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Yanks, Oakland, KC Discussing 3-Way Deal for Gio Gonzalez

By Chuck Johnson ~ December 6th, 2011. Filed under: Rumor Mill.

Mike Silva Update 7:33 PM

Told #A‘s asked #Yankees for either Banuelos or Betances, plus Montero for Gio Gonzalez. Not happening.Wed Dec 07 00:15:14 via TweetDeck

Original Post

A source down at the Winter Meetings informed me of a 3-way deal being discussed between the Yankees, Oakland, and Kansas City. The players discussed were:

Yankees get: Gio Gonzalez

A’s get: LF Brett Gardner from Yanks, 1B Clint Robinson from Royals.

Royals get: RHP David Phelps, OF Michael Taylor, and a PTBNL from Yanks that is expected to be off 40-man roster.

Source quotes Yanks rep as indicating Cashman being comfortable “leaving without doing anything” and knowing “teams needs are more than our wants.”

AlsoOakland is not interested in Jesus Montero as they don’t believe he could handle a young staff, or that his bat will be as potent in a larger park.

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A life-long Yankee fan who counts among his fondest memories seeing “The Mick” play in person, Chuck is a long time member of SABR and the Minor League Alumni Association. A staff researcher for Retrosheet, and a former part-time scout with the Mariners, Chuck now works for the Milwaukee Brewers in their Spring Training Operations Office and holds a similar role in the offseason for the Arizona Fall League. Chuck's newest venture is as a staff writer for MLB.com's new minor league blog http://thefuturists.mlblogs.com, led by Senior Writer Jonathan Mayo. You can check him out there under user cjohns56 (same as Twitter), and on his soon to be launched personal website, www.mlbprospectpulse.com.

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62 Responses to Yanks, Oakland, KC Discussing 3-Way Deal for Gio Gonzalez

  1. Michael Maggi

    That’s a curious move but would certainly seem to gel with Frankie Pilliere’s report that the Yanks are the front-runner for Cespedes. Supposedly, he has difference-making baserunning skills and speed so the loss of Gardner would not be great.

  2. J

    Can’t believe this rumor. Coming from a guy who still thinks the mystery team for Cliff Lee was the Twins.

  3. Harry

    Ha Ha Ha! Who else is NY including and not mentioned ?

  4. KennyPowers

    Absolutely NO way this goes down.

    Sorry, but I have no faith in Dayton inquiring on getting Gio for himself as a true #1, then let him go to another team instead…

  5. Mike Silva


    The Twins were the mystery team at the 31st deadline to acquire Lee, that was something we discussed here… not sure why that is curious, it’s an old story.

  6. J

    Im talking about the off-season. Nowhere did I mention the 31st deadline. Just backing up my point that i’m not going to believe somebody who has been connected to false information in the past.

  7. J

    My point was that Delgrippo said in off-season Twins were mystery team instead of Phillies. I was told I was wrong by Chuck Johnson that it was in fact the Twins. Wrong by both Delgrippo and Johnson.

  8. Chuck Johnson


    I agree, Beane has said he won’t trade Gonzalez unless he gets a “ML ready OF with three or four years of control” in return.

    Oakland does have a pretty good crop of outfielders in the system, but none are deemed ML ready until 2013 at the earliest.

    The Yanks don’t have a projectable OF prospects above A ball, which is why the Yanks are hesitant to trade Gardner, and KC has rejected any proposals which included top prospect Wil Myers.

    Oakland is also looking to move arbitration eligible catcher Kurt Suzuki, which is why they have rejected Montero as a potential trade acquisition.

    Their scouts, like every other teams, don’t believe Montero could catch everyday in the majors and also are not impressed with his game calling skills enough to entrust him with a young staff.

    Oakland also expressed concerns that Montero’s opposite field approach wouldn’t play well in the larger AL West parks.

  9. Chuck Johnson


    Prove otherwise, or move on.

    Your act is getting old.

  10. J

    I post on here once in a blue moon. Sorry for such a tired act. Just find it comical you continue to back up a point that was false. I made one point and was killed for it. Why I feel the need to make the point and show you’re proving a invalid point.

    Perhaps if you had a different viewpoint without jumping down my throat, I would be okay with it. But, by young killing me for proving your point is wrong, that I find comical.

    Have fun going through trash cans in the lobby of drawn up trade proposals and putting them up on the blog.

    God Bless

  11. Johnny

    So we are supposed to believe that the offensive starved A’s have no interest in Montero? The trade itself was a stretch. That Montero comment blew the roof off of it.

  12. Will

    No Montero? Fake!

  13. Chuck Johnson

    “But, by young killing me for proving your point is wrong, that I find comical”

    You haven’t proved it wrong, which kind of goes along with “prove it, or move on.”

    Minnesota contacted Lee’s agent about ten hours before the Philly signing was announced, and had a ninety minute conversation with his agent.

    Joe DelGrippo was at the Winter Meetings last year, I was home in Phoenix.

    Within an hour of each other, we had both heard from separate sources the conversation had taken place and almost simultaneously exchanged texts with the information.

    Just because you can’t find anything on Google to confirm the Twins being the mystery team, doesn’t mean they weren’t.

    Again, if it’s a mystery, the public doesn’t know.

    Don’t know what else to tell you.

    But, again, it’s a year old story. Whether you believe it or not, it’s time to let it go.

  14. Andy

    NYBD- I feel like you guys just take on so much criticism whenever you post a rumor. Not quite sure why fans feel they have to be offended or angered, just because they don’t believe you guys.

  15. Chuck Johnson


    You’re right, of course.

    We live in a knowledge driven society now, what with information driven resources like Google and Facebook and the internet in general.

    What people don’t (or won’t) understand or accept is there are people out there who know things they don’t, and if they can’t verify using the only resources available to them, they discount it as false.

    Keith Law gets criticized, Peter Gammons gets criticized, Joel Sherman gets criticized.

    It comes with the territory, and no one is exempt.

    So, why should it bother me?

  16. Stu B

    Look on the bright side, Chuck. At least Brien’s not on here bitching and creating unnecessary drama.

  17. Chuck Johnson


    Brien who?

  18. Joseph DelGrippo

    Two years ago at the trade deadline, I received information that the Twins had traded for Cliff Lee, so as to compete head on with the Yankees.


    I analyzed the situation and declared the Twins would be best served to work a deal for Cliff Lee. Based upon the players mentioned, I clearly asserted the Twins were getting the best of the deal and stated the Mariners should try and hold out for a better package.

    After the major player the Mariners would receive, Wilson Ramos, was injured, the deal fell through. I discussed that here:


    Subsequently, Lee was shipped to the Texas Rangers, after Jack Z received a better offer. If the original trade was agreed upon, the Mariners GM reneged on that deal, before he reneged on a deal with the Yankees for Lee at the same deadline.

    This trade situation was TWO seasons ago!

    I was at the Winters Meetings last year in freezing cold Orlando, talking with GMs and various scouts trying to get into the business with any team. My preference was Arizona since I liked Kevin Towers, Roland Hemond, Derrick Hall and the rest of the Diamondbacks staff.

    I am on record at last years Winter Meetings claiming that Cliff Lee would sign with the Philadelphia Phillies. I made this statement several times on Mike’s show, while LIVE from those Winter Meetings. I also informed many people in the Media Room including several full-time ESPN paid writers.

    So I really don’t understand what J keeps talking about.

    By the way, I believe Gio Gonzalez is vastly overrated. He is a slightly better version of Jonathan Sanchez and Oliver Perez, with a similar lack of control, the ability to dominate and an ability to agitate.

  19. Brien Jackson

    This is the single funniest thing I’ve heard all week. This might actually be funnier than the “David Phelps is pitching for a 40-man spot” rumor Chuck made up.

  20. KennyPowers

    i have no problem with an established writer posting a sourced rumor, because hey..it’s the winter meetings and gives us something to talk about. I don’t think it calls for belittling or questioning credibility.

    Many writers have sources whose leads pans out, some don’t.

    I always picture sources as someone sitting on the toilet, over-hearing two dudes at the urinal talking trade, they flush..wash hands and leave..and the source is on the Twitter discussing what he overheard…not realizing they guys were probably talking fantasy baseball, or MLB2K…it happens, I am sure.

    Thanks for the topic, whether valid or not, since it got my mind racing wondering the side-stories involved of “would the Royals really get Taylor and Phelps for just Clint Robinson, would Gardners WAR carry over in Oakland, would Taylor be KC’s new CF with the Royals making a trade with Atlanta, Cain for Jurrjens..

    It helped me think baseball the better part of my afternoon, so I am not worried.

  21. Brien Jackson

    “I feel like you guys just take on so much criticism whenever you post a rumor. Not quite sure why fans feel they have to be offended or angered, just because they don’t believe you guys.”

    Personally it angers me because nonsense like this makes it hard for “bloggers” in general to be taken seriously.

  22. Stu B

    Sorry Chuck, guess I spoke too soon, lol.

  23. Mike Silva


    In dealing with beat writers and the mainstream, they have no interest in validating blogs, or anything they can’t control. I know who Chuck has worked for, and I wouldn’t allow something fabricated. Again, he said it was discussed, not offered or close…. big difference.

  24. Brien Jackson

    Ah yes, the non-falsifiable clause. Chuck’s favorite method of qualifying completely unbelievable “rumors” no one else has heard.

  25. Chuck Johnson

    “Personally it angers me because nonsense like this makes it hard for “bloggers” in general to be taken seriously.”

    The fact you believe it to be nonsense is why no one takes you seriously.

    You have a job. You have a wife and three kids.

    Congratulations, it appears you have the same life we all do.

    But we’re talking baseball here, and it’s quite clear by you being a”contributing writer” on a site no one reads that’s all you have.

    Seriously, find another outlet.

  26. Chuck Johnson

    “Chuck’s favorite method of qualifying completely unbelievable “rumors” no one else has heard.”

    How many sources do you have in Dallas, Brien?

    My guess is the same as you have anywhere else.


  27. Brien Jackson

    You’ve also got to like how Chuck’s “source” indicates that the A’s share Chuck’s poor outlook on Montero while the real reporters are saying that basically every team the Yankees inquire with are asking for Montero.

  28. Brien Jackson

    Well Chuck I must admit to being a little muddled. If you have such good sources, why are you so compelled to make up unbelievable rumors that are contradicted by actual reporters?

  29. Chuck Johnson

    “You’ve also got to like how Chuck’s “source” indicates that the A’s share Chuck’s poor outlook on Montero while the real reporters are saying that basically every team the Yankees inquire with are asking for Montero.”

    What does that have to do with the discussion at hand?

    What does one GM’s opinion about his own team have to do with the other 28?

    Montero’s been trade bait since 2009, if you knew anything about the Yankees you’d know that.

    Pretending not to makes you look like an ass..you know that, right?

    And you want to know why no one reads your stuff.

  30. Mike Silva

    One thing to remember…. there are agendas with mainstream reporters and what they are given (see Boras). One benefit of Joe, Chuck, Frank etc. is they do it in a more conventional way by developing relationships in the game. Its an added bonus here, not our main focus. This is an Op Ed site.

  31. Mike Silva

    As for Montero, the Klapisch deal was not a 3-way, things change when you have others involved. Regardless, it doesn’t look like the Yankees are going to make a deal anytime soon.

  32. Chuck Johnson

    ” If you have such good sources, why are you so compelled to make up unbelievable rumors that are contradicted by actual reporters?”

    Prove I’ve made up anything.

    Word to the wise..you can’t.

    So, STFU?

    Seriously, you’re like a pimple on my ass; annoying as hell but comforting in the fact you’ll disappear in a few days.

  33. Andy

    “Personally it angers me because nonsense like this makes it hard for ‘bloggers’ in general to be taken seriously.”

    Well get over it – go to RAB or TYA, etc. then. Just stop complaining.

  34. Russ Cress

    There is No Chance that this happens.

    The Yankees trading Gardner makes no sense. He’s a unique player with a skill set that they can’t replace. So, not only does trading him make no sense, but then compounding that by spending tens of millions of dollars for the unproven Cuban kid and expecting him to step right in would be compounding the mistake.

    This is one of those deals that people throw out there because it reeks of something that George would have done back in the day. It doesn’t seem like something Cashman would do, so I’m not buying this one.

    The Yankees are doing the right thing by sitting back and waiting for a more realistic price to come their way on Danks or possibly Garza or signing Darvish. The longer it takes for Darvish to post, the better it is for the Yankees’ chances there. No need to panic, hold tight Cash and wait for someone to come to you. Your patience will be rewarded.

  35. Steve S.

    If anyone actually believes that other bloggers are the reason they’re not taken seriously, they may want to stop looking elsewhere and start looking at the posts they write.

  36. Steve S.

    I think these two reports are very easy to reconcile. Klapisch had the A’s proposal and Chuck had the Yankee counter offer. They didn’t make a deal, so both reports can be true, the sides are just too far apart.

  37. J

    This is what I’m talking about.

    @JosephDelGrippo Joseph DelGrippo
    Source tells me that mystery team on Lee is not the Phillies but the Minnesota Twins at 5 yrs and $107 million. Have not confirmed this yet
    13 Dec via web Favorite Retweet Reply
    Retweeted by Champingthebit and 3 others

    This came soon after news came down that there was a 3rd team in on Lee other than the Yankees/Rangers.

    So back to my point, I don’t feel the need to listen to guys who back up their false news stories. One thing to admit you were wrong, but don’t kill people for calling out others when they were in fact wrong. So Chuck and Joe here is what I’ve been talking about all along.

  38. David, Jr.


    What do you think of Gio for the Yankees?

  39. joey pittman

    “So, STFU?

    Seriously, you’re like a pimple on my ass; annoying as hell but comforting in the fact you’ll disappear in a few days.”

    such arrogance. you make things up and you tell him to STFU you may know people chuck but how do you know what they tell you is accurate? if im in the tankees inner circle and an arrogant self important asshole pesters me for info, id tell him bogus rumors too.

    thats your problem Mr Johnson, you assume that because its you, that its all accurate, when your own ego and attitude, would leave you subject to being played as a fool

    there is a reason John Heyman and Ken Rosenthal have the jobs they do, and you are a wannabe, its called credibility

    until you accept that what you hear may be bogus just because you are asking or badgering, you will lack substance. you can say this is what i was told, but you need to qualify it with a disclaimer

  40. J

    Joey, perhaps that’s why Sir Chuck Johnson has 14 followers on Twitter.

  41. Brien Jackson

    “I think these two reports are very easy to reconcile. Klapisch had the A’s proposal and Chuck had the Yankee counter offer.”

    Except for the part where every real reporter says that Oakland wants Montero in a deal while Chuck “Montero is a lemon” Johnson conveniently has a “source in Dallas” who says the A’s aren’t interested in Montero at all.

    But other than that mutually exclusive difference, sure, totally reconcilable.

  42. Joseph DelGrippo


    So you took a 140 character tweet on 12/13 over a radio broadcast I did with Mike on 12/7 from the winter meetings where I said my belief is the Phillies are a sleeper team for Lee?

    Great work. I was wrong, Happy?

    In that 12/7 radio broadcast http://www.blogtalkradio.com/nybaseballtalk/2010/12/08/winter-meetings-day-2

    Start listening at the 17 minute mark. I say the Angels should be interested in Lee and a “sleeper” team is the Phillies. I also state my reason for the Phillies is that baseball is a copycat sport, where one team does something and it works well, other teams begin to copycat.

    I said on that show the Giants showed how a dominant top three in the rotation can dominate a postseason and win a World Series, and could move Ruben Amaro to sign Lee.

    I also stated that Lee signing a deal with any team would force CC Sabathia to opt out.

    This radio deal was the night of 12/7, and during that day I wrote a piece saying if it came down to Texas, NYY and Wash, i believe Lee would choose Texas.

    Then on 12/13, I get a call from someone who knows I am also a Twins fan (Kent Hrbek was my favorite non-Yankee), saying the Twins wanted Lee and offered 5 yrs/$107 million.

    And as I tweeted, had not confirmed that with a Twins guy who I know.

    But Lee signed with Philadelphia for 5 yrs/$120 million, which is more cash that what the Twins supposedly offered, and that is likely one reason Lee chose the Phillies.

    But thanks for looking thru all my tweets and picking out one that did not work out, but it doesn’t mean that the Twins were not interested and did not make that offer.

    You win. Just like Charlie Sheen.

  43. J

    Nahh don’t really want to listen in. Tweet was bad enough for me. Happy you finally admitted you’re mistake…something Charles has yet to do. P.s. your proposed deal for Yanks for Niese is comical. Keep it up

  44. Joseph DelGrippo

    Proposed deals are always starting places to where actual deals may end up. If Mets don’t like an original offer, they can ask for something else.

    Maybe the Mets can actually get Jason Hammel and a minor leaguer from the Rockies. That would make them way better.

    Funny, but it is very easy hiding behind a computer. You’re (the correct usage, not like the way you used it above) very good at hiding.

    Why don’t you come out with and use your real name?

    Mike Silva does, I do, Chuck does, even Brien Jackson does.

    You’re (again the correct usage) just another in a long line of losers who hide behind their computer.

  45. J

    So now YOU’RE my english teacher along with a terrible source for baseball. Damn thing aren’t going quite going YOUR way. J is my name. Not hiding behind anything. Not sure how else I can present myself since the computer is my only way of contacting you…

  46. Joseph DelGrippo

    Not an English teacher, but someone who notices misspellings, incorrect usages and bad sentences.

    Like what you just wrote: “Damn thing aren’t going quite going YOUR way.” What does that even mean?

    Do you write anywhere? Is there anyplace where we can see what you think about baseball?

  47. J

    Slow computers sometimes don’t spell out what you’re typing and causes you to retype it and just reappear. That’s what happened. I don’t see yours either. I know enough to know that you are a joke. You’re own respective contributors to this site don’t even like you (Frank Russo). What’s that say about you?

  48. J

    P.S. Kinda cute your only way of getting back at somebody is critiquing their sentences and grammar. It’s a comment board not the essay part of the SAT.

  49. Joseph DelGrippo

    “P.S. Kinda cute your only way of getting back at somebody is critiquing their sentences and grammar. It’s a comment board not the essay part of the SAT.”

    Well, if that is the only thing you represent of yourself, that is all we have to comment on, correct?

    And I thought you were probably a friend of Frank’s, likely his Tampa “source” who is never correct. I do not offer my opinions here or anywhere (once again using my own name, not just an initial) to hope people like me, and trust me, I am not seeking to be liked by Frank.

    Even though I don’t agree with much of what Frank writes (and his sourced information is never right, but I don’t see you negatively commenting on that fact), I respect that he is a passionate Yankee fan who uses his own name on here.

    So, until you use your real name or give us some work you have written to see what you believe and think, you deserve no respect.

    P.S. – Kinda (not really a word) cute you still don’t repsond to my requests to show us what you have written.

  50. Stu B

    What proposal for the Yankees and Niese?

  51. Joseph DelGrippo

    Seeing how all Mets players (except Wright) were available, I was talking with Mike earlier today and told him I would love to get Niese for the Yankees.

    I proposed Austin Romine and DJ Mitchell for Niese. I know that would not be accepted, but it’s a starting point. On tonights radio show, Howard asked me about Yankees minor league second baseman David Adams, who was placed on the Yankees 40-man roster last month.

    Adams is a good hitter who has injury issues, and I would also include him, too.

    It might take more higher end talent from the Yankees such as Dellin Betances (who I would include in a package), and my original proposal might change to Betances and Romine if it was to get done.

    Then again, it might change to something else, but the initial proposal gets the two teams talking, which from what I understand, Cashman is seriously pursuing as recently as an hour ago.

    Interesting, but Niese and Phil Hughes have similar career numbers. That would make for a great player for player swap.

  52. J (Jermaine)

    Happy now? Got my full name? So a blog is needed for me to be credible around here? That’s cool I guess. Maybe I should go the path of creating a website like this http://josephdelgrippo.com/

    Or write for bleacher report like you do….

    Or Follow the career path of still pursuing an actual career path…like you. “Aspiring sportswriter and baseball analyst. I do a few radio shows and would like to have my own show.”

    How long does that usually take?

    Don’t need to prove anything to you of how knowledgeable of a Yankee fan or a baseball fan I am.

    Because even with your awesome radio show that I have never heard of or your columns or whatever you do with your life, I don’t think your very credible either. Frustrating lifestyle huh?

    I think I’m okay with going to school with a career path in mind instead of winging it like you are.

    I don’t even know why I’m swooping down to your pathetic level. Shouldn’t you be busy writing articles or preparing for your radio shows since it is one of the busiest times of the baseball off-season.

    Kind of happy I’m not the only one on here that thinks you’re a phony.

  53. J (Jermaine)

    Good comebacks by the way. The whole grammar thing is amusing. Typical for an over-the-hill 40+ year old. You have any other clever comebacks up those sleeves?

  54. Stu B

    Interesting thought, Joe, but it seems to me that a 25YO lefty like Niese would be the type of guy the Mets should keep and build around, unless they can use him to help move a crappy contract like Bay or Santana.

  55. Stu B

    Dealing a guy like Dickey or Pelfrey, while those guys presumably have less trade value than Niese, for minor leaguers would make more sense to me.

  56. Joseph DelGrippo


    Yes, the Mets have stated they want a major league player plus a top minor league guy.

    But the Mets are also planning things around their young pitchers Matt Harvey, Zach Wheeler and Jenrry Mejia. That means likely shooting for 2014 to begin to compete.

    So, if 2014 was the target date, then a couple top prospects might do the trick. As I said earlier, an offer is a starting point. Very few trade deals get done based on the original offer.

    Also, trading Dickey or Pelfrey probably does not get the Mets quality prospects like trading Niese would. Alderson is not going to get a return for Pelfrey like he did for Carlos Beltran.

    Eduardo Nunez and Romine for Niese? You guys do need a shortstop and catcher. I like Nunez more and more and am not sure I would do that, but something Cashman might.

  57. Joseph DelGrippo


    My personal site is http://josephdelgrippo.wordpress.com/.

    I have not used that other site is quite some time, and I don’t write much anymore, basically a few things for Mike here on NYBD.

    Regular life takes up too much time.

    Thanks, though, for reminding me to change my profile information.

    I have not written for Bleacher Report in over a year, since last years Winter Meetings in Orlando. Told them I did not want to write slide show garbage, they said I had to, and I said good-bye.

    So keep up with your Occupy Wall Street protests and maybe you will get a job when you graduate. The real world is a lot tougher than the Mommy and Daddy land which you are accustomed. Vote again for Barack and watch your future spiral even further downward.

    Here is a website to keep in your “favorites.”


    I bet you are not studying journalism.

  58. Stu B

    Any chance Cashman would do Nunez or Romine and one of Banuelos, Betances, or Phelps? That might be something the Mets would counter with. Personally, I’d like to see them get a pitcher in the deal.

  59. Joseph DelGrippo

    Of those pitchers you mentioned, I like Betances the least. He has major control and command issues, but it’s interesting that he is the one among those three who can easily dominate on any given night.

    But he is way too inconsistent for my liking.

    I don’t believe the Yankees will deal Phelps. He is their unsung kid, who showed them in the AFL that his shoulder soreness issues this past season are not serious. After Hector Noesi, Phelps is their next in line for a rotation spot.

    And Banuelos isn’t going anywhere.

    If you add a top pitcher like Betances, Roimine is probably removed from the deal but another lower level pitcher such as Shaeffer Hall might be included.

    So, Nunez/Betances/Hall (or another lower level pitcher).

  60. Stu B

    If I were Alderson et al, I’d take Nunez and Betances, and if a lower-level arm like Hall comes along for the ride, so much the better. So when sould we schedule the presser, Joe? lol.

    Who needs real GMs?

  61. Chuck

    LOL.. so credibility is now based on number of Twitter followers?

  62. J (Jermaine)

    Wow Joe, you have a wordpress blog? How do you create one of those? Do you get paid to have such an astonishing site like that one? Truly is amazing. I’m a huge fan of the border and the title on top. Truly breathtaking. No I’m not studying journalism, why the hell would I want to follow in your footsteps?

    Regular life takes up too much time? I’m sorry finding a steady job has stopped you from being an “aspiring writer” you once hoped to be.

    Try “Google” when it comes to comebacks. The grammar critiquing is a little nerdy. You sound like one of those kids sitting at a lunch table by himself who gets picked on all the time.

    Ouch, I might have to look into some counseling.

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