but now that Jose (and his more unique and important skills – as well as his clownish antics) is gone, they had better keep Wright – or trade him for a known – and valuable – commodity …

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