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Yanks Postmortem With LoHud’s Chad Jennings @8pm

By Mike Silva ~ October 9th, 2011. Filed under: Radio Show.

I will recap the Yankees ALDS loss to Detroit and discuss the offseason with the team’s beat reporter for the Journal News, Chad Jennings.

Hear me talk about the future of CC Sabathia, Nick Swisher, and A-Rod. I will also tell you why I believe the Yankees overachieved this year, as well as why their yearly credo is arrogant and unfair.



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35 Responses to Yanks Postmortem With LoHud’s Chad Jennings @8pm

  1. Ace

    Having a HIGH standard isn’t arrogant, it’s the difference from being lulled into complacency, and ordinary low mental standards of settling for less.

    Go Yankees, keep building your history!!!

  2. vince

    Yankees keep the goal that Big Stein set, Win the WS, settle for nothing less, that’s the goal. Let the boo birds DO THEIR chatter, WIN!!

  3. gio

    Seems like everybody has their nose in the Yankees business, there’s nothing wrong with keeping the winning the World Series mantra/goal, nothing!!

    The Boss left a legacy he wanted to be repeated, and the fan base likes that goal.

  4. jace

    Good Lord, another non Yankee prattling on about Yankees high standards that work for them.

    Yankees don’t settle for mediocre seasons, and be happy they want more WS Championships….A GOAL ALL TEAMS SHOULD SHARE,too!!

    Who in their right mind would want less?

  5. Brooks

    If you notice the Yankees Never go around trashing other teams goals, or what they settle for, but stupidity is in abundance when it comes to the Yankees goals, because HOW DARE THEY HAVE ANY.

  6. Paul

    SO BECAUSE THE YANKEES MOTIVATES THEIR CLUB by HONORING George Steinbrenners legacy and mission statement for his beloved Yankees to follow, YOU consider it arrogant?

    Yankees love the very high stand George left, MING YOUR OWN BUSINESS !!

  7. boof

    Silva ,Yada yada yada, must be a slow sports news day, when you FEEL THE NEED to attack a teams goals….sad!

  8. Stu B

    Every team has the same goal, but the Yankees seem to think they have a monopoly on it and seemingly try to shove it down everyone’s throats – that’s what comes across as arrogant.

    The following piece in the Bergen Record says it perfectly:

    “Haven’t you heard? The Yankees are on a quest, a march, a mission, a mandate to win a 28th world championship.

    No. 28. It’s on T-shirts. It’s on the back of the manager’s uniform. It’s on the video board – incessantly.

    And during this short playoff run of theirs, the Yankees drummed that message home as often – and as loudly – as possible.

    It was so in-your-face it even provoked Jim Leyland to say something.

    Though the topic was Jose Valverde, the excitable Tigers’ closer who might have cheekily proclaimed the division series wasn’t coming back to the Bronx after Game 2, Leyland took the opportunity to jab at the constant assault to his senses – the stuff blaring from the giant scoreboard.

    “I didn’t take offense to the video at Yankee Stadium when they were talking about the World Series, like we’re the junior varsity, and they were getting ready for the World Series,” Leyland said. “I didn’t take offense to that at all.”

    Maybe he didn’t. But the volume and the repetitiveness of this message extended its limit.

    Now, I’ve got no problem with the Yankees’ aggressiveness toward their yearly aim or their pride in their history. You can’t count yourself a baseball fan without a deep appreciation for the Yankees’ success – from Ruth’s era to Jeter’s.

    The Yankees have an obligation to celebrate their past, to show a newer breed of fans how such a great franchise came to be.

    Give them DiMaggio, Berra, Murderer’s Row, Stengel’s string of pennants, Mantle, Maris, George, Reggie – all of it.

    But it can be done with more subtlety and in better taste at the new Yankee Stadium.

    If being a Yankee means respecting the pinstripes first, and winning with the grace of Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera, then you don’t need a faux movie trailer about the World Series as a coming attraction.

    You’d have to go out of town to see that film now anyway.

    The idea that a 97-win, AL East title season by the Yankees was a grand failure because it didn’t end in a 28th world title is somewhat unsettling. Your investment in the 2011 club was worthwhile.

    Yes, the winter arrived too soon. The chill reached Boston and Philly early, too.

    No club is going to approach the Yankees’ total of world titles anytime soon. They just don’t have to slam that ace down every home game.”

  9. Steve S.

    Hey Silva! As Paul said above “MING YOUR OWN BUSINESS”!!

    Wow, you draw a tough crowd some days. The Yankee goal is outdated with the modern playoff format and impossible to achieve on a regular basis, so if one buys into it they are setting themselves up for near-annual disappointment. Look at what happened to the Phillies, for the 2nd straight year. The Yanks can MAKE the playoffs, which is more than the well run Sox can say, and that’s the best you can do. The 5 game ALDS is such a crap shoot you can’t draw too much from winning or losing it. Frankly, the older I get the more I realize you shouldn’t draw too much from the playoffs, period.

    If 5 games in June shouldn’t make you change your assessment of a team, then neither should 5 games in October.

  10. joe

    ~Stu B,

    JUST ANOTHER HATER. Why should it matter to you how the Yankees motivate their team?

    You don’t like them don’t watch them, but everybody else will, the ratings just said it was historic viewership, and MLB likes the money they generate too.

    It’s, according to Forbes the best ran model for a baseball franchise.

    Yankees keep your standards high Never settle for ordinary seasons!!


  11. Dan

    When the Yankees were owned by CBS as a tax write off worth 8mm, after all the stars retired, nobody cared.

    Steinbrenner brought the Yankees back to greatness, LIKE OWNERS ARE SUPPOSE TO DO, invest and brand and market your team. George PromiseD the fans his perpetual goal….WINNING, now everybody has something to say. GO FIGURE!!

  12. james

    Stu B

    The Yankees have a historic body of work that allows the jealous to hate, we feel your pain…you are excused now!

  13. Chuck Johnson

    Just like the Braves teams of the late -90′s, early 00′s, the Yankees are a great regular season team.

    Problem being, that doesn’t always mean a great postseason team.

    If you thought the Yanks had a chance to win #28, you’re delusional.

  14. Stu B

    @joe and james: I bear no hatred for the Yankees. Why do you assume that anyone who calls them on their arrogance hates them?

    You say you never settle for ordinary seasons. But the funny thing is, their ordinary play forces you to. Go cry in your beer.

  15. Stu B

    The fact is, the Yankees crap stinks just like that of any other team. Too bad for you.

  16. joe

    Stu B

    1. Yankees DON’T cry. PERIOD.

    2. I hate beer

    3. Yankees will always follow George’s model WINNING .

    4. Ordinary and Yankees is an Oxymoron.

    5.This team Cashman fielded won the division and finished with the best AL record and was 1 hit away from a miraculous berth to to ALCS.

  17. james

    stu b

    You’re entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts. All 45 analyst on ESPN, before a single game was played declared the 2011 redsox to be the following:

    Best team in baseball, REPLACING (the only best team ,) 1927 Yankees murderer’s row.

    Also Yankees were suppose to finish 3rd in the division.

    This team was Anything but ordinary.

  18. jake

    Stu B


  19. Ace

    -chuck Johnson

    Try again the Yankees owned the 90′s 1996,1998.1999. and 2000
    THEY ALSO OWN 41 PENNANTS, they will never be the Braves,their standard is too high.!

  20. Stu B

    But the outcome of their season was barely less ordinary than most of the other teams in baseball with a much larger payroll, and THAT’S the point.

    And jake, I’m not knocking them for playing to win. Every team in baseball does that. I’m knocking them for being so arrogant about it when their crap stinks just like that of any other team – they have nothing to be arrogant about and they look ridiculous as a result. I’m really laughing at them and their fans more than knocking them.

  21. vince

    Why is it arrogance to set a goal (target) and work to accomplish your goal?

    ~Anything less Would be a loser mentality.~

  22. ben

    Payroll is paper, you still play the game on the field. Humans play the game and what an employer chooses to pay their employee isn’t Your business. NONE of the teams players are working for free, All are paid what they agree to.

    ~When I watch a game I never see bags of money fielding the positions, I see players, all doing the same thing playing ball.

  23. Stu B

    @vince: Trying to achieve a goal isn’t arrogant.

    “No. 28. It’s on T-shirts. It’s on the back of the manager’s uniform. It’s on the video board – incessantly.” That’s arrogant.

    Joe Girardi changing his uni number 28 in anticipation is arrogant.

    From the Bergen Record: “No. 28. It’s on T-shirts. It’s on the back of the manager’s uniform. It’s on the video board – incessantly.” That’s arrogant.

    Randy Levine: “We are the Yankees. When you don’t win the World Series, it is a bitter disappointment and not a successful year.” That’s arrogant.

    Arrogance isn’t in the goal. It’s in the attitude.

  24. ben

    Stu b

    Why don’t you mention all the corporate welfare money the Yankees pay to teams with lousy ownerships who can’t market their teams without the Yankees hard earned money coming to their team.

    How about the luxury tax they pay in addition too, just for being successful. Why don’t you harp on that.

  25. vince

    So the hell what, if you’ve achieved 27 wins what’s next…..uhm 28? The G O A L is to win, even if you don’t the standard is always there to accomplish!

    Levine Also said that’s how George raised him to win.

    Stu it’s ok to want to win you know~

  26. vince

    Stu B

    ~Do you know anything about marketing? 28 has an international following.

    ~I’m on an all Yankees forum that logs in people from countries all around the world. China, Australia, Iceland Japan, Francer, Spain, all the Americas, Canada etc …they’re asking will it be # 28.

    ~How the Yankees market their brand is phenomenal.

  27. Stu B

    No kidding vince! If you read my prior comments, you’d know that I wasn’t disagreeing with you. It’s the attitude that the Yankees (and their fans) are somehow superior that’s arrogant, not the desire to win, which they share with every other team.

  28. vince

    Your problem is simple , J E A L O U S. If it’s on T-Shirts it’s making money. Only the Yankees can advertise that truth. Seeking #28

  29. vince

    Stu B

    In the last game that the St Louis Cardinals played in season, a huge feisty squirrel ran across the field with Albert Pujols at bat.
    They won that clenching WC game and guess what?

    ~A vendor has the rally squirrel T-Shirts for sale. Is that ARROGANCE TOO? They of are the only team closest to the Yankees in WS wins with 10! Or is it marketing to rally their base?

  30. Stu B

    Selling squirrel tees is marketing. Advertising the World Series at Yankee Stadium as if it’s a coming attraction is arrogance, and looks ridiculous when the team loses in the ALDS. End of story.

  31. Eli C

    You are 100% right about CC’s weight. If he gains weight in middle of the season, it shows lack of discipline and commitment. I can learn from this as a father/husband that I need to watch my weight, health and energy level so I can be there for my “team”. Maybe he always had the strength without putting in the work, but as he gets older, he needs to take care of his body. Hockey players have outstanding nutrition programs, and a pitcher should also have.
    About Nick Swisher, maybe the Yankees should bring him back as a cheerleader, but otherwise he is a problem because he is so streaky. I think Michael Cuddyer would be a good option. Or maybe they can package Montero and a young pitcher for a solid right fielder.

  32. vince

    stu b

    A Great OWNERSHIP, THAT INVEST IN THEIR TEAM can expect great things from their teams.

    The Yankees are working towards #28. The fan base loves the goal. It’s Still the goal for 2012, DEAL WITH IT PUNK!!

    You also can stop watching the Yankees too, if it will make you feel better, who needs you!!

    #28 is the goal!!

  33. Stu B

    But they lost, and thus are not fit to hold the Rangers’ jockstraps. Obviously, we don’t need the Yankees in the postseason. Who needs them or you? DEAL WITH IT, PUNK!

  34. Stu B

    Vince, the Yankees are old news. The team that beat them didn’t even belong on the same field with the Rangers. You sound like a dork stuck in the past.

  35. Stu B

    #28 will still be the goal 5 years from now, LMAO!

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